John Bartle

John Bartle
John Bartle

Associate Professor of German and Russian Languages and Literatures (Russian)

Christian A. Johnson Hall 220

John Bartle’s recent work includes The Refugee Project, a collaborative effort of Hamilton faculty and students to document the lives of refugee communities in Central New York. Project members have interviewed more than 30 refugees, completed two short films and are building an interactive archive. Bartle has written extensively on F.M. Dostoevsky, including articles in Russian Language Journal, Canadian Slavic Studies and Romantic Russia. He also has published translations of Dostoevsky's journalistic works. As a longtime associate editor for reviews for the Slavic and East European Journal, Bartle has solicited, secured, edited and published more than 2,000 book reviews.

Recent Courses Taught

Madness, Murder and Mayhem: Nineteenth-Century Russian Literature
First-Term Russian
Third-Term Russian

Selected Publications

  • Short film: The Newcomers, 2015
  • Short film: Genesee Lights, 2013
  • From Petersburg to Bloomington: Studies in Honor of Nina Perlina, Bloomington, Ind.:  Slavica Publishers, 2012.
  • “N. P. Antsiferov's The Spirit of St. Petersburg” (Translation and Introduction).  From Petersburg to Bloomington: Studies in Honor of Nina Perlina, Bloomington, Ind.: Slavica Publishers, 2012, pp. 179-96.
  • “Nina Perlina’s Publications.”  From Petersburg to Bloomington: Studies in Honor of Nina Perlina, Bloomington, Ind.: Slavica Publishers, 2012, pp. 373-76.
More... Less...
  • Introduction to Lindsay Kramer’s “Social Consciousness in Madness,” Forty-Three North, Spring 2013, Clinton, N.Y.: Hamilton College, 2013, p. 13.
  • “AATSEEL Corner: A Report on the Organization,” National Council of Less Commonly Taught Languages Bulletin 11:1 (Spring 2008): 9-10.
  • “In Memoriam:  Introduction to Victor Terras’s Final Reviews,” Slavic and East European Journal 51:1 (Spring 2007): 135-137.
  • “Turning Stories into Books: Dostoevsky and the Serialization of The Insulted and Injured.” Essays in Honor of Vadim Liapunov. Eds. Stephen Blackwell and Michael Finke. Bloomington, Ind.: Slavica Publishers, 2002. 259-265.
  • “An Annotated Bibliography of Dissertations on Russian Romanticism, 1995-1999.” Romantic Russia 3-5 (1999-2001): 67-92.
  • “Conceptualizing the Space of a Journal’s Pages:  Dostoevsky as Editor of Time.” Canadian Slavonic Papers XL, 3-4 (Winter 1998): 364-378.
  • “Dostoevsky’s ‘Petersburg Visions in Prose and Verse’” (translation and essay). Russian Language Journal LII, 171 (Winter 1998): 215-249.
  • “Dostoevsky’s ‘Models of Candor,’” (translation and essay). Russian Language Journal LI, 168-170 (Summer-Winter 1997): 255-279.

College Service

Ad Hoc Committee on Foreign Languages, chair, 2013-present
Co-Director, The Refugee Project, 2013-present
Faculty Committee on Budget and Finance, 2009-13
Chair, Faculty Committee on Budget and Finance, 2010-11
Chair, Department of German and Russian, 2001-10 and 2013-present
Chair, English for Speakers of Other Languages Program, 2003-present
Fulbright Interview Committee, 2004-present
Humanities Forum Committee, 2009-13
Committee on Job Evaluation 2006-08
Committee on Library, 2004-07; chair 2006-07
Committee on Awards and Prizes, 1997-2002; chair 1999-2001
Committee on Academic Policy, 1999-2001
Faculty advisor to Russian Club, 1989-present
Committee on Phi Sigma Iota Foreign Language Honor Society, 1990-present

Professional Affiliations

American Council for Teachers of Russian
American Association for Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages
American Council for Teachers of Foreign Languages

Appointed to the Faculty: 1989

Educational Background

Ph.D., Indiana University
M.A., Indiana University
B.A., Rutgers University

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