Shiu On Chu

Shiu On Chu
Shiu On Chu

Visiting Instructor in History

Kirner-Johnson 137

Shiu On Chu’s research focuses on the interaction of state power and transnational knowledge production in modern China. His current book project, The Fifth Great Chinese Invention: Examination and State Power in Twentieth Century China and Taiwan, traces the modern and transnational origins of the authority of examination as an institutional solution to political and social problems.

Chu’s findings challenge the prevalent narrative that models of governance and education in modern Sinophone societies have been determined by the long history of the imperial examination system (keju, c.605-1905), which awarded official titles and offices according to classical knowledge for more than 13 centuries.

Recent Courses Taught

China, Japan, and Korea: Interconnected Histories, 1368 to the Present
Capitalism, 1500 to the Present

Select Publications

  • “Failure Stories-Interpretations of Rejected Papers in the Late Imperial Civil Service Examinations,” T’oung Pao 101.1.3 (2015).
  • “Religious Self Cultivation in the Sixteenth Century Literary Field: The Fellowship of Tu Long and Wang Shizhen (1577-1590),” The Chinese Studies 30.1 (2012). (Chinese)
  • “The Evidences for Faith and Eruditeness: Wang Shizhen, Tu Long and Hu Yinglin’s Writings on Immortals and Discourses of Taoist Texts in the Wan Ii Period,” Journal of Chinese Studies (Hong Kong) 53 (2011 ). (Chinese)
  • “Fang Xiaoru: His Years as a Disciple of Song Lian (1376-1383),” The Chinese Studies 27.4 (2009). (Chinese) 
  • “Yang hiqi: His Early Life as a Confucian-tutor in Tai-He,” In Tian Shu eds., Papers from the 11th Annual Conference of the Chinese Society of Ming History. Tianjin: Tianjin guji chubanshe, 2007. (Chinese)

Professional Affiliations

American Historical Association 
Association for Asian Studies 
History of Education Society 

Appointed to the Faculty: 2017

Educational Background

Ph.D., Brown University
M.A., National Tsing Hua University
B.A., Chinese University of Hong Kong


The Fifth Great Chinese Invention: Examination and State in Twentieth Century China and Taiwan ( 1905-1978)
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