Members of the Class of 2019 and their senior thesis topics, alphabetically by department.

Africana Studies

  • Sacharja Cunningham, Speaking Homes into Existence: Spoken Word Poetry as a Weapon by and for Black, Poor, Gay Men
  • Pascal Dafinis, The Building of Community: The Case of Camden, New Jersey 1950s-1970s
  • Mariani German, Black Hairstyles and Discrimination
  • Jana Prudhomme, Social Matters: A Study of College Adjustment for Students of Color at Hamilton College
  • Adrian Summers, Ritual Modality in African Drama
  • Anaidys Uribe, Café con Leche: The Systematic Erasure of Blackness Within the Dominican National Identity


  • Vicky Anibarro, Conceptualizing Internationality: Imagined Futures and Collegiate Spaces
  • Micah Balogh, Developing Youth: Attitudes of Youth on Ohios Made Spaces
  • Mia Caterisano, Becoming a Doctor: An Examination of the Medical Recertification Process for International Medical Graduates
  • Sindy Chen, Sexual Fantasy or Resisting Patriarchy?: Four Chinese Fujoshis at a Liberal Arts College
  • Maura Colley, The Construction of a City: Policy Professionals in Affordable Housing in Syracuse
  • Shaina Coronel, A Call for Action: Understanding the Impact of Gentrification on Bushwick
  • Marie Fouche, Fool Thyself: Analyzing Hamilton Living and Hamilton Branding
  • Morgan Foster, Sustainable Food Cultures at Hamilton College
  • Makayla Franks, Plural Identities: Marked Community Formations at Hamilton College
  • Jane Haffer, Personal Branding in a Business School
  • Joy Krasner, Co-creating and Interrogating the Patriarchy
  • Reed Johnson, The Political Implications of Contemporary Foraging in the United States


2019 senior art show
Class of 2019 Senior Art Thesis website
  • Alex Akiwumi, Alex Black, Haley Burroughs, Jaleel Davis, Lia Defranco, Olivia Fuller, Julia Gorlovetskaya, Juan C. Hernandez, Jr., Max Hernandez-Zapata, Anika Huq, Lindsay Jadow, KC Keppler, Will von Weise, and Andrew Watson

Art History

  • Alex Akiwumi, The Clandestine Photographer: An Exploration of the Surveillance Photographer’s Subject and Space
  • Annie Canning, Paula Modersohn-Becker: Identity, Femaleness, and the Life Cycle
  • Louis Dzialo, Comparing the Series Paintings of George Bellows
  • Olivia Fuller, Manifestations of the Self: Design for a Virtual Exhibition
  • Anne Homan, Selling the Void: The Commodification of Conceptual Art, from Yves Klein to Xu Zhen
  • Hannah Honan, Black Abstractionists during the Civil Rights Era: An Exploration of Norman Lewis, Alma Thomas, Sam Gilliam, and Al Loving
  • Yuchen (Tracy) Jiao, Regulation & Censorship in the 12th Shanghai Biennale
  • Claire Kitz, Keeping up Appearances: Fresco, Architecture, and Ovidian Poetry in the Agostino Chigi’s Villa Farnesina
  • Electra Washburn, Data Analysis of Christie’s Post-War and Contemporary Evening Sales, 2008-2018

Biochemistry/Molecular Biology

  • AB Abera, Investigating Kinetochore Proteins Interaction in Zea mays Using Yeast Two-Hybrid System
  • Jordan Allen, Generating a Fate Map of Orthodenticle Expression in the Developing Drosophila melanogaster Embryo
  • Emily De Jong, Progress Toward the Total Synthesis of Melokhanine A and Leucolusine
  • Elizabeth Egey, Effects of Inbreeding on American Crow Cognition and Physical Condition
  • Elyssa Feuer, Investigating the Role of Aurora B in Spindle Assembly of Zea Mays Meiotic Cells
  • Daniela Gonzalez, Designing and Cloning Synthetic Developmental Enhancers in the Drosophila melanogaster Embryo
  • Deborah Kim, Investigating Protist Communities in the KTSA Pond with Metabarcoding
  • Risper Kirui, Determining the Geneology of Saunder’s Peonies by adh2 Gene Sequences Using Illumina Amplicon Sequencing
  • Ashna Lalwani, An Integrated Omics Approach to Epilepsy NOS
  • Jacob Lowy, Investigation the Effects and Uses of N-dodecylimidazole (NDI) on Tetrahymena thermophila
  • Gabriel Masters, The Effect of Electrode Potential on Growth, Cell Morphology and Nanowire Formation in Shewanella oneidensis Growing via Solid-State Respiration
  • Gabriel Moss, Traumatic Brain Injury’s Effect on the Amyloid Precursor Protein
  • Richard Nelli, What is the Function of the Tyramine Beta Hydroxylase Related Protein in Drosophila melanogaster?
  • Danielle Rodrigues, Exploring the Use of N-quaternized ketene-N, O-acetals in EAS Reactions
  • Anneka Sheppard, Polymerization of PDZ Binding Peptides
  • Brooke Talsania & Deborah Sim, Exploring the Non-Innocence of Fluorophores in Cellular Uptake
  • Choiwing Yeung, Investigating a Novel Approach for Ciliate Transformation Using Cell-Penetrating Peptides with Tetrahymena thermophila
  • Zachary Perez, Bioactivity and Proteolytic Resistance of Antimicrobial Peptides Formulated as High-Density Brush Polymers


