In order for a student to be eligible to receive credit for a specific internship experience, the following criteria must be met:

  1. The student must complete and submit an application, including a written proposal outlining the nature of the internship to the Associate Dean of Students (Academic) at Hamilton College. This proposal must be approved by the Associate Dean and a member of the Career Center staff prior to the commencement of the experience.
  2. The experience must involve a minimum of 50 hours of supervised work.
  3. The student and the employer must establish within the first week of the internship the specific responsibilities and duties the student must complete to fulfill the internship. The student must submit a written summary of this agreement, signed by the off-campus internship supervisor, to the Associate Dean by the end of the second week of the internship.
  4. The student must complete all of the requirements of the internship and fully complete the agreed upon term of the internship in order to receive credit.
  5. The employer is expected to provide either written or an oral evaluation of the student's performance following the completion of the internship.

Any questions about internships for credit may be addressed to Madeline Carrera, Ph.D.
Director of Experiential Learning at mcarrera@hamilton.edu.

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