Members of the Class of 2020 and their senior thesis topics, alphabetically by department.




  • Sara Carle, Ghosts at Hamilton College: Contemporary Realities of Race and Gender at a Predominantly White Institution
  • David Gagnidze, “Lofty Broken Promises”: A History of Oneida Nation and Hamilton College Relations
  • Mercedes Girona, Upper-Class Revolution: Colonialism, nationalism and language in Catalunya’s fight for independence
  • Shannon McKie, The revolution will be meme’d: Hamilton College, Students Memes, and Counterpublics
  • Emma Stout, “Work Real Hard”: Young Farmers and Alternative Agriculture in Central New York


  • Jada Langston, Interaction, Integration, and Inequality: Geospatial Analyses of Bronze Age Settlement Networks in Southwestern Transylvania
  • Sabrina Pike, Procurement of fine-grain volcanic rocks in the Interior Pacific Northwest: Case studies of Arrowstone Hills source material at Bridge River and Slocan Narrows


2020 Senior Art Show PostcardClass of 2020 Senior Art Thesis website

  • Sunny Chen, Emma Fighera, Theodore Golden, Elias Griffin, Elisabeth Howard, Claire Lincoln, Xan Mullings, Jefri Schmidt, Nanaka Suzuki, Matthew Tom, Dehao Tu, Ali Veitch


Art History

  • Jake Colangelo, Exploring LDS Temple Design: The Architectural Ambitions of the Mormon Church
  • Olivia MunnellyThe Thought Forms of Hilma af Klint in The Ten Largest
  • Mary Bei Prince, Dorothy Shakespear the Art(ist) Historian: Reflecting Fascist Origins of Vorticism in Hommage à GB WL TSE EP 
  • Lila Reid, The Relationship Between Art and Its Changing Public Reception: A Historiography of John Singer Sargent’s Triumph of Religion at the Boston Public Library 
  • Mason Sheridan, A New Domain for Commodification: The Urge to Historicize Fashion in the Museum Sector

Asian Studies

  • Caius Arias, The Power of Mass Media: the depictions of members of the LGBTQ+ community in Japanese manga
  • Yueran (Rina) Ding, Creation, Preservation, and Rejection of Personas in Japanese Male Idols' Namesake Variety Shows
  • Yuchen (Tracy) Jiao, The Aesthetics of Tradition, Modernity, and National Identity: Kenzo Tange and the Metabolist Group

Biochemistry/Molecular Biology

  • Andrew Barstow, The Synthesis of Peptidomimetics Containing the Pharmacophore in AFP
  • Kailey Carlson, The Allometry of Canine Immune Function
  • Jacob Circelli, Passage of Nucleotides into Tetrahymena thermophila
  • Carlos Espindola, Progress Towards a Total Synthesis of Melokhanine
  • Michael Goldstein, Investigation of GTP-Binding Mutant of Pro1 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae to Ascertain Reasons Behind Sustained Selection of ATP Coupled Reactions
  • Paul Hart, Synthesis of Small-Molecule Probes for Multiple Myeloma
  • Amar Kassim, Synthesis and Bioactivity of BRD9876 Analogues
  • Kyle Lam, Effect of Electrical Potential on Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 Growth, Nanowires, and Network Formation
  • Tessa Lavan, Exploring the Role of the RanGTP Pathway in Acentrosomal Spindle Formation in Meiotic Cells of Zea mays
  • Blayne Oliver, Application of 1H NMR Spectroscopy for Molecular Weight Determination of High Density Brush Polymers
  • Haley Raphael, Investigating the Effects of Acceptor Moiety Systems on Ruthenium Photosensitizers: A Spectroscopic and Physicochemical Analysis
  • Caroline Sullivan, Investigating the Role of an Aurora B Homolog in Zea mays Meiocytes During Acentrosomal Spindle Assembly
  • Andrew Vorrath, Using a Novel Loop-flow Reactor to Investigate the Microbial Ecology of Electron Shuttles