  • Anthony Cantarella, Effects of L-Ascorbic Acid on Growth and Development in Manduca sexta
  • Caroline Chivily, WNV- Driven Population Bottlenecks and Major Histocompatibility Complex Diversity in American Crows
  • Maya Cote, Using Feather Quality as An Index of Health in the American Crow
  • Charlotte Cross and Emily Lei, Using ARMS and DNA Barcoding to Estimate Coral Reef Biodiversity Through Analysis of Cryptic Species
  • Debora Gakpo, Generating a Fate Map of Otd Protein Expression in Drosophila melanogaster
  • Christopher Hart, Rhizosphere Microbiome Native to Low Nutrient Soil Increases Growth Rates & Enhances Nutrient Uptake of Rye Grass
  • Erik Johansson, Cognitive Performance Tradeoffs in American Crows
  • Stephanie Kall, Comparing Optimal and Suboptimal Bicoid Binding Sites During Embryonic Development of Drosophila melanogaster
  • Sarah Kane, Identifying Predictive Behaviors for Search and Rescue Career in Puppies
  • Mary Lundin, Climate Change in the Rocky Mountains: How Floral Traits Differ Along An Elevational Gradient and in Reciprocally Transplanted Communities
  • Katherine O’Malley, Examining the Role of RanGTP in Acentrosomal Spindle Assembly in Maize Meiosis
  • Jordan Northrup and Susanna Yee, Differential Expression of Eye-Specific Enhancers in Drosophila melanogaster 
  • Tayzia Santiago, Analyzing and Describing the Unique Macronucleus of I. multifiliis
  • Catherine Stanell, Haemosporidian Parasitemia and the Effects on Avian Species in New York
  • Sarah Stinebaugh, Characterization of Acentrosomal Spindle Formation in Zea mays.
  • Jodi Weiss, Investigating the Dynamics of Wild-Type Spindle Assembly and the Role of Kinesins in Acentrosomal Spindle Assembly in Maize Meiotic Cells
  • Meghan Wilkinson, Encystment in Cyclidium
  • Ryn Winner, Demonstrating a Link Between Cognition and Immune Function in the American Crow (Corvus brachyrhynchos)


  • Elijah Barstis, Analysis and Characterization of a Pre-19th Century Painting
  • Liam Bradley, Incorporation of Rare Earth Doped Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles into Sol Gel Glass
  • Nicholas Falcone, Progress Towards Cryptomaldamide Congeners
  • Henry (Jack) Gumina, Radical Cascade Reactions Terminated by Suzuki Coupling
  • Phoebe Keyes, Applications of N- quaternized ketene-N,O-Acetals in Organic Synthesis
  • Helen Lin, Synthesis of Antiestrogenic Peptide TPVN Useful Against Breast Cancer
  • Willa Mihalyi-Koch, Fabrication of Nanostructured Sensors for Surfaced Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
  • Olivia Simone, Fluorescence of Europium Imine Complexes in Sol Gel Glass
  • Melissa Woodward, Incorporation of Rare Earth Chelates into a Sol Gel Matrix Using Post-Annealing Immersion


