Members of the Class of 2016 and their senior thesis topics, alphabetically by department.

Senior Thesis...Bite Sized

Fifteen seniors presented their theses in 90 seconds or less. Watch videos of their presentations on Youtube and read the story.


Africana Studies

  • Sarge Kinlin, Reconstructing Images: Hip-Hop Artists and Resistance, Artistry, and Humanity
  • Porshai Rivera, a rock, a sponge, a spark: Decoding My Black Woman’s Identity

American Studies

  • Calynn Choi, Yellow Musics: Musical Production, Performance, and Consumption in Asian America



  • Morgan Biggs, Lithic Microwear Analysis of Quartzite Scrapers Recovered from the Slocan Narrows Pithouse Village
  • Emily Rubinstein,  Changes in Social Organization over Time in the Slocan Narrows Pithouse Village as indicated by Geochemical Characterization of Housepit Floors

Cultural Anthropology

  • Sophie Aron, Studying the Study of Happiness
  • Charlotte Boesch, Consuming Ethics: An Examination of Food and the Cultivation of Body
  • Hannah Cook, I Watch Porn And I’m Proud Of It: Gender Performativity And Sex On College Campus
  • Rachael Kane, Rice Pots and Roses: Queer Performance and Identity in Japanese Mass Media
  • Ishaq Pathan, ATTN: NEW MOSQUES PROPOSED ACROSS AMERICA. PROTEST AT 9: An Ethnographic Study on American Mosques and the Muslims Who Attend Them 
  • Emily Randall, Re-imagined Communities: How interpreted meaning, register, and social capital allow for the creation of locationless communities of practice
  • Lily Wasser, The Ties That Bind; Langauge, Blood, Practice of a Global Jewish Community
  • Kathryn Wall, Post Production: A Meta-pragmatic Analysis of Communicative Technology
  • Rachael Wilkin, Labors of Agency: A Discourse Analysis of Childbirth


Class of 2016 Senior Art Thesis

  • Casey Brown, Corinne Hom, Lily Johnston, Sawyer Konys, Chris Jimenez-Labora, Sky Li, Sarah Moore, Ariel Pimental, Carrie Rudd, Halimah Schmidt, Charlotte Simons, Zoe Tessler, Sarah Wallack

Art History

  • Colin Day, How to Approach “That Thing in the Desert”: Placing Burning Man in the Context of Contemporary Art
  • Victoria Freeman, A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words; A Title is Worth a Thousand More
  • Margaret Gabriel, The Rich Paradox of René Magritte: A Surreal Artist on the Outskirts of Surrealism
  • Carly Gruenberg, Confronting Stereotypes Through Contemporary Painted Portraiture
  • Kaitlin McCabe, A Tear in the Garment: Exploring the Cultural Appropriation of the Kimono in the U.S., 1800-present
  • Callie McConnico, From Renaissance Prince to Infidel: The Complex Perceptions of Ottomans in 15th & 16th Century Venice
  • Connor O’Brien, “Under the Cobblestones, the Beach”: Art, Geography and Mass-Media in 1960s Los Angeles
  • Ianna Recco, Cyprus and Cesnola: Examining the Excavations of the 19th-century Antiquarian
  • Xenia Tiajoloff, The Soul of the Russian Avant-Garde: Kazimir Malevich’s Incorporation of the Tradition of Russian Spiritualism

Asian Studies

  • Joyce Chan, A Neo-Buddhist Narrative Through 10 Images: A phenomenological approach to Neo-Buddhist Visual Culture
  • Holly Chen, Conceptions of Western Influence on Republican China: Nationalism and Gender
  • Taoyu Chen, Japan’s 1969: Ryu Murakami’s Novel and Youth Culture
  • Patrick Clancy, Onibaba: Memory, History, and Trauma in Kaneto Shindo’s 1964 Film
  • Jack  Lyons, Exposing the Facade: Modern Critiques of Bushido in Hara-kiri