  • Mackenzie G. Aldridge, Covid-19 in the State of Connecticut
  • Leili Aliyari, Characterization of the TRKIN-TR1 Neocentromere System to Test Whether Trkin Binds Directly to TR1 Repeats
  • Maya Y. Amy, Toxicity of Common Sunscreen Components to the Cyanobacteria Synechococcus
  • Ishan I. Bhatia, Identifying the Pathogenesis of Polycystic Kidney Disease with T. thermophila
  • Acacia W. Bowden, Investigating the Potential Role of MAD2 in the Spindle Assembly Process
  • Amelia A. Boyd, Inbreeding Depression of Personality and Cognition in the American Crow
  • John Alex Chalk, Phylogenetic and Functional Characterization of Biofilms Associated with Redox Inverted Cold Seeps in Meromictic Green Lake
  • Patrick E. Grant, Investigating the Tetrahymena thermophila Phagosome Using Magnetic Nanoparticles
  • Devin J. Hebert, Microbiome and Carbon Isotope Ratios of White-tail Deer Feces (Odocoileus virginianus) in Central New York Agroecosystem and Adirondack Forest Ecosystems
  • Jacob D. Kahn, Investigating Maize NDC80 Interactions with Kinetochore Proteins CENH3, CENPC, and Mis12 Using a Yeast Two-Hybrid Assay
  • Hyein Kim, Loss and Gain of Bcd and Otd Dependent Enhancer Sequences in the Conserved Gap Gene Hb
  • Ann-Sophie Koglin, eDNA as a Screening Tool for Aquatic Biodiversity
  • Gabriel S. Linden, The Effect of Creatine, Taurine, and Pyridoxine on the Growth of Tetrahymena thermophila
  • Tiffany N. Ly, Temporal Regulation of Enhancers Associated with Eye and Neuronal Development in Drosophila melanogaster by the K50-HD Transcription Factor Orthodenticle
  • Timary P. Malley, Discrimination of Anthropogenic Food Sources in American Crows (Corvus brachyrhynchos)
  • Elizabeth A. Mathis, Testing the Contribution of Optimal and Sub-Optimal Binding Sites to Bcd-Dependent Enhancer Activity in the Drosophila Embryo
  • Casey G. McAndrews, Disease-Mediated Bottlenecks and Genetic Variation at the Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) in the American Crow
  • Gregorio Miceli, Defining the Role of TbhR in Drosophila melanogaster
  • Patrick M. Morelli, Determining the Interactions of Kinetochore Proteins in Zea mays
  • Michael Moubarak, Carbon Loss and Radiative Forcings of Gaseous Emissions from Tundra Wildfires During the Yukon-Kuskokwim River Delta 2015 Fire Season
  • Richard J. Soler, Enriching Electrochemically Active Bacteria on Electrodes in Green Lake
  • Vincent G. Sorrentino, The Effect of PFAS on Morphological and Behavioral Status of Insect-Eating Birds
  • William J. Wagner, Testing the Interchangeability of Optimal Transcription Factor Binding Sites & Pioneer Binding Sites for Enhancer Activation in the Drosophila Embryo


  • Eddie Allen, Photoredox Catalyzed Cyclizations of Alkoxyl Radicals
  • Alisha Blades, Exploring the Synthetic Potential of N-(1-Alkoxyvinyl) pyridinium trilates
  • Ethan Borque, Radical Translocation via Photoredox Catalyzed Generation of Alkoxy Radicals Followed by Intramolecular 1,6-Hydrogen Atom Transfer
  • Nicole DeBuono, Bioactivity and Proteolytic Resistance of Antimicrobial Peptides Formulated as High-Density Brush Polymers
  • Kristin Hughes, Synthesis of Kinesin 5 Inhibitor BRD9876 Analogs to Serve as Small Molecule Probes for Multiple Myeloma Cells
  • Janice Kang, Synthesis of α-Fetoprotein Driven Peptidomimetics Active Against Breast Cancer
  • Juliana Larson, An Investigation into the Biosynthetic Pathway of Psl
  • Danielle McConnell, Synthetic Applications of N-(1-Ethoxyvinyl)pyridinium Salts as Building Blocks in Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitution Reactions
  • Micaela Tobin, The Exploration of Bacterial Spore Peptidoglycan Biosynthesis


  • Emma Belanger, Russian Language Education in China: Past, Present, and Future.
  • Michelle Chung, Smartest of the Smartphones: Huawei’s Global Rise Against U.S. Opposition
  • Bryce Fan, China’s Ghost Cities: A Western Narrative of Deception or a Serious Domestic Concern? 
  • Ruo Nan Huang, Human Rights vs National Interests Through Chinese Demolition
  • Geoffrey Ravenhall Meinke, The Influence of Wechat on Chinese Daily Life
  • Calvin Neumeyer, Fresh off the Boat and Asian American Portrayal in US Media
  • Baillie Riggs, Chinese Youth’s Views on Chinese vs. Korean Dramas: A Temporary Korean Wave or a long-term Cultural Shift?
  • Lars Skagerlind, Two Madmen: A Comparative Study of Lu Xun’s and Gogol’s Diaries of A Madman
  • Paola Tabet, Parallels Between the Development of Ancient Chinese and 18th Century English Economic Thought in GuanZhong’s Guanzi and Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations
  • Florence Zhan, Finding the Gay in the Changes from The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation” to The Untamed”

Cinema and Media Studies

  • Graham Paull, Inside is Outside: an Analysis of Luis Bunuel


Classical Languages
  • Tyler Boudreau, Painting with Both Hands: Metamodernism in Augustan Roman Literature
  • Samuel (Sam) Greene, Aristotle the Egoist? Understanding Philia in the Nicomachean Ethics
  • Catharine Pierce, Ad Astra per Aspera: A Grammatical and Literary Analysis of ‘Deity’ Julius Caesar
Classical Studies
  • Allyson (Ally) D’Antonio, Livia: Understanding Influence in Early Imperial Rome
  • Alexandra (Zanny) Ham, Uncovering Biased Interpretations of Ancient Egyptian Gynecology through a Critique of the Kahun Papyrus Translation
  • Christina (Tina) Naston, Speculum Dianae, Speculum Mediterraneanei: Multiculturalism in the Cult of Diana at Nemorensi

Computer Science

  • Caius Arias, Elias Griffin, Anthony Reyes, and Cal Reynolds, Virtual Conductor 
  • Ines Ayara, Geo Engel, Sam Farber, and Matt Reading, Thematic Analysis of Prison Writings
  • Amin Babar, Chris Browne, and Henry CohenParallel Simulation of Economic Markets
  • Don Holley, Matt Jenkins, and Julia Opatrny, Art Collection Game 
  • Conor Courtney, Tom Marsh, Dan Tu, and Tucker Ward, Graph Structure of Cells and Nanowires
Honors Presentations
  • Conor CourtneyEvolving Programs: Applying Biological Concepts to a Genetic Programming System
  • Matt ReadingFast k-Plex Enumeration for Small Values of k

