Ashley Bohrer

Ashley Bohrer
Ashley Bohrer

Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Truax Postdoctoral Fellow

202 College Hill Road

Ashley Bohrer works on making philosophy transcend disciplinary and institutional boundaries. Her research focuses on the intersections of capitalism, colonialism, racism, and hetero/sexism in both the early modern period and in the contemporary world. In addition to her academic work, Bohrer is a committed activist who has organized with a variety of feminist, anti-racist, and anti-capitalist grassroots collectives.

Bohrer received her bachelor's degree in political science and philosophy from George Washington University and her master's and doctorate in philosophy from DePaul University in Chicago.

Recent Courses Taught

Philosophy and Incarceration
Marxism, Feminism, Antiracism


  • Emerson Foundation Scholars Program Summer Grant for Collaborative Research, Hamilton College, 2017
  • Building Inclusive Classrooms Seminar Grant, Dean of Faculty’s Office, Hamilton College, 2017
  • Social Innovation and Transformational Leadership Course Development Grant, Hamilton College, 2016
  • Writer in Residence, [The Wedding Space], Wedding, Berlin, Germany, 2015-2016
  • 2015 International Graduate Research Fund, DePaul University, December 2015-February 2016
  • DePaul University, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences Dean’s Travel Award, 2015
  • Doctoral and Undergraduate Opportunity for Scholarship (DUOS) Award, DePaul University. With undergraduate Mary Fanslow. Research Topic: “Social Reproductive Feminism from the 1970s to Present,” 2014-2015
  • International Graduate Research Fund, DePaul University, 2014
  • Domestic Graduate Research Fund, DePaul University, 2014
  • International Graduate Research Fund, DePaul University, 2013
  • Richardson Fellowship for International Language Study, 2012

Select Publications

  • “Neoliberalism Laid Bare: Feminism, Intersectionality, and Nude Protest from Lady Godiva to the 21st Century.” Melbourne Journal of Politics, Volume 37.
  • "Fanon and Feminism: The Discourse of Colonization in Italian Feminism" in Interventions: A Journal of Postcolonial Studies Special Issue: Fanon in Italy. Volume 17, Issue 3.
  • "Critique and Violence: A Reply to Andrew Benjamin's Working With Walter Benjamin"  Philosophy Today, Volume 59, Issue 1.
  • "No (Wo)Man is an Island: Sexual Difference in Derrida and Beyond" Kritike, Volume 7, No. 1. 
  • "The Re/Production of Capital in Early Modernity: Race, Gender, and Global Accumulation" forthcoming in Feminist Inscriptions eds. Anirban Das and Ritu Sen (Albany, NY: SUNY Press, 2016).
More... Less...
  • "Rancière's Proletariat or the Limit Subject of Politics" in De-limiting Experience, eds. Ryan Crawford, Gerhard Unterthurner, and Erik Vogt (Vienna: Turia + Kant Press). 2013
  • French to English translation: Monique David- Menard's Deleuze et la psychanalyse. Presses Universitares de France, 2005. Under contract with University of Edinburgh Press
  • French to English translation: Politics as a Strategic Art: Selected Writings of Daniel Bensaïd. Co-translated with Sebastian Budgen, Andrew Ryder, and Darren Rosso. Under contract with Haymarket Press.
  • "Marxist Postcolonial Criticism" forthcoming in Encyclopedia of Postcolonial Studies. (Hoboken, NJ: Wiley Publishing).
  • "'Privatization is Not the Solution': Michigan Activists Fight for Water Justice." InTheseTimes.com July 15, 2015.
  • "Jewish Activists Plant Trees in Palestine, Uprooting Zionist Narratives" Truthout.Org February 12, 2015.
  • "The Iconography of the French Revolution: Or, on the Uses and Abuses of Revolutionary Aesthetics" Red Wedge Magazine, Issue 1. 
  • "The Contemoraneity of History: Benjamin's Thesis in Our Time." Benjamin in Palestine. Ramallah. 6-11 December 2015.
  • "Towards an Intersectional Marxist Feminism." Historical Materialism, London. 5-8 November 2015. 
  • "Reproducing Bourgeois Feminism: Islamophobia in the Era of Neoliberalism." Historical Materialism, New York. 24-26 April 2015. 

College Service

  • Organizing faculty member, year-long series for students and faculty on problematizing whiteness, 2016-17
  • Member, Hamilton College Humanities Council, 2016-present
  • Member, Arthur Levitt Center Council for Public Affairs, 2016-present
  • Reviewer, Interventions Journal, 2015-present

Professional Affiliations

Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy
American Philosophical Association
Radical Philosophy Association
Caribbean Philosophical Association
Latin American Studies Association
Association for Political Theory

Appointed to the Faculty: 2016

Educational Background

Ph.D., DePaul University
M.A., DePaul University
B.A., The George Washington University

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