Julio Videras

Professor of Economics

On leave fall 2019
Kirner-Johnson 209

Julio Videras' research focuses on applied environmental economics. In particular he looks at how cultural and social factors influence the voluntary provision of the public good of environmental quality and sustainable development practices, the relationships between community composition, collective action and the supply and demand of environmental goods; and how to identify and account for sources of unobserved heterogeneity through finite mixture models. Videras teaches courses in microeconomics, statistics, environmental economics and social economics. He has a doctorate in economics from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Recent Courses Taught

Economics of Social Responsibility

Topics in Sustainability
Social Economics
Environmental Economics
Geographical Information Systems
Honor Thesis Research Seminar

Research Interests

Julio Videras’ research focuses on empirical environmental economics and the economics of the social sector. He also applies empirical methods to examine how curricular and co-curricular programs influence student’s learning outcomes and academic experience. Videras teaches courses in microeconomics, statistics, environmental economics and social economics. He has a doctorate in Economics from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Selected Publications

  • “Exploring Spatial Patterns of Carbon Emissions in the U.S.: A Geographically Weighted Regression Approach.” Population and Environment, December 2014, 36(2), 137-154.
  • “Social networks and the environment,” Annual Review of Resource Economics, 2013, volume 5: 211-226.
  • “Community Heterogeneity and Revealed Preferences for Environmental Goods,” Contemporary Economic Policy, April 2012, v. 30(2), pp. 262-82.
  • “The Influence of Social Relationships on pro-Environment Behaviors,” the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 63(1):35-50, 2012 (with Ann L. Owen, Emily Conover, and Stephen Wu).
  • “Heat Waves, Droughts, and Preferences for Environmental Policy,” the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, Summer 2012, v. 31(3), pp. 556-77 (with Ann L. Owen, Emily Conover, and Stephen Wu).
More... Less...
  • “More Information Isn’t Always Better: The Case of Voluntary Provision of Environmental Quality,” Economic Inquiry Volume 50 (3), July 2012, pp: 585–603, (with Ann L. Owen and Stephen Wu).
  • “Identity and Environmentalism: The Influence of Community Characteristics” Review of Social Economy December 2010, v. 68(4), pp. 465-86 (with Ann L. Owen and Steve Wu).
  • “Do All Countries Follow the Same Growth Process?” Journal of Economic Growth 14(4): 265-286, 2009 (with Ann L. Owen and Lewis Davis).
  • “Reconsidering Social Capital: A Latent Class Approach,” Empirical Economics 37(3): 555, 2009 (with Ann L. Owen).
  • “Democracy, Participation, and Life Satisfaction,” Social Science Quarterly 89(4):987- 1005, December 2008 (with Ann L. Owen and Christina Willemsen).
  • “Trust, Cooperation, and Implementation of Sustainability Programs: The Case of Local Agenda 21,” Ecological Economics, 68:259-272, December 2008 (with Ann L. Owen).
  • "Classifying Human Development with Latent Class Analysis", Social Indicators Research, July 2016, 127(3): 959-981 (with Ann L. Owen).

College Service

Director, Arthur Levitt Public Affairs Center, 2011-2016

Appointed to the Faculty: 2002

Educational Background

Ph.D., University of Colorado at Boulder
M.A., University of Colorado at Boulder
B.A., Universidad de Málaga (Spain)

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