  • Ifeoluwa Aiyelabowo, The Mutual Influence Between the Chinese Government and China’s Digital Media Industry
  • Jean Chen, The Influence of Japanese Popular Culture on Taiwan Culture
  • Molly Geisinger, China Adoption Policies: Case studies on how the policies are perceived
  • Stephen Kelley, The Development and Business Opportunities of American Football in China
  • Jie Ying Mei, New Chinese Immigrants in the United States (2008-2018)
  • Isabella Nichol, The Actresses in the Yuan Zaju
  • Lona Sniderman, China’s New Retail Phenomenon
  • William Utzschneider, The Influence of “One Belt, One Road” on the Xinjiang Area
  • Zhi Y. Yang, China’s Hi-tech Development and Its influence on People
  • Stephanie Zhang, A Comparative Study of Chinese Textbooks at American Universities and English Textbooks at Chinese Universities

Cinema and Media Studies

  • Paige Pendergrast, teleplays for the first episode of the second season of two television shows that were canceled after their first season, My So-Called Life (U.S.) and Crashing (U.K.)
  • Brandon Raciti, film writing and directing, A Dog’s Funeral


  • Stephen Clement, Fraternas acies alternaque regna: Panegyric and Critique of Domitian in the Thebaid of Statius
  • Desmen DePaulis, Misunderstanding the Bodies and Minds of Women in Antiquity
  • Claire Anastasia Kitz, Poetry, Stone, Fresco, and Flesh: Exploring the Fusion of Antiquity, Neoplatonism, and Catholicism in the Creative Project of Michelangelo
  • Emma Nelson, Lucretius’ De rerum natura and Freudian Psychoanalysis
  • Noelani Stevenson, Troy Story 2: Adaptation at the Intersection of Theatre and Classics
  • John Thomsen, The Protagonist in Trialogue, Father Silenus
  • Melissa Woodward, How the Language Used in Ancient Athenian Law Perpetuated Rape Culture
Independent studies presentation
  • Fiker Haile, Decolonizing Ancient Egypt: Re-imagining Egyptology Through the Eyes of an African Woman

Computer Science

  • Nic Chkonia, Sophie Menashi, and Chad Morse, Hockey Stat Tracker
  • Trish Gagnon, Richard Teerlink, and Colleen Wahl, Number Theory Calculator
  • Jack Hay, Oliver Keh, and Ben Parfitt, HALite: Hamilton Analytics Laboratory
  • Mitchel Herman, Krishna Kahn, Tom Parker, Risa Ulinski, Judy Zhou, Hanzi: Writing Chinese Characters
  • Miller Kinlin, Drew McArthur, Minh To, and Alex Zemborain, ElectoCount
Honors presentations
  • Jack Hay, PoolGP: Evolving Billiards Players Using Vector Operations
  • Benjamin Parfitt, Algorithms for Finding Dense Subgraphs, and Their Applications to Video Co-Segmentation
  • Risa Ulinski, Differential Rendering

Creative Writing

  • Matt Albino, Rendered
  • Diana Barry, The Interstellar Roadtrip of the Junkyard Spaceship
  • Alyssa Carlson, Axiom
  • Lilianna Christie, Passing
  • Kay Franks, Of the Other Eye
  • Cilly Geranios, Friendship Fables
  • Kyandreia Jones, CNN and Other Contraceptives
  • Sabrina Kleckner, The Ocean Between Us
  • Libby LaMantia, Skein of Stone
  • Andy Letai, All Too Human
  • Emily Liu, To know a bird’s song, go to the mountains.
  • Eva Lynch-Comer, Pura Vida
  • Hannah McLean, Droplets in the Sea
  • Claire Miller, Collected Short Stories
  • Ricardo Edner Millien, Blaxploration of Self
  • Giovanna Petta, Return to Sender
  • Garth Robinson, Wallace
  • Dan Russell, Soup for Thought
  • Gwyn Sise, Whalesong
  • Taylor Wallace, Whom the Gods Love

