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  • Fahrah Day, Understanding the Evolution of Value of Near East Artifacts from Antiquity to Present


  • Michael Hausmann, Food Videos in Mainland China as Soft Power
  • Shania Kuo, “Leftover Women” and Modern Chinese Women’s Autonomy
  • Crystal Lin, China’s Organ Donation Policy and Public Perceptions 
  • Clayton Piantedosi, Concepts of Sports in China and the Impact of Pandemic


  • Claire McCaslin, Tlingit Marble Dolls: Recognizing Issues in Museum Education Policy and the Benefits of Restoration and Collaboration
  • Daisy Sulavik, Environmental Traces of Indigenous Groups in Oneida County


Honors theses
  • Isabella Roselli, “Opprobrious Names:” Levels of Description in Medieval English Coroner Rolls and Their Causes
  • Emma Tomlins, Physician Inside the System: The Botanical Contributions of Euricius Cordus’ Botanologicon, Laurent Joubert’s La Pharmacopee, and Andrea Cesalpino’s De Medicamentorum Facultatibus
  • Liam Garcia-Quish, Francesco Carletti and the Land of Giants: Paleontology, Deep History, And The Globe In The Renaissance
  • Philip Chivily, The Development of the Mid-Atlantic Black Catholic Community from 1807 to 1889


  • Khady Gueye, Honorific expressions in textbooks and daily use



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