Kyoko Omori

Kyoko Omori
Kyoko Omori

Associate Professor of Japanese and Chair of East Asian Languages and Literatures

Kirner-Johnson 145

Kyoko Omori's research focuses on 20th-century literary and popular culture, with an emphasis on mass media. Omori is completing a book titled Detecting Modanizumu: New Youth Magazine, Tantei Shôsetsu, and The Culture of Japanese Vernacular Modernism. She has been awarded research grants from The Miller Center for Historical Studies and the McKeldin Library at the University of Maryland, and several postdoctoral fellowships. Omori, who was trained in language pedagogy, received the national Hamako Ito Chaplin Award for excellence in teaching Japanese. She earned her doctorate from Ohio State University.

Recent Courses Taught

Introduction to Japanese Culture
Introduction to Japanese Film
Modern Japan: From A(-Bomb) to (Dragon Ball-)Z
‘Modern’ Youth in Japanese Literature and Culture
Deconstructing Orientalism: Representations of Japan in Popular Culture
Love, Family and Loneliness in Modern Japanese Literature
2nd-year Japanese language
3rd-year Japanese language
4th-year Japanese language


  • Class of 1966 Career Development Award, Hamilton College, 2009
  • SSRC/JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, 2007-08
  • Japan Foundation Japanese Studies Research Fellowship, The Japan Foundation, 2007-08 (declined in order to accept SSRC/JSPS)
  • Emerson Foundation grant for student-faculty collaborative research, Hamilton College, summer 2007

Selected Publications

  • Nij? no tobira,” “Nichiy? goraku-ban,” and “Hanashi no izumi,” (three entries) in 100 Keywords from the Occupation Period (Senry?-ki k?wâdo 100). Tanikawa Takeshi, Harada Ken’ichi, and Ishii Hitoshi, ed. Tokyo: Seiky?sha, 2011. In Japanese. 166-179.
  • "Chapter One: Mystery” (Mister?) in Volume 5, The Diversity of Occupation-Period Literature (Senyo-ki bungaku no tamen-sei). In the Anthology of Publications in the Magazines During the Occupation Period: Literature Series (Senry?-ki zasshi shiry? taikei: Bungaku-hen). Tokyo: Iwanami Shoten, 2010. 9-56. In Japanese.
  • “Review of A Recent Academic Publication About Fantastic Literature in 20th century Japan (Senzen sengo itan bungaku-ron shohy?)," Showa Literary Studies (Sh?wa bungaku kenky?), No. 60 (March 2010). In Japanese. 156-8.
  • “The Art of the Bluff: Youth Migrancy in the Pacific Rim, Interlingualism, and Japanese Vernacular Modernism,” Pacific Rim Modernisms, eds., Mary Ann Gillies, Helen Sword and Steven Yao. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2009. 261-293.
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  • Narrating the Detective: Nansensu, Benshi’s Oral Performance, and the Absurdist Detective Fiction of Tokugawa Musei,” Japan Forum, Oxford, England: Routledge 21:1 (April 2009). 75-93.
  • “Bridging Japan and the World by Katsuben (Katsuben de tsunagaru Nihon to sekai)." Katsukichi Newsletter 136 (April 2009) 1. In Japanese.
  • “Chapter 6: Two NHK Radio Shows from the Occupation Period: ‘Fountain of Talk’ as the Japanese Adaptation of ‘Information Please,’ and ‘Sunday Entertainment Edition’ as an Original Japanese Show of Social/Cultural Satire (Rajio h?s? no sengo: “Hanashi no izumi” to “Nichiy? goraku-ban”) in Volume 3, Adoration for America (Amerika e no sh?kei). In the Anthology of Publications in Magazines During the Occupation Period: Popular Culture (Senry?-ki zasshi shiry? taikei: Taish? bunka) Series. Tokyo: Iwanami Shoten, 2009. 229-273. In Japanese.
  • “North American Research in Japanese Modernism (Hokubei ni okeru modanizumu bungaku kenky?),” Showa Literary Studies (Sh?wa bungaku kenky?), No. 57, September 2008. 78-81. In Japanese.
  • “The Shanghaied Man [Shanhai sareta otoko]” by Tani J?ji (English translation) in Modanizumu in Japanese Fiction: Modernist Prose from Japan, 1913-1938, ed., William J. Tyler. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 2008. 290-302. (Modified version of the translation originally included in The Columbia Anthology of Modern Japanese Literature, 2005).

College Service

Chair, East Asian Languages and Literatures Department, 2014-present
Director, Asian Studies Program, 2013-present
Core Committee, Cinema and New Media Studies Program, 2013-present
DHi Internal Advisory Committee, member, 2010-12; chair, 2013-present
Committee on Academic Policy, 2009-12
Asian Studies Program Committee. Fall 2003-present
Cinema and New Media Studies Program, 2010-present

Professional Affiliations

Association for Asian Studies
Association of Teachers of Japanese
Association Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages
Association for Japanese Literary Studies
Association for Showa Literature (Shwa Bungakukai), Japan
Japanese Association for Comparative Literature (Nihon Hikaku Bungakkai), Japan
Shinseinen Magazine Research Group (Shinseinen Kenkyukai), Japan
Modernist Studies Association
Modern Language Association
Society for Cinema and Media Studies

Appointed to the Faculty: 2009

Educational Background

Ph.D., Ohio State University
M.A., Ohio State University

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