Creative Writing

  • Shaquille Alexander Webb, Connected Spirits, Collective Hearts
  • Daniel Berger, Malgré Nous
  • Seraphina Buckholtz, Blue Steam
  • Erica ChamberlainThe Psychic’s Daughter, a novella
  • Claire ChangRed, a novella
  • Stefanie ChinNot Less, Just Different, a novella
  • Jacob Circelli, Malignant
  • Eloise Doubleday, Coloring Between the Lines, a poetry manuscript
  • Lindsey Foster, The Lighthouse Keeper
  • Kathryn Gisondi, Possessed by Memory
  • Robert Lane, Wintersmith Point
  • Hunter Lewinski, At the Site of the Shipwreck: Transmissions from ....
  • Sadie Logan, Her City That God Forgot
  • Jonathan “Carter” LoomisThe Joy Machine, a novella
  • Claire Miller, Collected Stories
  • Claire Nicholson, Self Construction, a poetry manuscript
  • Graham PaullBreadcrumbs Aren’t so Good for a Duck’s Health, After All, a novella 
  • Sabrina PikeHearts of Flame and Frost, a novella 
  • Caroline Queally, Journey to Nisia
  • Natalie Rubin, The Recipe Box
  • Genevieve ShusterA Wall Full of Mice, stories


  • Katherine McMorrow, Embodiment


Honors theses
  • Sterling Bray, Distribution of Player Quality and Team Success: Evidence from the National Basketball Association (NBA)
  • Torrey Foster, Indiana Beer Distribution: Examining the Effect of the 2002 Repeal on the Ban of Exclusive Distribution Territories
  • Jarrod Gerstein, Transfer Income Effects on the Labor Market and General Welfare: A Case Study of Alaska’s PDF
  • James Goggins, The Impact of Cancer on Long-Term Economic Worry
  • Julia Hartnett, The Impact of Subsidized Fossil Fuels on Public Social Spending
  • Sam Jones, The Effect of Policy on Recycling Totals within Massachusetts Municipalities
  • Matthew Kraemer, Citius, Altius, Fortius, Divitius: How Hosting and Investing in Mega-Sporting Events Impacts Economic Growth
  • Bennett Morrison, How do Teacher Unions Affect Student Achievement?
  • Liz O’Keefe, Putting a Price on Patrilineage: A Statistical Study of Contemporary Paintings Auctioned at Sotheby’s from 2018-2019
  • Bobby Osborn, The effect of Private Label Market Share on National Brand Prices
  • Sam Pomerantz, The role of institutions in the environmental preference-performance nexus
  • Andrew Wei, Sexism, social outcomes, and the gender wage gap
  • David Yu, Does Cause Marketing Crowd Out Consumers’ Future Charitable Giving: The Effect of Moral Licensing
  • Peter Zhong, Automation and Wage Inequality
  • Francis Zuroski, Eat the Rich?: A Look at Income Taxation's Influence on National Happiness Levels

Environmental Studies

  • Akela Baldwin, Ethical Frameworks for Hybridizing Indigenous Ecological Knowledge and Non-Indigenous Environmental Science for Climate Change Resilience in Washington State
  • Mike CantarellaHeating Efficiency in Residential Structures
  • John Martisch, The Effects of Rent Regulation on Quality Affordable Housing in New York City
  • Graham McOsker, Ecosystem Service Tradeoffs: Co-management Strategies in the Three Bays Watershed on Cape Cod, Massachusetts
  • Hanna Pierce, Participation in California’s Climate Policy in Upstate New York: An Evaluation of Livestock Carbon Offset Projects Under California’s Cap and Trade System
  • Eliot PierpontMunicipal Heat Management To Advance Community Sustainability Efforts
  • Maggie RogersChanging Tides: The Influence of 20th Century Naturalists on the Evolving Perspective of Oceanic Conservation
  • Sarah StigbergChildhood Lead Poisoning in Utica, NY and the Tension Between Preventative Policy and Treatment Options
  • Jade ThomasA Foucauldian Analysis of Dairy Farmers’ Perceptions of the Circulation of Power and Knowledge in Central New York Agriculture
  • Ryan WallBuildings: The Building Blocks of A Green Future
  • Lilly Yangchen, Braiding Sweetgrass, Stories and Hope: How Kimmerer’s “Braiding Sweetgrass” Redefines Our Moral Relationship with the Earth

French and Francophone Studies

  • Andrew Barstow, Collaboration: Occupation Nazie en France et Les Harkis en Algérie
  • Mary Beringause, Amour, culture, et échange: le pouvoir de l’objet dans Floire et Blanchefleur
  • Claire Curran, Le Défi de la Masculinité: Modèles et Fluidité du Masculin dans Floire et Blanchefleur
  • Gianna Davino, L’amour interculturel dans Floire et Blancheflor
  • Ann Iosebidze, Utilisation des enfants dans la propagande (1ère guerre)
  • Annie McClanahan, Monuments aux morts comme art (1ère guerre)
  • Jack O’Brien, Rencontres culturelles à la guerre (1ère guerre)
  • Maddie Pumphrey, Education et propagande (1ère guerre)
  • Maddie Rodden, Les tirailleurs sénégalais
  • Grecia Santos, Le cycle de l'héroïsme (1ère et 2ème guerres)
  • Wade Steely, La trêve de Noël (1ère guerre)
Honors thesis
  • Thomas Anderson, Les poisons, la médecine et le vaudou aux Antilles francophones du temps de l’esclavage ou colonial. Le cas de la Guadeloupe et d’Haïti.


