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35 Hamilton Students Teach Spanish at Clinton Elementary

Hamilton student Spanish-teaching volunteers.
Hamilton student Spanish-teaching volunteers.

Thirty-five Hamilton students are teaching Spanish to children in kindergarten, first and second grades at Clinton Elementary School this semester. They began on Oct. 21 after attending two training workshops and will continue teaching until Dec. 2. The Hamilton students work in groups and take turns during the week, teaching a class of 20 children. Teaching Fellow in Hispanic Studies Maria Gabriela Portal is coordinating the project this year; it was started last year by Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies Edna Rodriguez-Plate.

The Hamilton volunteers are Charlotte Hough, Katherine Rogers, Sirianna Santacrose, Bryan Ferguson, Jeanette Parra, Elizabeth Ughetta, Emily Hess, Sarah Schuchard, Talia Bloom, Evelyn Torsher, Amelia Denney, Alex Kaplan, Lindsay Heyer, Joanie Frost, Nora Boylan, Courtney Hobgood, Rebecca Hole, MJ Germanos, Katherine Axtell, Jonathan DeCarlo, Peter Skaggs, Daniel Erichson, Hannah Kolodner, Melissa Yow, Amelia Heller, Kate Anderson, Alex Rudow, Kelsey Bogle, Jeremy Lowe, Sarah Bowler, Ashley Perritt, Elisa MacColl, Rachel Harshaw, Maggie Coleman, Annel Monsalvo and Talia Levine.

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