Planning to study abroad for a semester during the academic year requires extensive planning beginning first semester freshman year. Since it is wise/preferable to take courses for one’s major and for veterinary school at Hamilton rather than in a study abroad program, a semester away means that students won't be able to spread out their pre-veterinary courses to the extent they might otherwise be able to do. Also, study in a program taught in a language other than English will likely require students to fulfil foreign language requirements prior to departure – in addition to requirements for pre-vet and one’s major.

It is recommended that students set up a meeting with the Office of Off-Campus Study to discuss their options for study abroad, as well as the programs available to Hamilton students.

While some students may not feel prepared to elect two lab sciences in their first semester of freshman year, there are potential consequences, particularly with regard to study abroad. Students wishing to study abroad during their junior year (either semester) should elect chemistry in the fall of freshman year. If students do not elect to take chemistry in the first semester of freshman year, it will not be possible to complete the chemistry pre-requirements and study abroad, and furthermore will make it very difficult to complete chemistry or biochemistry majors if the student desires to do so. If students do not elect to take Bio 101 in the first semester of freshman year, it will be very difficult to study abroad and fulfill the pre-veterinary requirements along with the requirements necessary for a biology major.

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