Biochemistry/Molecular Biology

  • Hannah Ferris, Electrocyclization Approaches Toward N-Heterocycles via Pyridinium Triflate Intermediates
  • David Freeman, Determining rnf43 Expression throughout Zebrafish Development
  • Cory Glover, An Investigation of Possible Synergistic Effects between Antimicrobial Peptides Piscidin 1 and Piscidin 3
  • Ben Howard, Investigating the Antitumor Activity of NK-18
  • Alex Kaplan, Toward the Development of a General Transannular Hydroamination Strategy for the Synthesis of Pyrrolizidine and Related Alkaloids
  • Liz Larson, Quantifying the Activation of N-formyl-peptide Receptor 2 by Piscidin 1, an Antimicrobial Peptide
  • Andrew Leopold, The Localization of RNF43 under Different Biological Conditions - Designing a Model for the Discovery of the Varying Functions of RNF43
  • Eric Nieminen, Characterization of the Microbial Community in Methanogenic Antarctic Sea Sediments
  • Heather Piekarz, Identification and Quantification of Endogenous Extracellular Electron Shuttles in Desulfitobacterium spp
  • Zach Pilson, Examining Correlation between Feather Color and Body Condition with Parasite Load of Reno Goldfinches
  • Ben Wesley, Towards the Development of a General Transannular Hydroamination Strategy for the Synthesis of Pyrrolizidines and Indolizidine Alkaloids
  • Sandy Wu, Visualization of Neurodegeneration Caused by Traumatic Brain Injuries in Drosophila Melanogaster


  • Milinda Ajawara, Enrichment and characterization of Desulfobulbaceae cable bacteria from Green Lake
  • Megan Blair, Sarah Lawler and Chloe Sienkewicz, Anandamide blockers and appetite suppression in the db/db mouse
  • Andy Chen, How plants tolerate salicylic acid: The essential role of NPR1
  • Hannah Corman, Comparison of Blood Parasite Burden & Lineages in Populations of the American Crow Across North America
  • Marian Eckermann, The synergistic effects of TFM and Sonar on non-target organisms
  • Anne Emanuels, The impact of phosphorus input and Eurasian watermilfoil on trophic cascades in Adirondack lakes
  • Emily Foley, Identification and Quantification of Electron Shuttles in Desulfitobacterium
  • Blaire Frett, Campylobacter Prevalence and Migratory Patterns of American Crows in Central New York
  • Katherine Getman, Normative Hematology and Blood Chemistry Parameters in the American Crow: Implications in Fledging Success, Survival Rate, and Ecological Studies
  • Ryan Hobson, An analytical method for examining the ascorbic acid biosynthetic pathway in Manduca sexta
  • Marc Horschman, Influence of Soil pH on Rhizobial Symbiosis in Medicago sativa
  • Bridget Lewis, Somitic and Morphogenic Factors of Scoliosis: A Visual Model
  • SiLe Li, The Effects of Dietary Omega-3 Fatty Acids on White Blood Cell Count and the Complement Pathway of Immunology
  • Keara Lynn, Metagenomic analysis of a sub-chemocline biofilm recovered from Green Lake
  • Elisabeth MacColl, Ecoimmunology in Golden Eagles
  • Emily Moschowits, Microbial effects on the growth, health, and flavor of Daucus carota
  • Connor Murray, E RNF43 Protein Expression in Early Zebrafish Development
  • Shea Nagle, Using a Manduca sexta Heart Bioassay to Screen Synthetic Alkaloid Bioactivity
  • Osaruese Odeh, The Effects of Vitamin C on Growth and Development: Manduca sexta Metabolism
  • Colin Pastorella, Validating bacterial killing assays for Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Salmonella typhimurium
  • Alycia Racicot, A Comparison of the Physiological Responses between Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids in Mice
  • Tshering Sherpa, Determining the Binding Domain of RNF43 on P53
  • Steven Stone, A comparison of carcinoids with more conventional cancers along genetic, morphological, and molecular trends
  • Patricia Taik, Identification of lysine residues on p53 that are targeted by RNF 43 for degradation
  • Zoe Tessler, Light availability alters effect of garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolata) on native forbs
  • John William Wassmer, The influence of electrode potential on nanowire network connectivity and cell growth in Shewanella oneidensis


  • Erik Antczak, Chelated Terbium Core-Shell Nanoparticles
  • Bryon Banman, Computationally Modeling Interactions Between Peramivir and Neuraminidase
  • John Bennett, Intramolecular Cyclizations of Alcohols with Rhodium (II) Azavinyl Carbenoids Generated in situ from N-Sulfonyl-1,2,3-Triazole Intermediates
  • John DeGuardi, The Formation of Tricyclic Systems Using Radical Cascades in Tandem With Suzuki Coupling Reactions
  • Austin Durham, Peptidomimetics Related to the Alpha-Fetoprotein Active Site
  • Sellers Garrett, Quantum Dot Based Luminescence Resonance Energy Transfer Systems
  • Lauren King, The Formation of Tricyclic Systems: Incorporating Radical Cascades in Suzuki Coupling Reactions
  • Ryan Sutyla, Development of Cyclic Alpha-Fetoprotein Analogs Using an Aromatic Linker Approach


