About the Senior Fellowship Program

By vote of the Faculty and the Board of Trustees, each year no more than seven students in the junior class are selected to be Senior Fellows during the following year. Senior Fellows are chosen from among students of such intellectual caliber, independence of mind, and imaginative curiosity that they have become interested in some personal project of study that will contribute significantly to their intellectual growth. These students are permitted as much freedom as they are capable of using profitably within the framework, but not necessarily the conventional curriculum, of the College. The Senior Fellowship Program constitutes recognition of the existence at the College of the kind of responsible individualism that allows the opportunity for self-education for those judged best able to use it.

Appointment of the fellows is made by the Dean of the Faculty on the recommendation of the Academic Council. The Council shall select each year from its list of applicants those candidates who are able to receive Senior Fellowships. The Council also shall determine the number of Fellows each year, but the number cannot exceed seven.

Members of the junior class may become candidates for Senior Fellowships by individual application or on the nomination of a member of the Faculty. A candidate who is in residence must file a written application with the Dean of the Faculty by the date listed under "Deadlines" below. Included with the application shall be the names of the faculty members who shall have consented to serve as principal advisor and co-advisor and a detailed description of the project: what the candidate proposes to do, the reason for doing it, and plans for achieving the goals of the project.

Any student who is studying off-campus and wishes to become a candidate for a Senior Fellowship must file a letter of intent with the Dean of Faculty by the date listed below. Such students then have until August 1 to complete their applications.

The principle advisor and the co-advisor each shall submit to the Dean, in support of the candidate's application, a comprehensive written statement in which the merit and feasibility of the project, the qualifications of the applicant, and the commitment of the advisor are discussed fully.

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