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Marcelo Carosi’s research focuses on cultural representations of feminine labor. His current book project, Dangerous Maids: Representation of Domestic Labor in Latin America, explores the figure of the maid in literature and cinema. His findings challenge its prevalent association with obedience, docility, and compliance, or, more negatively, theft, prostitution, gossip, and betrayal. He argues that avant-garde representations in which domestic labor emerged as a central topic facilitated the shaping of women subjectivity.

His recent writings examine how transgender violence is depicted in contemporary Latin America.

Carosi earned his bachelor's in business from Universidad Nacional de Lujan in Argentina, his master's in Latin American literatures and cultures from New York University, and his Ph.D. in Spanish from NYU in 2021.

Recent Courses Taught

Spanish Immersion I
Spanish for the Professions

Research Interests

labor, gendered violence, migration, popular theatre, gender performativity, globalization, neoliberalism, human rights, Latin American studies, trans studies


NYU Outstanding Teaching Award, 2018
Global Research Center Fellow, 2017-18
Penfield Fellow, 2017-18
Research Assistant to Silver Professor Mary Louise Pratt, 2016-17
NYU Post Dissertation Defense Award, 2015
NYU GSAS Predoctoral Fellow, 2014
Tinker Foundation Fellow, 2014
MacCracken Fellow, 2013-17
Research Assistant to Albert Schweitzer Professor Sylvia Molloy, 2010-11
Varsavsky Foundation Fellow, 2009

Select Publications

  • “Neoliberalism in Latin America” Global Encyclopedia of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) History. Edited by Howard Chiang. Farmington Hills, MI: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 2019.
  • “Crisis of Care and Neoliberal Patriarchy in Vega’s La Sirga and Acevedo’s Land and Shade.” Domestic Labor in Twenty-First Century Latin American Cinema. Edited by Sofía Ruiz-Alfaro and Elizabeth Osborne. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2020. (under review)

Selected Conferences

  • “El trabajo doméstico y la destrucción de las economías regionales en La Sirga,” Instituto Internacional de  Literatura Iberoamericana, Bogota, Colombia, June 2018
  • “The Degradation of Gender Hierarchies in Land and Shade,” NeMLA, April 2018
  • Santiago y la performatividad del trabajo afectivo,” LASA, April 2017
  • “Neoliberal Subjectivities and the Privatization of Fear in La ciénaga,” ACLA, March 2016
  • “Intoxicación y memoria en Bajo este sol tremendo,” Columbia-­-NYU Graduate Conference, April 2014

College Service

Coordinator, Spanish Club, 2018-19

Professional Affiliations

Latin American Studies Association
American Comparative Literature Association
North-Eastern Modern Language Association

Appointed to the Faculty


Educational Background


Ph.D.,  New York  University
M.A., New York University
M.F.A., New York University
B.A., Universidad Nacional de Lujan

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