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  • Ten Hamilton faculty members were approved for tenure by the College’s Board of Trustees at its March meeting. They include Ryan Carter (music), Jose Ceniceros (mathematics), Alexsia Chan (government), Justin Clark (philosophy), Matt Grace (sociology), Tom Helmuth ‘09 (computer science), Natalie Nannas (biology), Colin Quinn (anthropology), Anne Valente (literature and creative writing), and Keelah Williams (psychology).

  • A double album titled “Ain’t All About You” by Lecturer in Music (folk guitar) Adam Brooks Dudding received a Sammy Award for "Best Jam Band Recording" at the Syracuse Area Music Awards ceremony on March 3.

  • January’s news highlights ranged from research on bay scallops to an essay on the importance of foreign language study. Links are provided, but some may require subscriptions to access content.

  • Sar-Shalom Strong, lecturer in music performance, has been selected as a recipient of the Steinway Top Teacher Award for 2022. He was notified by Steinway & Sons president Gavin English, who noted that Strong was nominated by Artist Pianos, Syracuse, “which has observed firsthand the care and commitment with which you approach your piano students.”

  • Applause rumbled as the Tolles Pavilion shook. My vision readjusted past the blazing bright lights as I scanned the crowd. Joyful eyes and smiles. Raised arms and cheers. I don’t remember breathing in those moments, but I remember what I felt. I was in a state of pure wonderment as I fixed the microphone back to the stand.

  • November’s news coverage highlights include a profile of alumnus and folk musician Jake Blount ’17, announcement of Hamilton’s new dean of admission, and an interview with the Wellin Museum’s director discussing its 10th anniversary.

  • Heather Buchman is the Carolyn C. and David M. Ellis ’38 Distinguished Professor of Music and director of the Hamilton College Orchestra and the Chamber Music program. But it was through her other role — guest conductor for Symphoria, Syracuse’s professional orchestra — that she received a recent distinction.

  • Lecturer in Music Adam Dudding recently released a rock ’n’ roll double album featuring 22 of his songs. Ain’t All About You is available online now.

  • Lydia Hamessley, the Eugene M. Tobin Distinguished Professor of Music, was recently announced as the winner of a 53rd annual ASCAP Foundation Deems Taylor/Virgil Thomson Award.

  • For many years, I’ve prided myself on being a musician — someone who knew the notes, rhythms, and techniques of music well enough to find a deeper love for the art form. I knew music, I told myself; I could easily pick up on any of it! Yet, it only took two hour-long lessons in the chaotically beautiful symphony of Javanese Gamelan music to completely flip my worldview on its head.

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