  • Elizabeth Barnes, Economic Inequality in China: A Threat to Social Stability and Economic Development
  • Laura Becker, Boats, Flowers, and Birds in the Poetry of Du Fu
  • Zack Becker, The Long-Term Economic Impacts of China’s Hukou System and Necessity of Future Reforms 
  • Hunter Dansin, The Future of Open Source Operating Systems in China 
  • Wesley Duncan, The Role of China’s Solar and Wind Energy Programs in the Chinese Economy and Environmental Protection 
  • Adrienne Earhart, Should China Design a Chinese-based Programming Language?
  • Emily Goldberg, Conflicts and Mutual Dependence: The Relationship between the Chinese Government and Non-Governmental Organizations under the New Overseas NGO Management Law
  • Corrine Hom, 2022 Winter Olympics: China's Controversies, Issues, and Opportunities
  • Samuel Kotlove, The Current Situation and Future of Chinese Classifieds Websites: The Case of 58.com and Ganji
  • Morgan Lane, Can Emotional Induction Shift Political Preferences?
  • Parker Matthews Lewis, The Past, Present, and Future of E-commerce in China: A Comparative Analysis of JD.com and Alibaba
  • Chang Liu, The Umbrella Revolution and the Relationship between People's Republic of China and Hong Kong
  • Yani Najarian, The Reality of Chinese Exchange Students in the United States Secondary Education System
  • Flavia Oliveira, The Future of Multinational Tech Companies in China: An Examination of the Smartphone Industry
  • Matthew Palmer, Second Language Acquisition in the Era of Information Technology: A Case Study of Hamilton College’s Chinese Language Education
  • Erica Quach, Academic Pressure Faced by Chinese Primary School Students
  • Emily Rivera, China’s Widening Wealth Gap: Perspectives on the Rich Second Generation
  • Anna (Annie) Whitehurst, Analysis of E-learning in China: Can e-learning help alleviate China’s educational problems?
  • Erick Wong, The NBA’s Impact and Development in China
  • Li Yi Sharon Yam, Can WeChat Become China’s Free Speech Platform?

Cinema and Media Studies

  • Dima KaigorodovSilence in Heaven: A Visual Analysis of Bergman’s The Seventh Seal


  • Vennesa Asare, Homer, Virgil and J.K. Rowling: Discerning the Aesthetics of Epic 
  • Rachel Beamish, Penelope and Lavinia Set the Record Straight: Revising and Re-envisioning Ancient Myth 
  • Grace Berg, Atwood’s Penelope: Following the Threads of her Epic and Literary Tradition 
  • Tommy Dana, The Cyropaedia, The Prince, and The Realization of Future Conquerors 
  • Abby Homer, Examining Kubrick and Spielberg’s A.I. Artificial Intelligence as a Classical Case Study: A Unique Kind of Hero in an Otherwise Epic Setting 
  • Kim Olsen, Andromache's Lament: Her Side of the Story 
  • Ianna Recco, Greek Heroes and American Soldiers: Drawing Comparisons between the Psychological Injury of Homeric Heroes and American Veterans to Promote Healing through Ancient Literature 
  • Hannah Withiam, Reimagining Nostos: The Black Odysseys of Toni Morrison's Milkman and Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man


  • Kate Anderson, I Take You...and Your Name? Exploring the Reasons Behind Heterosexual Name Change From the Female Perspective
  • Hannah Bartlett, An Investigation into the Privacy Rhetoric of the Supreme Court
  • Geleece Brady, The Mediated Race for Identity: Exploring Mass Media’s Role in the Undergraduate Experience for Racial Minorities
  • Marc Dudzik, Mass Media in the South African Apartheid
  • Michael Gagnon, The “Let’s Play” Phenomenon
  • Connor Hassett, Hypermasculine Super Bowl Commercials and Their Effects on Hamilton College Males
  • Jasper Nash, Healing Architecture: The Communicative Power of Psychological Health Care Design
  • Danielle Nelson, The Formation of Gender Identity Through Dress
  • Rachel Newman, An Exploration of Self-­-Talk in Collegiate Athletes’ Performances
  • Patrick O’Brien, Ralph Lauren: A Study of Identity and Masculinity In Men’s Fashion
  • Njideka Ofoleta, A Comparative Case Study of Political Framing of Media Organizations
  • Shea Patrick, Dissent, Discourse, and Democracy: A Case Study of Malaysia’s Media Culture
  • Abby Pynchon, Coping with Sexism: Generational Differences
  • Ian Rothenberg, Internet News and Digital Democracy: America’s Changing Landscape
  • Amber Torres, Smartphones, Smart Cities: The Influence of Communication Technology on Urban Revitalization in the U.S.
  • Katie White, Crisis Communication: An Analysis of Communication at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001
  • Naomi Woolfenden, Constant Connection: Investigating the Role of Social Networking Sites in the Formation of Adolescent Identity

