Art History

Biochemistry/Molecular Biology





  • Regina Lin, Usage of Apology Words in Chinese
  • Benjamin Sherman, Hong Xiuquan and His Understanding of Christianity


Cinema and Media Studies

  • Justin Hern, “I Don't Like Myself Sometimes”: The Subversive Nature of Punch-Drunk Love
  • Nick Kern, Back to my Thesis! Time Travel in Film
  • Riley Manion and Sabrina Martinez, Incels and Femcels and Fight Clubs Oh My!
  • Hollis Mann, Rubberneckers: Dissecting America’s Morbidly Curious Media Landscape via Natural Born Killers
  • Jonathan Pietrafesa, “The YouTube Ken Burns”: Jon Bois and the New Wave of Sports Documentary
  • Oliver Stevens, The Rehearsal: Nathan Fielder’s Reality-Bending Anxious Nightmare


Classical Languages
Classical Studies

Computer Science

Genetic Programming Projects
  • Alexander Axton, Quantum GP: Solving the Permutation Function Max Problem
  • Ekaterina Bondarenko, Elo-Scoring Inheritance: Evolving Optimal Tic Tac Toe Gameplay using Genetic Programming
  • James Frazier, SDPush: A Stack-based Genetic Programming Framework for Determining Robustness of Software Defined Perimeters
  • Anthony Hevia, Injective Variation Operators and Semantics Lexicase To Solve Boolean Problems
  • Tommy Kantaros, Using Genetic Programming and Lexicase Selection to Solve the Longest Substring Problem
  • Pius Lo, Using Genetic Programming with Modified Down-Sampled Lexicase Selection to Solve the Largest Subarray Problem
  • Matthew Maillet, Migration and Evolution of Unique Island Models
  • Chriss Morse, Applying Genetic Programming to Market Data
  • Samantha Reisner, Using Genetic Programming with Alternate Tournament Selection to Solve Maximal Clique Problem
  • Graham Stuard, Can Machines Learn to Draw? Testing Image Generation Instructions in Genetic Programming
  • John Wilson, Finding Checkmate with Chunk Operators in Genetic Programming
Projects with Clients
  • Jameson Andrews, Andrew Coleman, and Yassine Dhouib, Semi-Automated Processing of Camera Trap Images
  • Noah Bridgeman, Grace Brophy, Leah Croke, and Kate Grissmer, Creating and Administering In-Class Team-Based Learning Activities
  • Claire Cutler, Emily Weinstein, and Sebastian Favela, Improving Operations: A Database Solution for Kirkland Art Center
  • Nate Field, Summer McClintic, and Logan Tonra, Topic Modeling and Sentiment Analysis for Study Abroad Programs
  • James Gallagher, Michael Scoleri, and Violet Shi, Portable and Open Software for Stream Temperature Modeling
  • Anna Grace, Divyam Karuri ’25, and Zoe Carovano, Batch Transcription for The Oneida County History Center
  • Colin Howe, Kai Haesslein, and Will Burstein, Uptown Theatre: Creating a Check-In Web-App with CMS and Analytics using Firebase and React
  • Charlotte Whiting, Madison Monroe, and Sydney Tran, 911 Call Analytics for the Central Oneida County Volunteer Ambulance Corps

Creative Writing

Honors projects

Dance and Movement Studies


Honors presentations

Environmental Studies

Capstone presentations
Thesis research

French and Francophone Studies

Honors Thesis



German Studies



Honors theses

Hispanic Studies

Honors Presentations



Honors theses
  • Quinn Brown, Deir Yassin, 1948: Memory and Forgetting in the Construction of Nationalism.
  • Jack Ritzenberg, Nature and Nation: Creating American Wilderness.

Interdisciplinary Studies



  • Jessica Frantzen, Your Highness and Their Professor: Politeness in Support Conversations in Fire Emblem: Three Houses
  • Justin Hern, Exploring Complex Grief and Memory in Hirokazu Kore-eda’s Still Walking 
  • Adam Hibbert, A Study into Gender-oriented particles in Japanese (work in progress but time is limited)
  • Leo Hsieh, Hiroshima Kodo Elementary School: The Effect of Jyodo Shinshu and the Transformation of Japan’s Contemporary Education
  • Mustafa Ismail, Honorifics and friendly usage of Japanese
  • Skyla Patterson, Title: Learners of Japanese and Loanword Acquisition
  • Veronica Seixas, Technology and Nature in the Manga Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind


Honors Presentations

Mathematics and Statistics

Honors presentations

Middle East/Islamicate Worlds Studies



  • Amanda Clifford, Too Sleepy to Focus? How Sustained Attention Fluctuates with Our Sleep/Wake Cycle
  • Eliza Gonzalez, Examining the Interplay of Explicit and Implicit Learning in Motor Adaptation:
  • A Developmental Perspective
  • Summer Meade, Through the Looking Glass: A Theatrical Intervention for Youth with ASD
  • Katie Powell, Oxytocin’s Role in Cooperation and Attention