Dance and Movement studies

  • Deborah Gakpo, Our Journey


Honors theses
  • Jesse Bennett, Skill-Based Occupational Sorting of Immigrants in the U.S.
  • Aaron Dobieski, Trust, Inequality, and Democracy: Investigating the Potential Factors of Cooperative Incidence
  • Jake Engelman, Technology’s Contribution to Increased Income Inequality
  • Pelumi Fasola, The Predictors of Financial Inclusion: A Case Study of Utica’s Refugee Population
  • Jill Fu, Do cultural differences affect individual charitable giving behavior?
  • Paul Giuliano, The Impact of Employee Involvement and Financial Participation on Enterprise Performance: Evidence from the UK
  • Fiker Haile, Hurdles Beyond the Glass Ceiling: Examining the Gender Gap in Executive Compensation in Lithuania
  • Sofia Maeztu, Determinants of the Incidence of Innovative Work Practices: Evidence from Estonia
  • Clay McCollum, Cognitive Loads and Cognitive Reflection: Understanding Differences in Time and Risk Preferences
  • Ben Morgan, Evidence from Estonia: Assessing the Effects of Different Managerial Compensation and Corporate Governance Schemes in a Transition Economy
  • Chad Morse, Pick. Click Give: Impact on Charitable Giving Behavior in Alaska
  • Bilal Mustafa, The Determination of Innovative Work Practices - Evidence from the UK
  • Hersheena Rajaram, Determinants of Refugee Entrepreneurship in the United States: Evidence from Utica, NY
  • Jonathan Stickel, The Role of Behavior and Financial Literacy in Household Retirement Adequacy
  • Elijah Turchiarelli, Peer Effects in Voluntary Giving: Evidence from Charitable Crowdfunding
  • Jack Warren, Immigrant Network Impacts on Native Labor Outcomes

Environmental Studies

  • Audrey Bartels, Biodiversity and conservation in cemeteries
  • Zachary Baum, Barriers and facilitators to climate change adaptation and mitigation in rural upstate New York
  • Jared Belsky, An anthropology of terroir, sustainability and cider making in New York’s Finger Lakes Region
  • Hayley Berliner, Charging up the electric vehicle market: Policies to encourage EV adoption
  • Julia Booth, Reconceptualizing wellness: an examination of the relationship between the environment and well-being at Hamilton
  • Noelle Connors, Effects of simulated grazing on biomass allocation and gas exchange in a drought-stressed ryegrass
  • Taylor Coursey, Avenues for environmental justice in Boston, MA
  • Jenna Jewell, Climate change driven variations in the cline of plumage in Eastern Screech Owls (Megascops asio)
  • Nick Jickling, Impacts of marine protected area (MPA) fishing regulations on pelagic carbon sequestration
  • Cimone Jordan, Does on step forward mean one step backward? Examining the relationship between promise of development and poverty in Syracuse, NY
  • Steve Kettig, Understanding the drivers of sustainability accounting practices of medium-sized manufacturing businesses in New York
  • Nick Pace, Did the rescission of 2016 CEQ guidelines affect how environmental impact statements address climate change?
  • Margaret Riordan, Closing the gap: Strategies for better climate change communication
  • Andrea Rockey, Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) market analysis: Renewable energy market dynamics in an expanded RPS future
  • Jack Senneff, Modern day renders: An analysis of the disconnection between corporations and consumers in ethical consumption
  • Kaitlyn Thayer, Understanding perceptions of climate change within New York’s naturally adaptive apple industry
  • Jack Wright, Community: the key to effective environmental education
  • Jesse Yu, Genetic variability of Blue Mussel (Mytilus edulis) populations subject to high and low pH variability in the Gulf of Maine


Senior independent research project
  • Nora Silva, “Le genre, la langue, et les rapports de famille dans la littérature franco-algérienne : une analyse de trois textes écrits par des femmes qui ont vécu pendant la période d’après-guerre en Algérie et en France.”


  • Emily P. Alexander, Grain Size Analysis of the West Turkana Kaitio (WTK13) Core and Implications for Paleoenvironments in the Turkana Basin 1.9 to 1.4 Ma
  • Ursula D. Castiblanco, A Reference Collection of Devonian Arthropods (Trilobites) from the Geer Road Quarry in Eation, New York
  • Drew Castronovo, Megacryst-bearing Lava Flows from Green Ridge, Central Oregon Cascade Range:  Petrogenetic Implications
  • Austin T. Ford, A Reference Collection of Devonian Mollusca from the Geer Road Quarry in Eaton, New York
  • Alexandra P. Holmwood, Composite Dikes on Swans Island, Maine, and their Implications for Magmatic Processes in Large Silicic Igneous Systems
  • Anika C. Huq, Thickness Variations and Extent of the Oligocene/Miocene Katkut Formation Southwest of Sohag, Egypt
  • Meredith L. Labelle, Paleolimnological Comparison of Two Subbasins in Tupper Lake in the Adirondack Park, New York
  • Mia E. Ratino, Exploring Change Over Time in Oriskany Creek Using UAS-Based Structure from Motion
  • Gillian K. Roberts, A Reference Collection of Devonian Cnidaria and Bryozoa from the Geer Road Quarry in Eaton, New York
  • Ryan M. Sedwick, Analyzing Glacier Volume Loss in Kvíárjökull using Structure-from-Motion Photogrammetry Based on Historical Photographs
  • Jenny T. Soonthornrangsan, Determining the Influence of Pumping Wells on Groundwater-Surface Water Interaction in Waterville, New York

