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  • Assistant Professor of Physics Viva Horowitz recently presented research at the American Physical Society (APS) March Meeting in Las Vegas. The research focused on developing a new way to interpret data from a network of connected resonators to uncover the underlying physical system. Trevor Scheuing ’23 was a co-author.

  • Physics major Jacob Sichlau ’23 interned this summer at Varian Medical Systems on the microwave ablation team. The experience solidified his interest in pursuing a master’s degree in mechanical engineering after Hamilton.

  • As the sun comes out and the stars start to fade, Ryan Hunt ’23 and Alvaro Marin Miralles ’23 head back to their dorms. On clear nights, they are up at the Peters Observatory with Assistant Professor of Instruction in Physics Adam Lark until 4 a.m., tracking their target star system and hoping to see its brightness decrease. That decrease is caused by an object eclipsing its light, an indicator that the star system, like our solar system, may have its own planet.

  • Is there life on other planets? What does the term ‘Viking’ really mean? Is Earth due for another reversal of the magnetic field? Expert faculty members from several departments, including history, east Asian languages, art history, geosciences, government, and physics, share a little-known fact about their discipline.

  • An article about the renovation of Hamilton’s solar classroom, co-authored by Eileen Wilcox ’21 and Assistant Professor of Instruction in Physics Adam Lark, was published The SPS Observer, the magazine of the Society of Physics Students.

  • From coups to COVID-19, faculty, staff, and students have presented their views and expertise in major news outlets throughout the year addressing myriad topics reflecting the breadth of their research.

  • Assistant Professor of Physics Viva Horowitz interviews science faculty about their research on her podcast “Significant Figures,” which airs on WHCL radio every Monday from 11 a.m. to noon. We asked her a few questions about the series.

  • Hamilton welcomed 51 new faculty members including eight new tenure-track in addition to visiting professors, lecturers, and teaching fellows for the 2021-22 academic year. The College is in the midst of a 10-year period, begun in 2015, during which nearly half of its faculty will reach average retirement age.

  • While most campus activity remained virtual this summer, three Hamilton faculty members brought colleagues and students from around the globe together by hosting academic conferences. Assistant Professor of Physics Kristen Burson co-chaired the 81st Physical Electronics Conference (PEC), Associate Professor of Sociology Jaime Kucinskas convened a Social Mindfulness Symposium, and Associate Professor of Philosophy Russell Marcus co-organized the American Association of Philosophy Teachers (AAPT) summer series.

  • Assistant Professor of Physics Viva Horowitz was working as a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard when she began to take a more serious interest in the dynamics of a cell’s cytoplasm. “In physics, we have equations that allow us to model things and predict how things will move,” Horowitz said. “And it turns out that the cytoplasm completely breaks those rules — there’s motors pushing things around.”

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