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Sue Ann Miller investigated the influence of localized cell division and cell death on shaping early vertebrate embryos. She presented her research and approaches to education in Asia, Europe, Latin America and throughout North America, and published her work in Developmental Biology, the Journal of Experimental Zoology and Anatomical Sciences Education, among others. She co-authored and illustrated A Laboratory Perspectus of Snake Anatomy (1970). She served on education committees of the Society for Developmental Biology and the American Association of Anatomists, and on the board of directors of Sigma Xi, the scientific research honor society.

Miller taught at the University of Colorado-Boulder, Oberlin College, and with teaching teams in Anatomy at Harvard Medical School before she became a faculty member in the Joint Program in Life Sciences at Kirkland and Hamilton College. She remained on College Hill following the merger of Kirkland and Hamilton.

Professor Miller earned her doctorate in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology at the University of Colorado-Boulder. Her Bachelors and Masters in Environmental, Organismal and Population Biology from other departments at the University of Colorado-Boulder gave her broad experience to inform her teaching, her research and her life.


  • Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School, 1974-75
  • Graduate Research Fellow, University of Colorado-Boulder, 1972-73
  • National Science Foundation Summer Trainee, University of Washington, Friday Harbor Laboratories, 1972
  • National Science Foundation Comprehensive Assistance to Undergraduate Science Education, 1977-1978

Selected Publications

  • Miller, S.A., W. Perrotti, D.U. Silverthorn, A.F. Dalley and K.E. Rarey. 2002. "From College to Clinic: Reasoning over memorization is key for understanding anatomy. Anatomical Record. The New Anatomist 269: 69-80. Published online: 15 Apr 2002. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1002/ar.10071
  • Miller, S.A., M. Adornato, A. Briglin, M. Cavanaugh, T. Christian, K. Jewett, C. Michaelson, T. Monoson, F. Price, J. Tignor, and D. Tyrell. 1999. "Domains of differential cell proliferation suggest hinged folding in avian gut endoderm." Developmental Dynamics 216:398-410.
  • Roberts, D.S. and S.A. Miller. 1998. "Apoptosis in cavitation of middle ear space." Anatomical Record 251(3): 286-289.
  • Miller, S.A. and R.D. White. 1998. "Right-left asymmetry of cell proliferation predominates in mouse embryos undergoing clockwise axial rotation." Anatomical Record 250(1): 103-108.
  • Miller, S.A. and A. Briglin. 1996. "Apoptosis removes chick embryo tail gut and remnant of the primitive streak." Developmental Dynamics 206(2): 212-218.
  • Miller, S.A., K.L. Bresee, C.L. Michaelson and D.A. Tyrell 1994 "Domains of differential cell proliferation and formation of amnion folds in chick embryo ectoderm" Anatomical Record 238: 225-236
  • Miller, S.A., A.M. Favale and S.J. Knohl. 1993. "Role for differential cell proliferation in perforation and rupture of chick pharyngeal closing plates." Anatomical Record 237(3): 408-414.
  • Miller, S.A. and C.W. Olcott. 1989. "Cell proliferation in chick oral membrane lags behind that of adjacent epithelia at the time of rupture." Anatomical Record 223(2): 204-208.
  • Miller, S.A. 1982 "Differential proliferation in morphogenesis of lateral body folds." J. Experimental Zoology 221(2): 205-211.
  • Miller, S.A. and M.N. Runner. 1978. "Tissue specificity for incorporation of 3H-thymidine by the 10- to 12-somite mouse embryo: alteration by acute exposure to hydroxyurea." J. Embryology Experimental Morphology 44:181-189. (journal is now Development)
  • Miller, S.A. and M.N. Runner. 1975. "Differential permeability of murine visceral yolk sac to thymidine and to hydroxyurea." Developmental Biology 45:74-80.
  • Oldham, J.C., H.M. Smith and S.A. Miller. 1970. "A Laboratory Perspectus of Snake Anatomy." Stipes Pub. Co., IL 98 pp. (S.A. Miller was also the illustrator)

College Service

Chief Health Professions Advisor, 1991-1992
Health Professions Advisory Committee, 1975-2016
Policy Committee on Admission and Financial Aid, 1979-1983 Chair, 1981-1982
Vice President’s Advisory Committee, 1985-1989
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, 1983-2016
Faculty representative to the Alumni Council, 1984-1987

Professional Affiliations

American Association of Anatomists
American Society for Cell Biology
Society for Developmental Biology
Society for Integrative Biology (formerly American Society of Zoology)
Sigma Xi, the scientific research honor society

Appointed to the Faculty


Educational Background

Ph.D., University of Colorado, Boulder
M.A., University of Colorado, Boulder
B.A., University of Colorado, Boulder

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