• Janice Hauge ’89 returned to Hamilton on Nov. 11 to present the fourth annual General Josiah Bunting III Veterans Day lecture titled “Thoughts on Gender Roles in the Military.” Hauge is an associate professor and director of graduate admissions for the University of North Texas’ economics department.

  • Hamilton welcomed computer scientist and author David Bailey on Nov. 3 for a lecture regarding the failures of the scientific community toward communicating the importance and wonder of scientific research to the general public. Bailey is a University of California Davis research associate and former computer scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. His talk was funded through the James S. Plant Distinguished Scientist Lecture Fund and was sponsored by the Mathematics Department.

  • Emad Kiyaei, executive director of the non-partisan and non-profit American Iranian Council, visited Hamilton on Oct. 5 to speak on the recent geopolitical history between the United States and the Islamic Republic of Iran, and that history’s significance with regard to the upcoming U.S. presidential election.

  • Hamilton played host to a conversation of critical importance on the nature of higher education as it relates to concepts of growing multiculturalism, inclusivity and difference, titled “Considering Global Education in an Interconnected World.” Hamilton president David Wippman was among the speakers.

  • For many, summer vacation is synonymous with sunny beaches and relaxation.  Genevieve Caffrey ’17 however saw an opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of some of the nation’s most vulnerable citizens this summer as an intern at a prominent non-profit child advocacy organization, the Children’s Defense Fund. Her internship was supported by the Levitt Center.

  • In just another example of the interesting and unpredictable ways in which Hamilton students choose to spend their time away from the hill, Alex Witonsky ’17 used his summer to conduct research on changes within Chinese cinema and the concept of rhythm. His project, the result of an Emerson Summer Collaborative Research Award, flung Witonsky as far as Beijing and Shanghai, and was conducted under the academic supervision of Associate Professor of East Asian Languages and Literatures Zhuoyi Wang.

  • Through an Emerson Summer Collaborative Research Award, Shaheen O’Malley ’18 helped create a training manual for Hamilton’s new Peer Counseling Program.

  • With the Syrian refugee crisis ever-present in the news and issues of immigration taking center stage in the current presidential election, questions surrounding religious diversity and inclusivity have rarely been as important in global politics as they are today. It is against this historic backdrop that Shannon Boley ’17 was able to take her past research on religious pluralism from Upstate New York all the way to Rome, Italy, as one of this summer’s 18 Emerson Grant recipients.

  • Hamilton’s Spring 2016 Program in Washington group visited the White House’s Executive Office Building on March 2 for a meet and greet with alumni on President Obama’s staff, ahead of the group’s upcoming West Wing tours scheduled from March 7 to 11.

  • Distinguished veteran and cyber-policy specialist Col. Glenn (Alex) Crowther appeared at Hamilton Wednesday as this year’s headline speaker for the annual General Josiah Bunting III Veterans Day Lecture. Crowther’s lecture was hosted by the Alexander Hamilton Institute Undergraduate Fellows at Hamilton College and was prefaced by a brief introduction by Professor of History Robert Paquette.


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