  • Nicole Czwakiel, Stromatolites: Important Paleoenvironmental Proxies or Diagenetic Duds? A Stable Isotopic Analysis of Stromatolites from the Turkana Basin, Kenya
  • John Dennis, Presence and Characterization of Kornerupine in Metamorphosed Ultramafic Rocks, Warrensburg, NY
  • Gloribel Difo, A Walking Tour of Perugia, Italy: Exploring the Building Stones Used in the City's Construction
  • Griffin P. Kearns, Zircon Uranium-Thorium-Lead Geochronology of a Biotite-Garnet-Hornblende Gneiss, Hudson River, Warrensburg, New York
  • Jada Langston, Stable (δ18O and δ13C) Isotopes of Fossil Stromatolites from Lake Turkana in Northwest Kenya
  • Elizabeth Lee, Determining Groundwater Nutrient Fluxes in Oneida Lake, New York
  • Lucas K. Mangold, Microspherules in Central New York Sediments: Characterization and Origin Determination
  • Alexandria Marks, A Guidebook to Fossil Grove and the Bearsden Shark in Glasgow, Scotland
  • Geneva Pohl, Determining Groundwater Flux in Oneida Lake Using Seepage Meters and Temperature Data
  • Chris A. Skeldon, Analysis of the Relationship between the Networks of Synclines and Ridges in the Western Desert of Egypt
  • Evan P. Tatro, The Legacy of Past Blast Furnace Operations Along Oriskany Creek at Route 5 in the Town of Kirkland, NY: A Comparison of Historical Data and Modern Topography
  • Madeline Totman, Using Microbes to Study Groundwater-Surface Water Interaction, Clinton, NY
  • Robert M. Welch, Lines in the Desert: A Structural Interpretation of the N-S Ridges in the East Central Western Desert of Egypt

German Studies

  • Marie Steiner, Bestandteile, Wichtigkeit und Zerstörung der Heimat während des Dritten Reiches: Eine Geschlechtsanalyse durch Irmgard Keuns Nach Mitternacht und Stefan Zweigs Die Welt von Gestern
  • Cesar Guerrero, Ein Bernhardianischer Held: eine Analyse der Figur von Reger
  • Haotian Yang, Ein Fall von Sünde, Krankheit und Märtyrertod: Eine Philosophische Untersuchung vom Selbstmord Werthers


Honors theses
  • Rob Berk, The Politics of Minimum Wage: How Small Business Owners Are Responding to the Increase in New York State’s Minimum Wage
  • Caitlin Berreitter, Supreme Court Unanimity: A Case for Consensus
  • Alex Cook, Why the United States Intervenes in Some Civil Wars and Not Others
  • Bryce Fan, The President and Policy Pushing in an Era of Polarization
  • Lindsey Foster, The basis of moral obligations to climate refugees
  • Kena Gilmour, Looking to see if there was a backlash against same-sex marriage after the Obergefell decision
  • Claire Gordy, The effectiveness of Russian propaganda during the 2016 presidential election
  • Ben Katz, Educational Attainment and Police Officer Patrol Behavior
  • Maggie Luddy, Finding the Justice in Criminal Justice: The Case for an Integrated Model
  • Bobby Treadwell, Destroying the Peripheral: The Role of Geography in the Crime of Genocide

Hispanic Studies

  • Mary Beringause, Artemio Cruz: víctima y propagador de un sistema social jerárquico
  • Bradley Dixon, El legado de Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, los arquetipos mexicanos de la mujer, y las implicaciones para el éxito de un movimiento feminista moderno en México
  • Eloise Doubleday, El control: desde el embrague hasta el patético
  • Emmaline Keene, Luchando por sus vidas: Protestas contra la violencia de género en América Latina
  • Robert Lane, “Orfandad de orfandades”: Vallejo, España, y la desilusión poscolonial
  • Casey McAndrews, Las representaciones de género y raza en Roma
  • Melissa Mouritsen, Nuevas interpretaciones de la Virgen de Guadalupe en la escritura de Gloria Anzaldúa y Sandra Cisneros
  • Laura Rodríguez, La perra: La destrucción y el mantenimiento del binario de la discapacidad
  • Abigail Rosovsky, La variedad de representación de las mujeres en el cine
  • Casey Ryan, Discriminación contra mujeres indígenas en el sistema de salud en México
  • Vincent Sorrentino, “Debes descansar”: La resistencia revolucionaria de Eva Perón contra las expectativas masculinas de los cuerpos femeninos
  • Sarah Swinson, Las maquiladoras y la explotación de las trabajadoras fronterizas
  • Erin Walicki, Una reconstrucción de los arquetipos femeninos de la Malinche, la Virgen de Guadalupe y Coatlicue
  • Anna Zhang, El cuerpo femenino y markedness: Un análisis de lo que significa ser mujer a través de las representaciones de Eva Perón y Frida Kahlo


