Jessica Fellmeth

Jessica Fellmeth
Jessica Fellmeth

Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology

Taylor Science Center 2066

Jessica Fellmeth’s research focuses on how to make a good egg, specifically understanding the checkpoints involved in female meiosis and the signaling events involved in oogenesis. At Hamilton Fellmeth teaches Developmental Biology and Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy, among other courses.

She received her doctorate in molecular genetics and microbiology from Rutgers University and her bachelor's degree in biology from The College of New Jersey.

Recent Courses Taught

Survey of Human Anatomy: Introduction to Pathology
Seminar in Evolutionary Change

Research Interests

Reproductive biology

Select Publications

  • Fellmeth, J.E., Gordon, D., Robins, C.E., Scott, R.T., Jr., Treff, N.R., and Schindler, K. (2015). Expression and characterization of three Aurora kinase C splice variants found in human oocytes. Molecular Human Reproduction. *Featured in Editor's highlight in August Issue of same journal. 
  • Fellmeth, J.E., Ghanaim, E.M., Schindler, K. (2016); Characterization of macrozoospermia-associated AURKC mutations in a mammalian meiotic system. Human Molecular Genetics.

Professional Affiliations

Society for Developmental Biology
Association for Women in Science
Human Genetics Institure of New Jersey
Society for the Study of Reproduction
American Society of Human Genetics
Delta Epsilon Iota Academic Honor Society
New York Academy of Sciences
National Science Teachers Association

Appointed to the Faculty: 2016

Educational Background

Ph.D., Rutgers University
B.S., The College of New Jersey
New Jersey Standard Teaching Certificate for 7-12 Life Sciences

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