Comparative Literature

  • Kathleen Buckley, Narrative Identity in Memoir: The Demythicization and Resignification of Women’s Mental Illness
  • Nina Byers, Clearing the Air: Literary Impact on Environmental Consciousness
  • Sarah Fishman, Sleeper’s Wake: The Form and Function of Dreaming in Fiction
  • Courtney Kaplar, The Realities After “I Do”: Marriage in 19th Century British Realistic Fiction
  • Caitlin Kennedy, Misre(prison)tation: Inside and outside perspectives on the American Penal System
  • Mara Wilson, The Problems with Great Expectations: Fathers and Sons in Modern American Family Drama
  • Hannah Withiam, Reimagining Nostos: The Black Odysseys of Toni Morrison’s Milkman and Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man

Computer Science

Honors presentation

  • Adrienne Earhart, Malware, Detection Systems, and Propagation Models: A Computer Security Overview

Creative Writing

Fiction honors presentations

  • Kathleen Buckley, Butterfly Hunting for Beginners
  • Andrew Gibeley, Once Removed: A Collection of Dysfunctional Families
  • Carrie Solomon, Loss & Lipitor: Stories from Middle-Aged Men

Poetry honors presentations

  • Hannah Achorn, Here at the Lake
  • Zoë Bodzas, How to Stop Sleep Talking
  • Collin Spinney, [Box of Hilarity]


  • James Bryan, Irrationalities in Professional Forecasting
  • Sitong Chen, Relationships Between Macroeconomic Factors and Stock Market Index: An Empirical Analysis of the Chinese Case
  • Michael Chiseri, Does U.S. Monetary Policy Affect Foreign Exchange Carry Trade Activity of Global Banks? An Analysis using Foreign Exchange Swap Data
  • Adam Daniere, The Effect of Egypt’s 2007 banning of FGM
  • Kevin Gens, Foreign Direct Investment’s Impact on Total Factor Productivity: A Gravity Model Approach
  • Hunter Green, Burned and Bruised: The Role of Regulation After the Global Financial Crisis
  • Nell Hryshko, Public Land and Local Economies
  • Simon Jia, The Quantity-Quality Tradeoff of Children: Evidence from Bangladesh’s Family Planning TV Commercial Campaign
  • Rob Kirk, US Household Savings and Motivations Surrounding the Great Recession
  • DK Lee, The Impact of ICT on education: Study of household and regional traits in Jordan
  • Tianshu Liu, International Capital Flows and Interest Rates
  • Rob Miles, Measuring “Bad Behavior”: CSR Effects on Corporate Litigation Likelihood
  • Michael Nelson, People-Centered Growth: Corporate Social Responsibility’s Role in Employee Satisfaction and the Service-Profit Chain
  • Rui Osaka, Female Political Leadership and Health in Colombia
  • Adam Pfander, Currency Crises & Bank Flows
  • Eli Shakun, People, Planet, and Profit: An Empirical Analysis of S&P 500 Companies
  • Christian Stellakis, Crime and Bitcoin in the United States
  • Jordan Zeng, How Does Monetary Policy Affect Long-Term Interest Rates? Has It Changed Since the Financial Crisis?


Honors presentation

  • Sarah Graves, A Lesson on Reading via “The Clone Thing” in Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go

Environmental Studies

  • Evan Abelson, Keystone XL: A Case Study in Public Perception Following Obama’s Veto
  • Carina Elfving, Climate Change Rhetoric In the 2016 Presidential Election Cycle: Comparing Ted Cruz and Chris Christie
  • Bayard Geeslin, The Psychology of Climate Change Inaction: Ancient Cognition as the Barrier and Key to solving the Contemporary Climate Crisis
  • Samantha Graber, The Hardscrabble Wind Farm in Herkimer County, New York: A 5-Year Update
  • Kirsten Kampmeier, Agriculture and the Liberal Arts Experience: The Impact of Agricultural Education and Engagement on Residential Liberal Arts Colleges
  • Peter Kane, Biotic and Economic Consequences of Aquatic Invasive Species
  • Eunice Lee, Food Waste: Attitudes, Behaviors and Perceptions at Hamilton College
  • Ianthe Lekometros, Sustainable Agriculture as an Educational Tool in the Adirondack High Peaks
  • Sam Mengual, A History of the Kirkland Glen: Assessing Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum) Growth Response
  • Risa Nagel, Climate Change and Capitalism: How Limitless Economic Growth Undermines Effective Mitigation
  • Brad Prevel, Upconversion and Quantum Cutting for Solar Collector Applications