German studies

  • Qichen He, Literature Censorship, Christa Wolf and Divided Heaven
  • Reed Johnson, Die Machtpotenzial von Regerton als contra-hegemonische Sprachideologie
  • Tayzia Santiago, A Feminist Analysis of Trauma and Psychoanalysis in Ruth Klügers Living On and the Diary of Anne Frank

Government and World Politics

Honors theses
  • Natalie Basta, A Moral Analysis of Voters: A Psychological Explanation of Evangelical Support for Trump in 2016
  • Richard Court, Dichotomous Approaches: An Operational Code Analysis of How and Why Presidents Trump and Obama Intervened in the Syrian Civil War
  • Alexandra Gale, Good Cop, Bad Soldier? Role Convergence of the National Police and Armed Forces in Bolivia and Ecuador
  • Samantha Gordon, Shaping the Bench: How the Federalist Society Gained Control of the Federal Judiciary
  • Jane Haffer, Hate Speech, Presumptive Harm, and a Denial of Equal Protection
  • Andrew Juchno, A Middle Course to Abolition: St. George Tucker and the Meanings of Equality in Early Republican Virginia
  • Henry Kapp, Why Do Militaries Defect? A rational Choice Approach to Security Force decision-making Electoral Protests
  • Christopher Keller, no title provided
  • Carter King, Indigenous Rights, Environmental Degradation, and Inconsistent Policy: The Case of Decolonization in Bolivia
  • Benjamin Rhind, Year of the Woman: Assessing the Effect of Gender in the U.S. House of Representatives Elections
  • Kathryn Tenefrancia, Subordinate No More: Changing Civil-Military Relations in The United States since the Vietnam War
  • Michael Wang, Inconsistent Incognito Mode: Exploring States Online Privacy Law Variance in the U.S.

Hispanic Studies

Honors presentations
  • Kevin P. Alcalá, Una exploración del extractivismo y los derechos indígenas en el cine: También la lluvia (2010), Hija de la laguna (2015) y El derecho de ser diferente (2003)
  • Sawyer Frisbie, Virgen vs. Eva: La representación de las mujeres españolas en el cine de terrora finales de la dictaduraf
  • Daniela González, El rechazo de imágenes falsas: Rosario Castellanos y la educación social de la mujer
  • Elizabeth Maier, Cuadernos de anotar la vida: la solidaridad femenina y el testimonio escrito en La casa de los espíritus
  • Fiona McLaughlin, Como la línea borrosa entre la historia y la ficción influye la relación entre la creencia y la soledad en Cien años de soledad
  • Georgia Miller, Caracterización y performance en El lugar sin límites, novela (1966) y película (1978)
  • Tyler Spector, El uso de las ‘amenazas inminentes’ en El lugar sin límites de José Donoso para la crítica del patriarcado en unos sistemas agrarias de Chile


Honors presentations
  • Edsel Llaurador, Empire by Another Name: United States Imperialism, the Supreme Court, and Puerto Rico Un-incorporated, 1898-1901
  • Wynston PennybackerPostwar Pronatalism and the Construction of Gender and Sexual Norms in the Soviet Union, 1943-1964
  • Rebecca Williams‘FY NGWLAD’ / ‘MY COUNTRY’: Abolitionism, Identity, and Assimilation in Welsh America

Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies in Cognitive Science
  • Christina Florakis, Bridges to the Future: An Intervention to Promote Empowerment and Intercultural Understanding Between Greek and Refugee Youth
Interdisciplinary Studies in Environmental Chemistry
  • Claudia Morse, An Environmental and Chemical Review of Perovskite Materials in Solar Cell Applications


