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Yawei Li graduated from Sichuan University in mainland China with a M.A. in linguistics and applied linguistics, focusing on teaching Chinese as a foreign language. She worked as a lecturer as Sichuan University after graduation and went to Arizona State University as a visiting teacher. Yawei received her second M.A. in East Asian Languages Pedagogy (Chinese language focused) at Ohio State University in 2018 and she is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the East Asian languages pedagogy graduate program at Ohio State University. Her field of interest is how to facilitate language learners to construct the relationships between intentions and expectations in the context of communicating in Chinese culture without premeditation. In other words, how to engage unscripted conversations on the spot effectively. Yawei prefers to address this issue “Improvisation”.

Select Publications

  • Experiencing “Knowing and Doing are One (zhT xing he yT)” through the Performed Culture Approach: A Book Review on Perform Chun Cao: A Multimedia Advanced Chinese Course. Chinese as a Second Language. Vol. 56: Iss. l. 82-87, 2021
  • A Polite and Respectful Acceptance -- Implicit Function of Refusal in Chinese from Pedagogical Perspective. Chinese Language Teaching Methodology and Technology: Vol. 3: lss. 2, Article 3. 

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Educational Background

Ph.D., The Ohio State University
M.A., The Ohio State University
M.A., Sichuan University
B.A., Southwest Petroleum University

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