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Todd Rayne's current research involves using environmental tracers numerical modeling to study the impacts of urbanization on ground water flow systems. He also is involved with modeling ground water flow through fractured aquifers and wellhead protection studies. He is the author of two solution manuals for hydrogeology textbooks and has published papers in Hydrogeology Journal, Nordic Hydrology and Northeastern Geology and Environmental Science. He received his doctorate in geology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Before that he worked in the petroleum and environmental consulting industries.

Recent Courses Taught

Principles of Geoscience: Geology and the Environment
Soils and the Environment

Selected Publications

  • Rayne, T.W., 2012, "Hydrogeology of a sand and peat aquifer, Rome Sand Plains, New York," in T. W. Rayne (ed.), Field Trip Guidebook, 84th Annual Meeting New York State Geological Association, Hamilton College, Clinton, N.Y., Trip B2, p.1-8.
  • Rayne, T. W., Bradbury, K. R. and Zheng, C., 2013, "Correct delineation of capture zones using particle tracking under transient conditions," Ground Water. doi: 10.1111/gwat.12141 (published online November 2013; published in the print version in 2014).
  • Rayne, T.W. and Bradbury, K.R., 2011, "Evaluating impacts of subdivision density on shallow groundwater in southeastern Wisconsin, USA," Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, v. 54(5), p. 559-575.
  • Rayne, T.W., and Fetter, C.W., 2002, Applied Hydrogeology, Fourth edition: solution manual: Prentice-Hall, Inc., Upper Saddle River, N.J., 108 p.
  • Rayne, T.W., and Fetter, C.W., 1994, Applied Hydrogeology, Third edition: solution manual: Prentice-Hall, Inc., Upper Saddle River, N.J., 131 p.
  • Bradbury, K.R., and Rayne, T.W., 2009, "Shallow groundwater quality sustainability analysis demonstration for the southeastern Wisconsin region," Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission Technical Report 48, 38 p.
  • Bradbury, K.R., and Rayne, T.W., 2002, "The Sturgeon Bay wellhead-protection project: Delineation of contributing areas for municipal wells in fractured dolomite," Proceedings, Fractured-Rock Aquifers 2002, Denver Colorado.  National Ground Water Association.  p 10-13.
  • Eaton, T.T., Bradbury, K.R., Anderson, M.P., and Rayne, T.W., 2002, "Equivalent Porous Medium Simulation of Fracture Heterogeneity: Importance of Conceptual Models, Discretization and Scale," Conference Proceedings, MODELCARE-2002, Fourth International Conference on Calibration and Reliability in Groundwater Modeling.  June 2002, Prague, Czech Republic, exact reference pending.
  • Bradbury, K.R., Rayne, T.W., and M.A. Muldoon, 2002, "Field Verification of Capture Zones for Municipal Wells at Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin," Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey Open File Report 2001-01, 30 p.
  • Rayne, T.W., Bradbury, K.R., and Muldoon, M.A., 2001, "Delineation of capture zones for municipal wells in complex fractured carbonate rock," Hydrogeology Journal, v. 9, p. 432-450.
  • Bradbury, K.R., Rayne, T.W., and M.A. Muldoon, 2001, "Use of transient fluctuations in temperature, electrical conductivity, and oxygen isotopes to verify numerical modeling in fractured dolomite," Conference Proceedings, Fractured Rock 2001, edited by B. Kueper, K. Novakowski, and D. Reynolds, Proceedings of the Fractured Rock 2001 Conference, Toronto, Ontario.  4 p.
  • Rayne, T.W., Lehman, H.K., Ball, A.E., and Bird, B.W., 2000, "Occurrence and distribution of atrazine and nitrate in central New York," Northeastern Geology and Environmental Science, v. 22(2), p.121-129.
  • Kelly, P., and Rayne, T.W., 1999, "Actual and predicted soil erosion rates in a small agricultural watershed in Oneida County, New York," Northeastern Geology and Environmental Science, v. 21, p. 282-288.
  • Bradbury, K.R., Rayne, T.W., Muldoon, M.A., and Roffers, P.D., 1998, "Application of a discrete fracture flow model for wellhead protection at Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin,"  Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey Open File Report 98-04, 62 p.
  • Rayne, T.W. and Domack, E.W., 1996, "Porewater chemistry of Ross Sea diamictons: a till or not a till?," Antarctic Journal of the United States, 1996 Review Issue, p. 97-98.
  • Rayne, T.W. and Mickelson, D.M., 1996, "Sediment fabric and anisotropy of hydraulic conductivity in sandy till, Wisconsin, U.S.A.," Nordic Hydrology, v. 27(3), p. 161-174.

Professional Affiliations

American Geophysical Union
Geological Society of America
Central New York Association of Professional Geologists

Appointed to the Faculty


Educational Background

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin - Madison
M.S.,  University of Wisconsin - Madison
B.S., Montana State University


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