Honors presentations
  • Sabrina Boutselis, Representing Childbirth: Making and Unmaking Language to Communicate Experiences of the Body
  • Katie Dolan, Cloaking Desire: Stasis and Sexuality in Nikolai Gogols Short Stories
  • Alison Donlan, Christine de Pizan as Architect of Women’s Spaces in The Book of the City of Ladies
  • Trish Gagnon, “Ne jo n’ai soig mais de taisir”: Non-binary Gender Expression in Le Roman de Silence
  • Meredith Jones, Gloria Anzaldúa and Natalie Diaz: Re-writing Cultural Identity
  • Elizabeth Maier, Intentional Inheritance: William Faulkner and Gabriel García Márquez in Jeffrey Eugenides’ The Virgin Suicides
  • Sarah Morrill, Valmont and Virtue
  • Kendall Rallins, Passing: The Performance and Visibility of Identity
  • Julia Rosenbaum, “Cut Out of Someone’s Head”: Intersections of Humor, Manipulation, and Artistic Creation in Nabokov and Gogol
  • Haley Tietz, Waving in the Ferns: Nature, Imagination, and Storytelling in Anne of Green Gables and Emily of New Moon
  • Ali Zildjian, “A Divided Duty”: Liminal Space and Coming-of-Age in Shakespeare’s Father/Daughter Relationships


Honors presentations
  • Elisabeth Howard, Classifying p-adic Fields of Degree p^2
  • Bilal Mustafa, A Look At Regularization
  • Benjamin Oltsik, Eta-Quotients of Prime or Semiprime Level
  • Benjamin Parfitt, The Baire facts about the real line and beyond
  • Ryan Tamburrino, Eigenvector Centrality in the Context of Board Games


  • John Dorer, Portraits of Nature: A collection of Short Works
  • Nathan Sobel, four original compositions


  • Sara Aldrich, The effect of chemogenetic disruption of the postrhinal cortex on higher order learning
  • Matt Casadei, Investigating implicit and explicit motor learning in children
  • Robert Chapman, Using Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy to read motor output for neural prosthetics
  • Desmen Depaulis, Sexual conspecific aggression response: A potential model of sexual assault in adolescent female rats
  • Austin Fanburg, Olfactory learning and memory in American Crows
  • Leigh Gelotte, Exploring the relationship between Executive Function and Psychological Distancing: Insights from an fNIRS study
  • Sanju Koirala, Multi-sensory integration during spatial localization: A developmental study
  • Molly Leitner, Cocaine, sex and household scents: A D1-receptor agonist intervention
  • Fiona McLaughlin, Elucidating the Role of the Orbitofrontal Cortex in Social Odor Recognition Memory
  • Jessica Murray, The influence of sleep on the learning of sensorimotor integration
  • BellaDonna Sins, The relationship between dance and cognition
  • Julia Tsvyakh, Malleable me: An integrated approach to reducing stigma against mental illness
  • Emily Williams, Young stress: Using an animal model to examine PTSD symptoms in adolescent female rats.
  • Hannah Yep, It takes one to know one: Lying to improve unconscious lie detection
  • Emily Yong, Getting high: The choice between cocaine and exercise


  • Jeremy Benjamin, A Pontean Reconceptualization of Well-Being
  • Joseph Caruso, The Ontology and Epistemology of Social Entities
  • Delgado Corcoran, Growing Pains
  • Yassine Dahlek, RX: Medical Assassination: A Liberation from Hegemony
  • Andrea Dickmeyer, In Defense of Narrativity
  • Steven Falco, How and Why We Should Conceive of Zombies
  • Oluwapelumi Fasola, The Illegitimacy of Restrictive Immigration Policies: A Reply to Christopher Heath Wellman
  • Samantha Fogel, We Should Talk. . .
  • Ram Franqui, Mental Disorder, Linguistic Reification, and Agency
  • Grace Friedel, Psychopaths and the Insanity Defense
  • Dian Guo, What are Intuitions and Can We Trust Them?
  • Bradford Marston, An Esoteric Approach to the Expected Utility of Voting
  • Clayton McCollum, Nietzsche and the Eternal Recurrence: On Overcoming Our Nihilism
  • Annaliese Mugele, Contemporary Nativism Motivated by Mathematics
  • Betsy Ramirez, Who is Responsible for ‘Rampage shootings’: A Re-examination of Freedom and Personal Responsibility
  • William Rasenberger, Disagreeing about Disagreement: The Illusion of Intercultural Moral Conflict
  • Wilhelgyne Rose, Physician Assisted Suicide? A Critique of Kant’s Moral Philosophy
  • Michael Valeri, On the Paradox of Emotional Response to Fiction
  • John Wellers, The Consequences of Contemporary AI for Mind-Body Dualism
  • Rachel Zuckerman, The Nature Happiness Network: Finding Connection and Happiness Outdoors


