Income Generating Gifts


Charitable Gift Annuity

In return for your gift of cash or marketable securities to a gift annuity, Hamilton agrees to make fixed quarterly payments to you, or you and another annuitant, for life based on your age(s). You may claim an income tax charitable contribution deduction, and, if the gift is made with appreciated securities, you will save capital gains tax. A portion of your quarterly payments may be tax-free. The minimum gift annuity contribution is $5,000.

Deferred Payment Charitable Gift Annuities

A deferred payment charitable gift annuity, often selected by younger donors, provides all of the benefits of a charitable gift annuity while enabling you to defer increased payments to retirement years when they may be taxed at lower rates.  The size of the fixed payment is directly proportional to the deferral period. The minimum deferred payment charitable gift annuity contribution is $2,000.

Retirement Trusts

A special charitable remainder unitrust provides income and capital gains tax savings when you are employed, tax-free growth, and payments based upon increased market value at a time when you are presumably in a lower income tax bracket.

Let’s Talk

Contact Ben Madonia ’74 at 315-859-4669 or bmadonia@hamilton.edu to discuss how the College can help you with your gift planning needs. Please choose Hamilton College to tell your story and share your legacy.

Contact Information

Ben Madonia

Director of Gift Planning
315-859-4669 bmadonia@hamilton.edu
Gift Calculator

Gift Calculator

This online gift calculator allows you to see first hand the benefits of all planned gifts available at Hamilton.

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