  • Thomas Anderson, Oceans of Naturalization: Medicine and Acclimatization in the Early Modern Colonies, 1600-1850
  • Allyson D’Antonio, Securing Political Legitimacy for Female Monarchs
  • Eleni Broadwell, With Love for the Future: A Cultural Analysis of Mentoring Networks in Black Sorority Life
  • Megan Buiocchi, The Business of Imperial Imagination: The Cultivation of the British Empire within the Children’s Commercial Market, c. 1850-2020
  • Clara Cho, Class Division in the Adirondack Park: Exploring the Roots of the “Us versus Them” Mentality and Ties to the Eugenicist-Conservationist Movement
  • Ethan Dunn, The Inanimate Limbs of Machinery: Kodak, Technology, and Class Struggle (Rochester, NY, 1915-2009)
  • Madeleine Fargis, Chemical Weapons in World War I: The Effects of Fear-Based Propaganda and Ineffective Arms Control on Opinions about Poison Gas
  • William Gaskill, 1953-1963: Establishing Foreign Diplomacy in the Nuclear Era through the Presidencies of Eisenhower and Kennedy
  • Sharon Hammer, The Myth of William Walker: The Power of the Anglo-American Historiographical Framework
  • David Kagan, The Forever War Dilemma: Nixon and Obama in Vietnam and Afghanistan
  • Ben Katz, The Evolution of Scottish Nationalism from 1975 through 2016
  • Hunter Lewinski, A Poem, An Echo: Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Romanticism, and the Poetics of History
  • Kimberly Lifton, The Angli and Britons in Early England: Ethnic Relations and Identity Formation Through the Lens of Literature
  • Olivia Maddox, (Past) Tension of Chinese Modernity: A Historiographic Study of Liang Qichao and Gu Jiegang
  • Eliza Renn, Polio and Prejudice: Overcoming Medical Racism during the First Half of the Twentieth Century
  • Christine Rosato, History Revisited: The Historical Memory of Hungarian Fascism
  • Lindsey Song, Castration and the History of Sexuality
  • Bethany Vickery, Slave Conversion and Protestant Doctrine: The Growth and Decline of Christian Slavery in The British Caribbean 1627-1833
  • Anna Warrell, Class and Public Space in the Interwar Egyptian Women’s Movement (1919 - 1939)

Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies in Linguistics
  • Catherine Pierce, Disambiguating English Scopal Negation with Gesture: Negative  Quantifiers in Nominalization
Interdisciplinary Studies in Playwriting
  • Isabelle Mosbarger, When I was a Painting
Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Justice Education
  • Angelica Ramos, The Echoes of Intergenerational Battle Cries: Unearthing the Neoliberal Foundation Underpinning Charter School Policy and Practice in Los Angeles Public Education


  • Zachary Ball, A Stealth Revolution in the Marquis De Sade’s Philosophy In The Boudoir
  • Michelle Chung, “The Language of Regeneration:” Written, Oral, and Corporeal Unearthings in Ocean Vuong’s On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous
  • Zachary Deming, Fatal Monograms: The Narrative Psychologism of Pushkin’s Evgenii Onegin
  • Qinmiao Deng, Gender Tension in Disguising at Hertford
  • Cameron Digiovanni, Suicide, Posterity, and Facsimiles in Choderlos De Laclos’s Les Liaisons Dangereuses
  • Alexandra Duggan, The Representation of Gender, Class, and Race in Incarcerated Black American Women’s Writing
  • Emma Fighera, Why Do You Laugh?
  • Alexander Ganter, Ambrosio: The Perfect Example for Punishment in Matthew Lewis’s The Monk
  • Haley Hassel, Tests Of Faith in the Marquis De Sade’s La Philosophie Dans Le Boudoir: Rethinking Libertine Education And Learning Through Silence
  • Kim Lifton, Rewriting the Rebel: Secular Masculinity in the Saint Waltheof Texts of the MS Douai 852
  • Claire Lincoln, Seeing is Believing: The Sadean Critique of Neocapitalism in Peir Paolo Pasolini’s Saló
  • Bryan Matte, “The Best of Both Worlds:” Convincing Cosmos in Matthew Lewis’s The Monk and Marquis de Sade’s Philosophy in the Boudoir
  • Tahirah Mitchell, Luminality: Modernism, Post-Modernism and “The Magical Negro”
  • Kevin Munyan, Reflection on Reading Ulysses, imitating the impersonal catechism form of the Ithaca chapter
  • Emily Murtagh, Faulkner’s Females: Confined Within the Walls of Motherhood
  • Kahini Mutsuddi, The Subversion of Minstrelsy Through Language in Their Eyes Were Watching God
  • Josephine Rinehart-Jones, Nature and Subjectivity in Turgenev’s Fathers and Children; Or, Why Archie Bunker Lost Monopoly
  • Corinne Russell, “Walls are Held Together With Feelings”: Historicity in George Eliot’s Romola
  • Arielle Saber, In the Wake of Destruction, a Hopeful Future: H.D.’s Exploration of Gender, Sexuality, and Religion in Trilogy
  • James Southwick, Authorship and the Pursuit of Control in Choderlos de Laclos’s Les Liaisons Dangereuses
  • Matthew Tom, Facial Expressions: Representations of the Face and their Function in Choderlos de Laclos’s Les Liaisons Dangereuses and Matthew Gregory Lewis’ The Monk
  • Karianna Torres, “El que no se puede tirar, se jondea”: Analyzing Disruptive Narrative Structures In Dominican Migration Literature
  • Renee Varga, Aural Othering of Russians in American Media: The Americans
  • Benjamin Westcott, TBD
  • Florence Zhan, Reflection on reading Ulysses, imitating the psychodrama of the Circe Chapter