  • Ian Chen, Progress Towards a Magnetic Gradiometer
  • Bryan Edwards, An Analysis of Surface Homogeneity and Efficiency Degradation of Direct and Inverted Organic Solar Cells
  • Carlos Esquivia, Null Geodesics in a Modified Black Hole Spacetime
  • Abigail Kaplan, Hofstadter’s Cocoon on a Triangular Lattice
  • Ian Leveton, Deviations from Perfect Timing in Human Drumming
  • Kathryn McKillop, γ-ray Assay of the Radiotherapy Agent 76As using Gammasphere
  • Alexei Smith, Design and Construction of an Autonomous Instrument-Monitoring Buoy
  • Robert Taylor, Faraday rotation measurements of alkali metal vapor densities
  • Mikel Zemborain, Developing a microfluidic microdiamond sorter


  • Zachary Bivins, Self-efficacy and Emotion Regulation
  • Alex Black, Examining the Relationship Between Self-Actualization and Institutional Racism
  • Cassidy Brown, Empathy versus Compassion: A Comparison of Emotional Consequences
  • Jacqueline Bussgang, Sense of School Belonging Among Latino Adolescents: Predictors, Outcomes, and Correlates
  • Shelby Amour Castillo, Nuyorican Colonial Mentality: Discovering Links Between Cultural Identity, Acculturative Stress and Depression
  • Gareth Coalson, Maternal Incarceration’s Association with Childhood Attachment Patterns
  • Erin Collins, Role-Play and Self-Control: Are Gamers on to Something?
  • R. Ben Cornaglia, Measuring Differences in Children’s Comprehension of Novel Words
  • Abigail Dayton, The Effect of Perceived Group Similarity and Information Presentation on Conformity Intentions
  • Andi Dickmeyer, Metacognition and Mental Wellness
  • Kyra Ganswith, Identification, Community Pride, and Self-Loathing in Low-SES African American Men
  • Aspacelia Geranios, Comic Relief: Do Students with High ADHD Symptomatology Understand Comics Better Than Pure Text?
  • Mikayla Greeley, The Relationship Between Anxiety and Aggression in Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Olivia Hawes, A Self-Affirmation Intervention to Reduce Contingent Self-Esteem and Increase Intrinsic Motivation in College Athletes
  • Cassie Hayward, Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID): Valid Disorder or Social Construct?
  • Grace Heller, Emotion Regulation in Pretend Play: Examining the Relations Among Play, Worry, and Creativity in Young Children
  • Virginia Loke, Catching Happiness: Why Performing Kindness Predicts Positive Affect in Socially Anxious Individuals
  • Ellie Miller, Call of Beauty: The Effects of Sexualized Video Game Box Art on Self-Objectification Levels in Girls
  • Caroline Moore, Anti-Immigrant Prejudice and Perceived Threat
  • Sandra Saldana, Between Two Worlds: Identity-Shifting Among Biracial Individuals Under Threat
  • Halie Serbent, Effects of Preschool Vocabulary Interventions on Children’s Literacy Development
  • Gabrielle Stern, Sticks and Stones: Self-Affirmation as a Protective Factor Against Rejection Sensitivity in People with Defensive Self-Esteem
  • Anaidys Uribe, I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends: Adaptive Coping for Racial Discrimination

Public Policy

  • Liz Brautigam, Playing to Pay: A Cost-Benefit Analysis of DIII Football
  • Peter Hoffman, Front Office Fallacies: Leadership and Performance in the NBA
  • Taylor Kim, Does Accessibility Mean Opportunity?  The Effect of Transit Availability on Income Mobility in New York City
  • Rowan Myers, Should I Be Worried?  The Demographics of Privacy Concerns on the Internet
  • Will Nyamwange, H1B Visa Holders: Complements or Substitutes to American Workers?
  • Kara Pooley, Waiting Period Laws: Are They Enough to Stop the Growing Epidemic of Firearm Suicides?
  • Drew Reddish, Myth or Reality?  Are American Colleges Breeding Liberal Students?
  • Samantha Weeks, Helping English Language Learners in New York City: What Really Matters?
  • Vicky XuTourist Trapped: Exploring the Relationship Between Tourism Development and Long-Term Economic Growth
  • Ashleah Yzaguirre, Ethan Carrow, and Mike Grassey, Separate Fields: Racial Segregation in High School Sports
Honors theses
  • Samantha Gordon, Shaping the Bench: How the Federalist Society Gained Control of the Federal Judiciary
  • Jonathan Kirshenbaum, Policy vs. Practice: Are “Harm Reduction” Policies Equipped to Address the Opioid Crisis? 
  • Jack Wright, Is Shopping on Amazon Green? Carbon Emissions Produced from Online and Traditional Shopping Options in the U.S.

