Ravivarman Thiruchselvam

Ravivarman Thiruchselvam
Ravivarman Thiruchselvam

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Taylor Science Center 3064

Ravi Thiruchselvam's research uses neuroscience methods (EEG/ERP) to understand emotion and emotion regulation in healthy and clinical populations. At Stanford, he was awarded the Psychology Department’s Hastorf Prize for Excellence in Teaching. Thiruchselvam's research has been published in top journals, including Psychological Science. He grew up in Toronto and completed his doctorate in psychology at Stanford University. He joins Hamilton College as an assistant professor of psychology.

Recent Courses Taught

Intro to Psychology
Collaborative Research
Affective Neuroscience

Selected Publications

  • Shafir, R., Thiruchselvam, R., Suri, G., Gross, J., Sheppes, G. (2016). “Neural Processing of Emotional-intensity Predicts Emotion Regulation Choice” Social, Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience (SCAN), 11 (12): 1863-1871.

  • Thiruchselvam R., Gopi Y., Kilekwang L., Harper J., Gross JJ. (2017). In God we trust? Neural measures reveal lower social conformity among non-religious individuals. Social Cognitive Affective Neuroscience (SCAN) , 10, 1093.
  • Thiruchselvam, R., Blechert, J., Sheppes, G., Rydstrom, A., & Gross, J. J. (2011). The temporal dynamics of emotion regulation: An EEG study of distraction and reappraisal. Biological Psychology, 87, 84-92.
  • Thiruchselvam, R., Hajcak, G., & Gross, J. J. (2012). Looking inward: Shifting attention within working memory representations alters emotional responses. Psychological Science, 23, 1461-1466.
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  • Uusberg, A., Thiruchselvam, R., & Gross, J.J. (2014). Using distraction to regulate emotion: Insights from EEG theta dynamics. International Journal of Psychophysiology, 91, 254-260.
  • Thiruchselvam, R., & Gross, J.J. (in press). What time can tell us: The temporal dynamics of emotion regulation. In D. Hermans, B. Rime, and B. Mesquita (Eds.), Changing emotions (pp. 166-173). Psychology Press.

Appointed to the Faculty: 2014

Educational Background

Ph.D., Stanford University
Hon. B.Sc., University of Toronto

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