Mathematics and Statistics

Honors projects
  • Omar Beesley, A Proof of Van der Waerden's Theorem Using Discrete Dynamical Systems
  • Henry Golden, Exploring and Visualizing Projective Space
  • Chengqi (Sophia) Guo, The Algebra of Forms
  • Charles Miller, Classification of Nearly Complete Intersection Graphs
  • Spencer Woolfson, Cyclic Orbits in Billiards Problems


  • Christopher Albino, audio, Here’s to More Changes
  • Kelsey Brush, voice recital
  • Linds Cadwell, audio mixing and production (with Hamilton College associates)
  • Aidan Costello, audio, Buff and Blue
  • Jane Plomp, audio, Monsters and Why I Love Them
  • Anthony Reyes, audio, Lonely Summers
  • David Sills, Musical Coherence in the Music of Brahms
  • Nick Walters, From the Hand of the Artist Inimitable: Benjamin Britten’s Works for Choir and Organ
  • Andrew Withiam, audio, McBride


  • Lillian Behm, Learning in color: Training to induce synesthesia
  • Alex Blomfield, Mapping the spatio-temporal expression of the neuronal transcription factor Orthodenticle in the Drosophila embryo and eye
  • Sophia Cerreta, Effects of Inbreeding Paired with Heat Stress on Cognitive Performance in Drosophila melanogaster
  • Jordan D’Addio, Is there an "I" in fake news?
  • Monica Davé, Examining the effects of inbreeding on cognition in Drosophila melanogaster
  • Caroline E. Fjermedal, Increasing emotional reciprocity in youth with Autism through WERQ Dance Fitness.
  • Jon Hacker, Coding the crowd: Group face perception
  • Lola Keene, Tonal Language Learning: Using Incidental Learning Strategies to Improve Perception
  • Lantz Kilburn, Investigating the impacts of exercise on stress and brain-derived neurotrophic factor
  • Mark Lutz, Role of the dH-mPFC pathway in the extinction of drug related contextual cues
  • Katherine McMorrow, Language and movement: Examining the effect of gestures on language expression
  • Gavin Meade, Running from your roommate’s depression: An animal model of emotional contagion
  • Christianna Morse, Individuals with neurocognitive disorders in residential care: Can a fidget board help?
  • Meghan Pawlik, Modulating severity of traumatic brain injury in a Drosophila melanogaster model
  • Serena Persaud, Chemogenetic inactivation of the dH-mPFC pathway on cocaine-context memory extinction
  • Jane Plomp, Musical scales: Why is asymmetry universal?
  • Loren Rodríguez, So you think you can tell? Gut feelings in deception detection
  • Isabel Royer, My laugh track can't make up for your bad joke
  • Kendall Searcy, Association between perceived helicopter parenting and adolescent risk behavior
  • Elisa Taylor, No POR? Poor learning: Effects of chemogenetic silencing on the rat postrhinal cortex on higher order learning
  • Anthony Tirabassi, The Stressed Brain: Investigating the Impact of Repeated Stress on Cellular Events in the Rat Brain
  • Stephen Wisser, “If I only had an active brain, Dorothy!” - Effects of chemogenetic silencing on the rat postrhinal cortex on higher order learning


  • Jacob Bortner-Hart, Between Rationalism and Fidelism: The Naturalist Response to Meillassoux
  • Sam Greene, Unusualness and the Proof/Probability Distinction: Removing Personal Bias from Hume’s Epistemology of Testimony
  • Ian Hohm, The Nature of Personal Identity: Implications for Authenticity
  • Rachael Lurker, Soldiers and the Social Contract: An in depth analysis of the ethics of deploying citizens
  • Julia McGuire, The Rationality of Anger and its Possible Dissipation: An Investigation of the Backwards-Looking Emotion
  • Kendall Meyer, The Ethics of Abortion Today
  • Bryce Murdick, Economic Code Duello: How to Structure Economic Losses to Maximize Consumer Benefit and Liberty
  • Lukas Puris, Is Peter van Inwagen’s ‘Free -Will Thesis’ Incoherent? An Analysis of van Inwagen’s Responses to the Mind Argument’s Original Proponents
  • Corinne Russell, Reference, Cognitivism, and Truth in the Novel
  • Johnny Seabright, Heidegger’s Ontology and Deep Ecology: Amending the failures of consequentialist environmental ethics
  • Lindsey Song, The Consequences of Moral Luck on our Moral Judgments: Does the existence of moral luck threaten to erode most of our moral judgments?
  • Haotian Yang, On Human Nature: A Comparative study of Aristotelian and Mencian Virtue Ethics


