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  • Beginning with the Class of 2023, Hamilton students who graduate with a concentration in economics will be classified as STEM majors, a move that will enhance the college experience and post-graduate opportunities for international students.

  • Erin Bryant graduated from Hamilton with a major in neuroscience and minors in German and creative writing. She also served as president of Minds for Change, which sought to destigmatize mental health on campus. Currently a research assistant, Erin investigates the role of molecular motor proteins in synaptic plasticity and memory storage. She works in Dr. Puthanveettil’s lab at the Scripps Research Institute.

  • Computer science major Adam Valencia ’22 was awarded a $10,000 Project for Peace grant, which he’ll use this summer to address inequalities in the technology industry.

  • Biochemistry major Joel Adade ’22 will conduct research at the Broad Institute’s Klarman Cell Observatory after graduation. Read what he says about how the Broad’s structure helps develop early career researchers and how his experience at Hamilton led him to this opportunity.

  • When Dylan Morse ’22 thinks about salmon, he sees more than a pink fish that cooks up nicely on the grill. He sees a connection between people and nature. Salmon build economies and culture in fishing towns and foster spirituality in certain First Nation communities. When climate change threatens Atlantic salmon populations, it threatens people, too.

  • Last summer, Matthew Anderson ’22 took part in a neuroscience research program at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). In addition to offering research experience, the program created a “pipeline for opportunity.” In the fall, he will return to UCLA to begin his Ph.D. in neuroscience.

  • Bobby Cole graduated from Hamilton in 2006 with a major in math and a minor in English. He currently resides in Seacoast, N.H. with his wife Letty Bedard ’06 and their three children. He is the vice president of U.S. product design and modeling at Liberty Mutual. There, he leads a team of 100 actuaries, data scientists, and data engineers to develop pricing for insurance products based on historical data and a multitude of predictive modeling techniques. He spends most of his time outside of work loving life as a dad, and pretending to know more than he actually does about how to maintain the nearly 300-year-old home they live in.

  • Ellie Demaree ’22 is set to begin working as a research assistant for Project Achilles at the Broad Institute after graduation. A biology major, Demaree has developed both a passion and appreciation for lab work during her time at Hamilton, an interest she believes was ignited by her biology classes.

  • Lynne Degitz graduated magna cum laude from Hamilton in 1989 with anthropology and English literature double majors. While on the Hill, Degitz was a member of the Gender and Sexuality Union, International Cultural Association, and Center for Intersectional Feminism. After graduating from Hamilton, Lynne Degitz pursued a master’s degree in anthropology from UC Santa Barbara, graduating with high honors, and a Ph.D. from UNC-Chapel Hill in medical anthropology. She has since held roles in communications at UNC-Chapel Hill and US ITER/Oak Ridge National Laboratory. In her current role, as communications lead at US ITER, she works to advance the progress of fusion energy and nuclear solutions by combining her diverse range of academic interests.

  • Peter Kazickas graduated from Hamilton in 2015 with a world politics major. Throughout his time at Hamilton, he remained busy, pursuing the many facets a liberal arts education has to offer. He was a two-year captain of the men’s varsity basketball team, taking his talents off the court to become a global ambassador for Hoops for Hope. For this work, he received recognition from the NABC Honors Court two years in a row and made the 2014 Allstate Good Works Team. While on the Hill, he was also a member of the Alpha Delta Phi (AD) fraternity, the Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC), and WHCL College Radio. Since Hamilton, Kazickas created The Power of Basketball Program working with youth in Lithuania and has found himself in a multitude of tech and coding roles. Combining these interests of service and technology, Kazickas became the CEO of Uncommon.Org in 2017.

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