Honors presentations

  • Erin Barnard, Une France idéalisée et disparue au pays de l'enfance ? : un témoignage d'une époque et d'une identité éternelles dans Les Souvenirs d'enfance de Marcel Pagnol
  • Keenan Burton, Le jazz en France : une tradition américaine ou sa propre forme musicale ?
  • Timothy Y. Hill, Le japonisme et  ‘La Grande vague’ à travers l’optique de l’hybridité culturelle


  • Aubrey Coon, Clues in Calcite: Using Microstructures to Decipher Calcitic Vein Formation along Polygonal Faults in Chalk of the Khoman Formation, Western Desert, Egypt
  • Gaela Dennison-Leonard, Evaluation of Hypogene Karst as a Model for Non-tectonic Syncline Development in the Western Desert of Egypt
  • Alexander Doig, Orientation, Spatial Distribution, and Chemical Composition of Paleozoic Diabase Dikes on Swans Island and Neighboring Islands, Penobscot Bay Maine
  • Patrick Donahoe, The Hamilton College Wind Turbine and Wind Speed Data for 2014-2015
  • Ian Dunning, A Deadly Tornado in Upstate New York: The Smithfield Tornado of 2014
  • Enrico Gonzalez, Seasonal Variability of Major Ions in the Upper Root Glen Drainage Basin
  • Samantha Graber, The Hardscrabble Wind Farm in Herkimer County: A Five-Year Update
  • Kevin Herrera, Lightning Protection: Past, Present, and Future on the Hamilton College Campus
  • Olivia Alice Koster, The Effects of Spatial Anthropogenic Land Use Variations on the Sediments and Morphology of Oriskany Creek
  • Alec Melone, Epidote and Hornblende Geobarometry of the Swans Island Pluton of the Coastal Maine Magmatic Province
  • Lindsay Pattison, Mineralogy of Oolitic Ironstones from the Type Locality, Clinton, New York
  • Nicole Saitta, Determining the Sources of Bacterial Contamination in the Limestone Aquifer in the Town of Augusta
  • Ousseynou Tall, U/Pb Geochronology of Granitic Plutons, Swans Island and Surrounding Islands, Penobscot Bay, Maine
  • Charles Louis Wilson IV, Reconstructing Paleoenvironment using Soil Carbonate and Ostracod Isotopic Data from the Holocene Galana Boi Formation, Turkana, Kenya
  • Joshua Wolpert, Development and Analysis of Reconnaissance Structural Inventory Map of Egypt
  • Yin (Emma) Zheng, An Analysis of the Efficacy of Storm Water Runoff Management on Porous versus Non-porous Pavement

German Studies

  • Charlotte Carstens, Katholik, Kritiker, Bürger: Heinrich Böll jenseits der literarischen Welt


Honors presentations

  • Matt Creeden, Social Movements and the Attainment of Policy Change
  • Lauren Fairman, Uneven Justice: Examining State Variation in Indigent Defense Expenditure
  • Amrika Sieunarine, Teaching “Men” to Fish: An Analysis of the Implementation and Effectiveness of the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) of 2005

Hispanic Studies

Honors presentations

  • Lindsay Arader, El poder de la escritura en Operación masacre
  • Joan Frost, Los conflictos de autoidentidad para el estudiante méxico-americano en Stand and Deliver (1988) y Spare Parts (2015)
  • Erin McCulloch, Entre fantasmas y monstruos: La narración infantil de la Guerra Civil española
  • Felicia Tsao, El desarrollo del tema de amor en la poesía de España

Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Justin Long, Yupaychani or Pagarachu?: Indigeneity, Authenticity and Enregisterment of an Intercultural Code in the Ecuadorian Amazon
  • Tina Mangelova, A Study of the Effects of Technology and Culture on Female Self-Portraiture in the Digital Era
  • Gabriel Rivas, Sociability of Public Art Objects: A Social Experiment of Public Art, Viewer Interaction, Spatial Arrangement, and Institutional Influence
  • John Rufo, “Do Not Ask Me Who I Am”: Interviews with Twelve Contemporary Poets
  • Philippa Schwarzkopf, Visual and Literary Film Studies: Ordinary Matter by Hollis Frampton and Four Shadows by Larry Gottheim
  • Thomas (TC) Topp, Of Networks and Naming: Studying Neural Network Formation and Code Switching in Bilinguals


  • Charlotte Beers, Turning Up Visual Awareness with Sound
  • Casey Brown, Matching Across the Senses
  • Emily Chan, Lusting for the Loathed: Morality Influences Arousal Elicited by Attractive Faces 
  • Glen Donovan, Know Thy Colors: University Affiliation’s Effect on Color Preferences 
  • Michael Dyer, Effects of Apomorphine-Induced Behavioral Sensitization on the Expression of BDNF in the Mesolimbic Pathway
  • Megan Fitzgerald, The Role of Dopamine in Heightened Behavioral Responses to Apomorphine
  • Joy-Anne George, Learning Styles Hypothesis: Fact or Fiction?
  • Yashoda Gopi and Leonard Kilekwang, Resisting God: Atheists Conform Less than Religious Individuals
  • Ana Hernandez, Repeated Apomorphine Administration Induces Behavioral Sensitization and Modulatition of CREB in the Midbrain
  • Emily Hess, Behavioral and Neurological Effects of Neonatal Illness: A Rat Model of Schizophrenia
  • Stephanie Hruza, The Pharmacology of Marijuana
  • Alex Jones, Octopaminergic Regulation of Neuronal Metabolism and Learning in Manduca sexta
  • Jaclyn Kogler, Time to Wake Up: A Need for New Treatment in Narcolepsy
  • Sara Lewis, The Effects of a Short-Term High-Sucrose Diet on Memory and Locomotor Activity in Rats
  • Alex Mitko, EEG of Creativity and Reward: Working Hard or Hardly Working
  • Lauren Mulligan, The Circuit Breaker of Drug Sensitization? A Role for DARPP-32 
  • Kimberly Olsen, The Influence of Awe on Attention
  • Rebecca Rees, The Physiological Impact of Omega-6 and Omega-3 Fatty Acids 
  • Laura Rivera, Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
  • James Robbins, Learning and Memory Deficits an a Drosophila Model of Closed-Head Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Nathaniel Somes, A New Look at a Rat Model of Schizophrenia: A Study Using Behavioral and Histological Measures
  • Callum Thomas, How Repeated Reappraisal of Negative Stimuli Affects Emotional Responses: An EEG Study
  • Scott Vazquez, Assessing The Role of Dopamine in a Model Of Drug Sensitization
  • Crystal Vilchez, Hemispheric Contributions to Emotion Processing


  • Swati Acharya, Race as a Property in Love
  • Cian Barron, The Philosophy of Art
  • Victoria Blumenfeld, Familiarizing the Unfamiliar: Literature and the Value of Proxy Experience
  • Chris Bousquet, Ineffability and Emotion: Reclaiming the Ineffable and Expressing it Through Art
  • Jackson Graves, An Inquiry Into the Purposes of Education at Hamilton College
  • Hunter Green, Character and Culpability: The Value of Mitigation in Noncapital Sentencing
  • Spencer Livingstone, Evolution and the Origin of Morality: A Genealogical Critique
  • Adrian Marcano, The Neglect of a Nation: The Social Contract and Black Consciousness Explored Through Hip-Hop
  • Sean Martin, Submerged Selves: Immersionism and Refuting Material Reductionism
  • David Munger, Relearning How We Learn: The Role of Situated Extended Cognition in Experiential Learning
  • Isla Ng, The Meaning of Community Online: Reflections on Language, Power and Technology
  • Osaruese Odeh, The Noble Lie: Anthropocentric Egoism and Altruistic Behavior
  • Shaq Phillip, The Meaning of Work: Seizing the Ideal
  • Mei Lin Pratt, Learning from the Unlearned: The Philosophy of Children
  • Mike Romano, Arguing Against a Cognitively Enhanced Society
  • Hal Shimkoski, A Humean Defense of Soft Determinism
  • Matt Sweeney, Philosopher or Character? Examining the Role of Socrates within the Writings of Plato and Nietzsche
  • Cole Trager, We Are What We Eat