  • Zavier Alvarez, Conviction and Conversation: The Benefits of Listening to Hypocrites
  • Ali Burbano, House Culture: The Embodied Aesthetic of Authenticity and Model for Community Building
  • Walker Cummins, Schopenhauer and the Experience Machine
  • Claire Cutler, The Cost of Unknowing: Examining the Role of Willful Ignorance in Seeking Emotional Comfort
  • Gabriela De Mendonca Gomes, This May or May Not Be Something: How Narratives Inform Our (Un)certainties about Identity and Reality
  • Olivia DiTommaso, It’s Not an Imitation, It’s a Becoming: Why Teaching Method Acting is Unethical with Respect to Identity and the Self
  • Mark Fakler, The Science of Living: The Emergence of a Novel Discourse of Self-Improvement
  • Jane Galian, Bodies Act Back: Can the Marriage of Feminism and Ethical Veganism Be Saved?
  • Katie Hansen, Against Adversarial Argumentation
  • Simon Hoke, Ontology and Environmental Activism
  • Liam Hudgings, Laughter and Meaning in Nietzsche – How to Philosophize in an Unstable World
  • Vesa Miftari, Mariátegui’s Myth and Reason in Revolutionary Praxis
  • Jack Nelson, Living Awake in the World: Indigrnoud Wisdom and the Attention Economy
  • Julia Radomisli, Self-Definition in the Working World.
  • Kaitlin Reed, The Hoax of Personality Testing: A Critique of the Dangerous Industry That Conflates Science with Selfhood, and An Exploration of Alternative Avenues for Understanding the Self
  • Zak Ruso, A Journey from Sisyphus to the Psyche
  • Cat Schmitt, Depraved or Just Dirty? What Can Disgust Tell Us About Moral Value?
  • Oliver Stevens, The Poets Strike Back: a Defense of Fiction
  • Alexander Weremchuk, A Picture of Jazz: Language in Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations and Jazz Improvisation
  • Scout Winer, Stop Making Sense: Wittgenstein, Absurdist Theater, and the Challenge of Meaning
  • Tianxing Zhang, Intentionally Saving the Day: Mental State Ascription and Moral Valence in Knobe Effect


  • Alex Axton, Improving Bimodal Antenna-Resonator Coupling
  • Shane Dux, Observation of Exoplanet Confirmation of Exoplanet TIC 250839071.01
  • Leah Khovov, Exploring the Fabrication Process for PDMS Microfluidic SortersMaggie Maselli, My First Glimpse at Teaching: A Lab Investigation into Pressure and Area Using Hovercrafts
  • Clare Nelle, A Characterization of Loosely-Coherent Searches for Continuous Gravitational Waves
  • Yongwoo Park, Engineering a Magnetometer using Diamond NV Centers
  • Michael Scoleri, Bridging Simulation and Visualization: 3D Rendering of Accretion Processes in Black Holes
  • Pippi Seider, Artificial Cytoplasm: Crowding Components Causing Anomalous Diffusion


  • Esther Auerbach, “Dear God, Why Me?”: Personality, Religious/Spiritual Struggles, and Well-being in a Jewish Population
  • Casey Fiore, The Relationship Between Self-Reflection and Social Problem-Solving
  • Katherine Guido, The Relationship Between Attending a Strict Religious Faith-Based School and Worsening Obsessive-Compulsive Symptoms in Early Adolescents
  • Melissa Kaleka, For the Love of Subtitles! Inattention and Digital Media
  • Alana King, The Power of Play: How Play Impacts Well-being in Adulthood
  • Lindsay Kuser, Is Higher Education Liberal Propaganda? The Relationship Between College Major and Political Affiliation
  • Claire McGennis, Problem-Solving Strategies in Middle Childhood: Employing Self-Talk to Narrate a Growth Mindset
  • Tori Morelli, “Put me in, Coach”: How Coaching Style Impacts Performance Outcomes
  • Jackson Sattinger, Examining the Role of Learning in Emotion Regulation
  • Piper Seamon, Athletic Participation as Protection? Understanding the Relationship Between Sport Type and Eating Disorders in Females


Public Policy

Religious Studies

  • Esther Auerbach, Representing the Sefirot: Therapeutic Trends in Kabbalah-inspired Artwork
  • Sae Gleba, Depictions of Catholics in the Political Cartoons of Thomas Nast
  • Xavier Nelson, The Percy Jackson to Paganism Pipeline: How Literature Can Influence a Pagan Identity
  • Breeze Petty, Birds of a Feather: How National Identity Has Been Crafted Through Children’s Religious Media in Jordan
  • Abigail Stanimer, Awe and Devotion: A Comparison of Charismatic Authority

Russian Studies

  • Emily Ferguson, The Joy of the Russes: An Analysis of Alcoholism in the Soviet Union



  • Naomi Drew, directing, Anything Can Happen by Cary Pepper
  • Emmett Dupree, writing and directing, How Casey Tells It
  • Christian Hernandez, directing, Our Lady of Perpetual Doubt by C.E. Glanville
  • Alyssa Mangiaracina, writing and directing, HERE AND QUEER: A Verbatim Theatre Project
  • Aisling Mockler, directing, About Michael by Peter Anthony Fields
  • Jack O’Haire, design, How Casey Tells It by Emmett Dupree
  • Nicole Tichner, directing, The Dating Pool by Arianna Rose

Women’s and Gender Studies 

World Politics

Honors theses


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