• Members of Hamilton’s Class of 2024 have walked off the Commencement stage, canes in hand, and out into the world ready to make a difference.

  • Arriving at college can be daunting for first-year students. Luckily, Hamilton’s Community Advisors (CAs) make the transition that much easier and help new students feel comfortable on campus. But for one CA, this job is about making Hamilton truly feel like home.

  • Students at Hamilton have many opportunities to form connections in classes, through sports teams and extracurricular activities, and especially in the residence halls. As part of their living/learning experience, some students choose to join special interest communities, where certain residence hall floors are centered around themes.

  • Initiated this semester by the Residential Life Office, the RSA program includes two sophomores, one junior, and two seniors whose job is to be a friendly point of contact with students studying remotely, keep them engaged with the community on campus and off, and connect them to resources and events.

  • Each Thursday afternoon, Abigail Moone ’22 can be found on the third floor of the Chapel. Following social distancing guidelines, a dozen or so students sit in a circle and wait for Moone to begin the meeting. She reads a poem from the student literary publication Red Weather and sets a reflective mood that continues for the next 20 minutes.

  • Resident Advisors (RAs) have a lot of responsibility, acting as peer counselors and leaders in the residence halls. But this year they added another task to their duties – serving as social directors during a time when COVID-19 restrictions limited gatherings and interaction among students. Hamilton RAs proved to be up to the task, planning and orchestrating a variety of programs for residents throughout the semester. For example, Desiree Pico’22, an RA in Minor, held a program called “Let’s Start from Scratch!”

  • Connecting students with common interests blurs the lines between learning and living.

  • “I absolutely do not think we would have found each other (if we’d been allowed to choose),” said Rachel Harshaw ’17 in an interview in The Atlantic titled Colleges would rather freshmen not choose their roommates.

  • Some colleges assign them via automated programs. Others allow students to self-select. Hamilton does it the old-fashion way, by hand.

  • Much to the delight of “east-siders,” the Bundy Café and Lounge, formerly Bundy Dining Hall, is now open. This space is intended to be a place for the Hamilton community, with special attention to the East side of campus, to eat, gather, socialize, study, and hold events.


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