• He began with a piece of advice spoken by Prophet Muhammad: Have your heart be where your feet are. Omid Safi is director of the Islamic Studies Center and professor of Islamic Studies at Duke University, specializing in contemporary Islamic thought and Islamic spirituality. He visited Hamilton on Jan 23 to discuss “Radical Love: Rumi as an Islamic Voice of Divine Love” as a part of Spirituality 101, a week of programs to deepen the Hamilton community’s spiritual understanding.

  • In an effort to create learning opportunities about diverse religious traditions, the Hamilton College Chaplaincy recently sponsored “Spirituality 101 Week.” It featured a series of discussions, interactive workshops and informational sessions promoting religious literacy.

  • Hamilton College’s “Spirituality 101 Week” will take place from Wednesday, Jan. 30, to Sunday, Feb. 10.  This 12-day program brings together a number of religious speakers and performers to Hamilton College to increase spiritual awareness on campus.  The events are hosted by the Hamilton College Chaplaincy.


The $400 million campaign marked the most ambitious fundraising initiative in the College's history.

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