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Few professions can match medicine in terms of the impact it has on both individuals and on the community as a whole.

In a single day, a physician can be in the clinic saving a life, a scientist on the frontier of knowledge, a teacher helping a frightened patient understand a symptom, and a counselor guiding dying patients in their final days. Becoming a doctor is a long and difficult process. Nowhere is this fact more evident than in the medical school admission process. You don’t have to be “perfect” to be admitted to medical school, but you should be able to demonstrate the following:

  1. Evidence of excellent academic ability, especially in the sciences.
  2. A record of service to others, demonstrated by ongoing volunteer or community service activity.
  3. Demonstrated interest in and understanding of the medical profession and of the healthcare system.
  4. Strong recommendations from those who have taught and/or supervised you.
  5. Evidence of personal maturity, judgment, compassion, and strong communication skills.

The health professions advisor, Leslie Bell, can assist you in exploring medicine and in the application process. However, it is up to you to develop strong credentials. Success requires good planning, self-direction, excellent time management, and initiative. This website is designed to give you some basic information on preparing for medical school and on the medical school application process.

Contact Information

Leslie Bell

Director of Health Professions Advising
315-859-4338 lbell@hamilton.edu
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