Last weekend, the Hamilton Outing Club sent 125 students into the Adirondack Mountains for its annual 46 Peaks Weekend. The tradition began in 1995 when the Outing Club officers at the time challenged the group to get one student on top of each of the Adirondack’s 46 high peaks — mountains over 4,000’ — in one weekend.

This year the hiking trips managed to summit 21 peaks. While Saturday brought beautiful fall weather for those on campus, students hiking in the Adirondacks experienced something very different. “We dealt with some pretty wet and windy conditions that led to very muddy hiking boots,” said Elizabeth Siminitus ’23. “Regardless, it was a major success on all fronts and lots of fun was had by all.”

The Adirondacks High Peaks region is a mere three-and-a-half-hour drive from the College and offers some of the best hiking in the state. While the last time Hamilton hikers bagged all 46 peaks was in 2015, the real goal of the weekend is getting students into the Adirondacks.

“46 Peaks Weekend is a great opportunity for students to access the Adirondacks in a fun and manageable way, from those who have never climbed a mountain to those who have already climbed them all!” Catherine Fengler ’24 said.

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