  • Nathan Arndt, The Effects of PAI Solution Concentration on the DPA Enhancement of Europium In Eu(DPA)3 Doped Sol-Gel Glass
  • Joelle Baer, Measuring and Correcting Magnetic Field Gradients
  • V. Devi Prasad Rao, Building a Magnetometer Using the Principles of Optical Pumping in Rubidium
  • Ryan Glenn, Insulation of a Heating Element for Rubidium Vaporization in EPR
  • Olivia Gozdz, Calculating The Shapiro Delay In Chameleon Cosmology
  • Thomas Hoffman, Installing Discovery-Based Elements into Introductory Physics Laboratories
  • Alex Laing, Adding Discovery-Based Elements to Introductory Physics Laboratories
  • Lillie Ogden, Exploring Symmetron Dark Energy with a Massive Electrostatic Analogy
  • Justin Perri, Upconversion Spectroscopy in co-doped NaYF4:Er3+/Yb3+)
  • Kenneth Ratliff, Neutrino Oscillations and Non-Hermitian Quantum Mechanics
  • Todd Roeder, Optics In a Rubidium Magnetometer
  • Isabella Schoning, Completing Hamilton’s Ebert Spectrometer
  • Mike Verostek, A simple derivation of scalar waves in the Randall-Sundrum space-time
  • Eric Wistman, Review and Practical Evaluation of Physics Education Research


  • Nelly Alba, Mentorship Experiences & Goal Setting’s Relation to College Students’ Academic Success
  • Lindsay Arader, Peer Perceptions of Individuals with ASD: Reducing Stigmatization Through Diagnostic Disclosure
  • Rohan Arcot, Anxiety and the Transition to College: Can Psychoeducation Help?
  • Kathrin Cieplicki, The Role of the Undesired Collective Self for Marginalized Individuals
  • Julia Coash, When It Isn’t Black and White: Self-affirmation and Perception of Racism
  • Erin Corson, Psychological Theories of Persuasion in Anti-Smoking Campaigns
  • Jessi Crowley, Eating Disorder Symptomatology and Athletic Participation: Does Level of Competition Matter?
  • Mayeline Fernandez, The Effect of Art-Making on Mood in a College Sample
  • Rachael Feuerstein, No Pain, No Gain: Testing Gender Stereotype Threat Effects on Pain Tolerance
  • Daphney Gaston, Mathematical Achievement and Autism Spectrum Disorder: An Analysis of Social, Cognitive, and Psychological Factors in Relation to Word Problem Solving Performance
  • Angela Gizzi, How to Make Better Group Decisions through Accountability
  • Josh Glen, Time-inconsistent Preferences: Examining the Relation of Self-control to Saving and Spending
  • Sarah Goldman, “There Is No Them, There’s Only Us”: Regulating Empathy Through Cognitive Reappraisal
  • Jamie Granskie, Overgeneral memory in the eating disorder population
  • Lauren Halladay, The Effect of Autism Spectrum Disorder Symptomology and Sensory Sensitivity on Affect Recognition in Distracting versus Non-Distracting Condition
  • Abigail Homer, Benefitting from the Bandwagon: Using Social Conformity Pressure to Alter Implicit Racial Biases
  • Ashley Jamison, An Exploratory Study on the Underrepresentation of Students of Color in Sciences at Hamilton College
  • Carolyn King, Investigating ADHD Symptomatology, Emotion Regulation, and Depression in College Students
  • Mark Lopez, A Review of the Relationship Between Idealized Body Images in Mainstream Media and Body Image Concerns
  • Nick Luchessi, Rumination and Drinking Motives After Negative Drinking Experiences
  • Denise Meza Reyes, Rural vs. Urban Differences: Perceptions of Environmentalists and Pro-Environmental Behavior
  • Louise Owens, Case Management: Opportunities and Obstacles
  • Emily Queen, Promoting Physical Activity With Online Social Interaction
  • Abigail Quirk, How Race Affects Our Perception of Women: Exploring the Objectification of Black and White Bodies 
  • Michael Pellicane, Sexual Orientation and the Transition to College: The Moderating Role of Parental Attachment 
  • Denisse Rodriguez Mota, Girl on Girl Crime: An Examination of Women’s Participation in Slut Shaming 
  • Ryan Sutyla, Supermarket Decision Making: The Effects of Justification, Self-Control Depletion, and Restrained Eating Behavior 
  • Izzy Taaffe, Redemption Sequences in Memories from the Transition to College 
  • Lauren Trachtenberg, The Effect of Social Interruptions on Task Performance 
  • Kristen Tsutsui, Transition to College: Examining Reciprocal Relationships Among Body Change and Adjustment
  • Abbie Webster, A Review of Efficacious and Practical Applied Behavior Analysis: Intervention Strategies for Treatment of Problem Behavior in Individuals with Autism
  • Emily Weinstein, The Effects of Task Expectations and Social Comparison on Academic Performance in Children