  • Omar Beesley, Towards a Quantization of the Hamiltonian Constraint for Plane Gravitational Waves in Loop Quantum Gravity
  • Kent Campbell, Classification of a Helmholtz Apparatus and Fixture Designs for Measuring Magnetic field Gradients with Hall Effect Sensors
  • Nicole DeBuono, Faraday Rotation Measurements of a Rubidium-Potassium Hybrid Cell
  • Chengqi (Sophia) Guo, Berry Phase and Berry Connection on Hermitian Hamiltonians and non-Hermitian Hamiltonians with PT-symmetry
  • Sam Jones, Hydroacoustic Signatures of Macro Dark Matter
  • Thomas Marsh, Neutron Tomography of Spot Welds
  • Bryce Phillips, Time of Flight System Improvements and Neutron Spectrum Shift Effects on C1 Term for BL3 Experiment
  • Spencer Woolfson, Comparison of Accretion Disk Models in Supermassive Black Hole Simulations


  • Naomi C. G. Berger, In Her Shoes: The Effect of Perspective Taking on Reducing Rape Myth Acceptance and the Schema-Driven Processing of Rape
  • Elise Butler, The People vs. Addiction: How Pathway to Addiction and Ecology Stereotypes Shape Culpability and Punishment
  • Angelica M. Coutinho, Effects of Non-Native Accent Strength, Speaker Ethnicity, and Comprehensibility on Perceptions of College Applicants
  • Gianna Davino, Protective Equipment for Staff Working with Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Strategy to Reduce Burnout
  • Evan F. Dodes, The Glass Cliff: Promoting Women or Protecting Men?
  • Campbell Dorsett, The Implications of Psychological Phenomena for User Experience and Interface Design
  • Haley Hassell, The Effects of Political Messaging on Identity Fusion
  • Ian Hohm, The Relationship Between Disgust and Attitudes Toward Prostitution
  • Penelope C. Hoopes, Driving Us Apart or Bringing Us Together? Moral Values, Politics, and Outgroup Acceptance
  • Jessica L. Jogodnik, Burnt-Out but Not Beaten Down: Promoting Resilience in Psychology Graduate Students
  • Claudia Karademas, Parenting Style, Joint-Reading Behavior, and Children's Reading Comprehension
  • Emmaline Keene, Comparing Social Support Outcomes Across Orientation Trips at Hamilton College
  • Ben Keller, Active Engagement: Pretense Play Beyond Childhood
  • Laura E. Korkeakivi, The Effect of Self-Affirmation on Reducing College Students’ Anxiety Regarding Post-Graduation Plans
  • Amanda Leonhard, When it’s Time to Throw in the Towel: Goal Pursuit and Depression
  • Bryce Murdick, The Effects of Executive Function Training on Second Language Acquisition in College Students
  • Alessandra Nocco, Are Siblings as Important as Parents? Sibling Relationship Quality as a Moderator of Parenting Style and Social Competence
  • Julian Perricone, Flirting with Danger: Do Self-Protection and Mate Acquisition Motives Affect Cooperation?
  • Maddie G. Pumphrey, Motivated Perception of Oneself and One’s Role Models
  • Ruthie Schmidt, High Peaks and Social Feats: Observing the Relationship Between First-Year Orientation and Upper-Class Satisfaction
  • Sarah Swinson, Improving the Academic Functioning of a Student Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Multi-Component School-Based Intervention
  • Aoífe F. Thomas, Does Self-Compassion Moderate the Relation Between Internal Self-Esteem Contingency Threat and Moral Condemnation of Others?
  • Lauren M. Troy, But He is a Good Person: Perpetrator Personality, Moral Judgments, and Victim Blaming
  • Leah Westfall, The Complex Relation between Maternal Depression and Child Internalizing Behaviors
  • Ellie Williams, Children’s Technology Use, Executive Function, and Parent Behavior
  • Sarah L. Young, Meaning-Making and the Correspondence Between Implicit and Explicit Self-Esteem
  • Anna X. Zhang, Allies in Racial Microaggression Intervention: An Examination of Contact Theory and Implicit Bias
  • Zixin Zhu, Tech-Savvy Kids: Drawing Attention to Educational Technology

Public Policy

Honors theses
  • Maggie Cunha, The Politics of Purple: Polarization in Ideologically Competitive Districts
  • Luke Eckels, Prohibition Was a Failure (But Not for the Reasons You Think)
  • Kate Everett, Trap Laws vs. Teen Pregnancy: Which Has More Influence Over Abortion Providers?
  • Elizabeth Foot, Modeling the Unnatural: Is the Media Accountable for Precipitating Disordered Eating?
  • Justin Leigh and Kenny Gray, Positional Segregation in Football: Quarterbacks and Cornerbacks
  • Keith Ruggles, Politics or Policy: How are Opportunity Zones Designated in New York State?
  • Charlotte Salzman, Lead in Bronx and Manhattan Schools: Who is Exposed and What are the Consequences?
  • Deirdre Schutzman, The Price-Tag of Floods: A Cautionary Tale of Large-Scale Managed Retreat in Alexander County, Illinois
  • Alex Stetter, Baby Making Battles: The Political Relationship Between Abortion and Assisted Reproductive Technology Policy in the United States
  • Rachel Sutor, Foster Care: A Cost-Benefit Analysis and Suggestions for Legal Improvements
  • Molly Tracey, Fading Hopes: The Long-term Health Effects of Head Start

