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  • Among economics majors, the underrepresentation of women, students of color, and first-generation college students is chronic and widespread, and in 2018, Hamilton’s Economics Department made a significant move to combat the problem. It revamped its curriculum.

  • The first semester for Hamilton’s Class of 2025 has come to a close, bringing a true intertwining of Hamilton and home for each new student. It’s been a chance for them to grow and change, while still keeping some ties to their previous lives.

  • Dan Chambliss, who retired this spring as the Eurgene M. tobin Distinguished Professor of Sociology, reflects on his 40 years at Hamilton and offers advice for students and new faculty, and reminds alumni wh professors do what they do.

  • As he rises through the ranks in real estate property management, Joshua Bruff ’05 is often reminded that he is Black. His anecdotes prompt the question: What would you do in the same scenarios?

  • Lorna Lightfoot-Ware ’88 introduces this feature — with illustration by Kirubel Tesfaye ’21 and a poem by Jahmali Matthews ’22 — in which Black alumni and students reflect on how Floyd's death has affected race relations in America.

  • Following the death of George Floyd, people worldwide gathered to protest racial injustice. Sakhile Matlhare ’10 was one of them. In Germany, she is co-founder of an art gallery that addresses issues of inequality, racism, and power imbalances.

  • Pull out that box of old trading cards (bubble gum optional) because we have some new ones for your collection. Meet nine members of Hamilton's Class of 2020 whose athletic careers gave us something to cheer about.

  • A crisis on the scale of COVID-19 permeates all aspects of society, for better or worse. We asked 12 Hamilton alumni and professors to share their predictions for what lies ahead.

  • the New World Nature summer history research project was an enterprise of moving parts — an academic and organizational feat. The idea was to develop the research and digital humanities skills of five students on the team, while furthering their personal ­research and that of the professor in charge. That was Assistant Professor of History Mackenzie Cooley, whose field is the history of science and ideas in the early modern world.

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