Public Policy

  • Hannah Bartlett, Saving Money While Restoring Lives: A Prison Diversion Program for the Mentally Ill
  • Nicholas Gustaitis, Can the Legislative Process Make a Difference?  An Empirical Test of Iowa’s Racial Impact Law
  • Jeff Hopsicker, The Willis V. Carrier Recreation Center: A Cost-Benefit Analysis from the Standpoint of the Town of DeWitt, NY
  • Tyler Lovejoy, New York’s Investment in Affordability: A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Housing New York
  • Gabriella Pico, More Connected Than Ever Before?  Highways and Racial Segregation in United States Metropolitan Areas
  • Jon Shaw, Nutritional Aid or Health Hazard?  Dietary Supplements and Overnight Hospital Visits
  • Hal Shimkoski, The Effects of Civic Education on Youth Voting Behavior
  • Brian Sobotko, School District Fragmentation and the Overdetermined Causes of School Desegregation|
  • Baylis Treen, Mass Incarceration and Race: Is Bias a Universal Phenomenon?
  • Kareem Watson, Creating Gentrification for All: Exploring Public Policy and Displacement in NYC

Religious Studies

Senior Theses

  • Michael Berrios, Using Institutional Reform and Early Intervention to Combat Genocide: An Examination of the 1994 Tutsi Genocide and the Holocaust
  • Eric Lintala, The Two Families of the Godfather Films

Honors Projects

  • Michael Berrios, Wakeup: Millennials and Religion
  • Eric Lintala, Paul’s Justification by Faith, Not Works, in Galatians

Russian Studies

  • Isabella Schoning, How Translation Changes Characters:  An Analysis of English Translations of Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment


  • Juliet Auwaerter, College on a Tightrope: Campus Governance and Institutional Change at Elite Liberal Arts Colleges
  • Katie Bishop, An Examination of the Social Networks of Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Gaela Dennison-Leonard, Incense Smells Like Teen Spirit: Young Adult Buddhism in Bhutan and the United States
  • Daniel Erichson, Cash, Clothes, and Keeping Up: The Influence of Money on Social Status at Hamilton College
  • Emily Fisher, The Musical Self: Exploring Music, Identity, and Emotion Through Bluegrass
  • Eliza Geeslin, The Observer Observed: The continued relevance of master status to describe how observers perceive interactions based on gender expectations
  • Steven Gross, Getting Down, Throwing Up, and Blacking Out: Organizational Deviance and Alcohol Abuse at an American College
  • Maddi Hicks, The Opt-Out Movement: A Study of Organizational Deviance in Schools and Parent Protests of State Tests
  • Criselys Polanco, Managing the Self in the Digital Age: College Edition
  • R. Andrew Sprague, A Socially Driven Workforce in an Economically Driven Workplace: Analyzing the Finance and Tech Industries to Assess the Metrics behind Job Satisfaction
  • Jessica Tang, Going Away and Growing Apart? Changes in First- and Non-First Generation College Students’ Relationships with Family and Friends from the Home Habitus
  • Naomi Tsegaye, Learning to Teach & Teaching to Learn: Whose Class is it Anyway? An Examination of the Effects of Teaching Pedagogies on Student Learning at a Predominantly White College
  • Emma Wilkinson, “Just Go For It!”: An Investigation into Low Female Confidence in Business


Bull by Mike Bartlett

  • Michael Gagnon
  • Kevin Herrera
  • Melinda Lugo, director
  • Allison Shuette

Women’s Studies

  • Melanie Catlett, Gender in an Emergency: A Workplace Investigation into the Gender Scripts of Medics, Firefighters, and Emergency Room Nurses
  • Kate Cieplicki, Contemporary Representations of Masculinity and Violence in Media and Policy
  • Sarah Thomsen, The Impact of Social Class on Education from Kindergarten through High School

World Politics

Honors presentations

  • Maggie Joyce, The Efficacy of U.S. Counternarcotics Initiatives: A Comparative Study of Plan Colombia and the Mérida Initiative
  • Angela Pavao, Reparations, Recognition, and Reform: Understanding State Compliance with the Inter-American Court on Human Rights
  • Matias Wolansky, Dollar Hegemony: The Power of the Greenback

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