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Mireille Koukjian's research interests include second language acquisition and using technology to improve students' learning in the foreign-language classroom. She recently was invited to the "Arabic TALK conference" at West Point to present work on using technology-assisted Arabic language teaching and learning, along with methods of assessment for the Arabic classroom. Koukjian earned a master's degree in education from Université Saint Joseph, in Beirut, Lebanon. She is a visiting instructor in Arabic in the Critical Languages Program.

Recent Courses Taught

First Term Arabic
Second Term Arabic
Third Term Arabic
Fourth Term Arabic
Advanced Arabic

Educational Background

M.A., Maxwell School, Syracuse University
Certificate of Advanced Studies in Public Administration, Maxwell School, Syracuse University
Certificate in Conflict Studies, Maxwell School, Syracuse University
New York State teacher's certification in special education
New York State teacher's certification in French
One semester in Ph.D. program, Vanderbilt University
M.Sc., St. Joseph University
B.Ed., St. Joseph University

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