Religious Studies

  • Alisha Blades, A Quiverfull and Counting: Religious Othering and Reality T.V.
  • Estella Brenneman, Religious Engagement in the Liberal Arts: Rethinking Secularism at Hamilton College
  • Peter Hoogstraten, The Fourth Member of Three? Trinity and Political Hierarchy in the Taiping Rebellion
  • Tessa Lavan, Biomedical vs. Faithful Bodies: An Exploration of Spiritual Care 
  • Renee Varga, Religious Background and Refugee Resettlement in Utica

Russian Studies

  • Emma Belanger, Translating Jah Khalib: Lessons in Love, Music, and Impersonal Constructions
  • Sheridan Cordova, Forgetting the Motherland: The Portrayal of the Russian Gender Order in Film
  • Zachary Deming, Caressing the Detail: Desire à la française in White Émigré Prose
  • Eliza Glaser-Kshensky, Chekhov? More like smekh-ov!: A study of humor in Anton Chekhov’s early works
  • Marykate McNeil, Why did President Putin Annex Crimea but not Donbas?
  • Callum Slater, Early Soviet Foreign Policy: What Stalin Learned from Lenin


  • Claire Curran, Giving and Buying: Exploring College Students’ Construction of Moral Identity Through Moral Action
  • Gianna Dischiavo, Racialized Socialization: The Development of Racial Attitudes among College Students  
  • Amari Dumas, Messages to the Black Scholar: Perceptions of Black Identity and Academic Achievement at a PWI  
  • Diana Escorcia, ‘305 Till I Die’: A Study of Pre-Hurricane Humor in Miami
  • Nate Goodman, Do the formal and informal administrative and faculty practices at Elite College force students question, harden, or change their political beliefs?
  • Sammy Johnson, Hangovers Don’t Last But Drunk Mems Do, So Drink Up: Sociological Explanations for Excessive Drinking in College
  • Marc Lincer, Getting Drivers out of the Driver’s Seat: Successful Methods to Cause Mode Shift Towards Mass Transit in the United States
  • Anna MacDonald, Activists of the Gun Control Lobby: Who Are They? A Demographic Profile and Assessment of Involvement
  • Anne McClanahan, How Do We Win? Factors and Definitions of Success in Division III Athletics at a Competitive, Liberal Arts College
  • Mayte Mendoza, Are You What You Eat? A Study Into Our Reasons For Eating Authentic Food
  • Olivia Mills, “This Isn’t Chiraq This Is home This Is Us:” Media Framing in the Construction of Victimhood
  • Joo Won Min, A Divide among the Divide: Belonging among International and Native-born Students of Color
  • Edgar Otero, First-Generation Nation: Analyzing the College Transition Experiences of First-Generation Students at an Elite Postsecondary Institution
  • Grace Passannante, Is the Collegiate Playing Field All That Equal?
  • Ashley Ramcharan, Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder, but Our Eyes are Not Colorblind: White Beauty Standards’ Impact on Black and South Asian American Women
  • Geoffrey Ravenhall Meinke, Late to the Club: Small Group Membership and the Secondary Socialization of January Admits
  • Sarah Salimi, When the Tutor Is a Lady: Exploring the Gendered Dimensions of Writing Center Work
  • Erica Seff, Improvisation: Trust us, this is all made up!
  • James Thomson, Performance and the Self: Class Difference in Young Adults’ Construction of Identity on Instagram
  • Josh Vega, The Social Algorithm: Understanding Social Influence on Online Video Consumption on YouTube
  • Charlotte Wynn, Hidden In Plain Sight: A Sociological Exploration Into How Students with Invisible and Visible Disabilities Navigate an Able- Bodied Campus
  • Hannah Young, Barbells and Boys’ Clubs: The Gendering of Space in an Ostensibly Gender-Neutral College Gym
  • Matthew Zeitler, The Economics of Friendship: How Socioeconomic Status is Involved in Friendship Formation and Selection on Campus


  • Jojo Rinehart-Jones, writing, Lucy and Mina Cross the Country

Women’s and Gender Studies

  • Katherine Barnes, Societal Perceptions of Healing and Trauma in the Aftermath of Sexual Assault and the Experiences of Survivors: An Oral History
  • Ashley Huntington, Foids, Cucks, and Trucels: Interrogating Incel’s Misogyny, Violence, and Toxic Masculinity in the Manosphere
  • Olivia Jacobs, Transformative Justice at Hamilton: A Guide for Student Organizing
  • Hana Lindsey, Add Me On TikTok: Examining the New Age of Connecting and Mental Health Online Through an Intersectional Lens
  • Maddie Rodden, Treatment of the Classed and Racialized Maternal Body in Popular Culture Narratives of Feminist Reproductive Dystopia
  • Micaela Tobin, The Gendered Performativity of Egg Donors on Online Forums
  • Nora Torres, From Mi Casa to Your Home: Latina Immigrant Women of Houston in Domestic Work

World Politics

Honors theses
  • Rhudi Darko, How May Resource-Rich Countries Escape the Political Effects of the Resource Curse: Evidence from Ghana
  • AlMahdi Mahil, Behind Closed Doors: Why Presidents Ignore Intelligence
  • Claire Nicholson, The circumstances under which cities address climate change adaptation and mitigation regionally versus within their municipal limits

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