Religious Studies

  • Gabe DeJoseph, Loyalty and Morality: Religious Minorities in US Electoral Politics
  • Phoebe Duke-Mosier, Drinking the Kool-Aid: Discourses of Death at Jonestown
  • Grant Kiefaber, Muslim Refugees in Utica: Perception and Reality
  • Jacob Leebron, Jedi and Sith: Religious Morality in Star Wars
  • Sophie Menashi, Seeking Salvation: Understanding the Sources, Separation, and Spread of the Christian Salvation Doctrine 
Honors presentation
  • Phoebe Duke-Mosier, The Almighty Dollar: Race, Class, and Gender in Creflo Dollar’s Prosperity Gospel

Russian Studies

  • Jessie Dromsky-Reed, Balanchine: The Story of the Diplomat Choreographer and his Cross-Cultural Ballet Jewels
  • Wynston Pennybacker, Identity and Self Actualization in Modern Russia through the Literary Works of Zakhar Prilepin
  • Benjamin Walsh, The King of Kings and His Cossacks: The Unofficial Russo-Ethiopian Alliance in the Age of Empires


  • Tatiana Bradley, The Endless Scroll: Understanding Social Media Consumption Habits Among College Students
  • Emily Buff, Film Paper Shelter Food
  • Madeline Carlman, Living off a Prayer: Explanations of Spiritual and Religious Transformation at Hamilton College
  • Jenna Columbia, “Waking up White”: How White People Develop Positive Racial Attitudes in an Era of Color-Blind Racism
  • Gregory Evans, Living Music: A study of the effects of ‘musicking’ on small group life at Hamilton College
  • Sawyer Frisbie, Strong Men, Fragile Masculinity: An Exploration of Masculinity on Hamilton’s Campus
  • Mikayla Greeley, Identity Work Among the Homeless in Utica
  • Alanna Gushue, Social Support and Mental Health: Where Do We Stand?
  • Nora McEntee, Hamilton’s Helpers: Understanding the Social Motivations behind Student Volunteering
  • Gabrielle O’Brien, School on the Brain: A Study of Academic Achievement and Collegiate Success
  • Christina Plakas, The Revolution Will Not Come with Flowers: What Motivates Some Greeks to Join the High-Risk, High-Cost Anarchist Movement
  • Maria Karla Saenz, Listening to Reggaetón: The Construction of Panethnicity and Gendered Latinidad in Miami, FL
  • Rachel Schooler, 24/7 in a Box: Inmates’ Written Expression in Solitary Confinement versus Lower Security
  • Geoffrey Schweller, When Home Videos Leave the Home: Personal Video Practices of College Students
  • Victoria Stapleton, Man Up! A Study on How Fourth Grade Boys Perform Masculinity
  • Emily Steates, Smoke and Mirrors: A Study of Social Learning and Identity Exploration Among Young Adult Recreational Vapers
  • Xara Sunne, Contemporary Art and Modern Politics: Reactions to activist art and why audiences interpret artworks as political
  • Faith White,“Best Friends: How Close Friendships are Formed”
  • Zhi Yang, Split Between Two Identities: How Second-Generation Immigrants Use Food to Project Their Ethnic Identity
  • Justin Zhu, Hamiltonians Abroad: An analysis of individual transformation among Hamilton students who go abroad


  • Andres (Fluffy) Aguilar, writing and directing, The [Un]Told Story: [Un]Broken
  • Emily Aviles, devising, How to Create Trauma Informed Theatre
  • Jake Bolster and Adrian Summers, directing and performing, Fish Kill on Maria Sanchez by Doug Grissom
  • Stephanie Kall, directing, I Dream Before I Take The Stand by Arlene Hutton
  • Andy Letai, writing and directing, Hang a Thief
  • Jack Martin, devising, The Story of the Man Who in the High Heavens Loved a Star and Was Abandoned by Her
  • Isabella Nichol, directing, Miss Julie by August Strindberg
  • Noelani Stevenson, writing and directing, As When // So Also
  • Taylor Wallace, directing, Early Morning from “Times of War” by Eric Lane

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