600 DAYS: A Motivational Adventure to 30 Countries

Kevin Davidsen has created a motivational experience that intertwines book, web and facilitated discussion. All of these elements make up "The 600 Days Experience". "The 600 Days Experience" uses exciting stories from Kevin's 600-Day backpacking journey around-the-world to expose students to the concepts and resources that will help them realize that their dreams can become their reality while they are still young. It also strives to promote personal fulfillment as it encourages young adults to adhere to certain positive life-principles that will help them enjoy their personal journeys as they mature throughout their academic career. "The 600 Days Experience" will help students maximize the benefit of their educational experience as it helps them to set goals, reduce stress, and actualize their dreams. Davidsen also created a website 600Days.com, to support the efforts of the book. This way the reader's journey does not end with the written work. Thus, the book launches the beginning of a more extensive educational experience that is obtained through the web site.


Chapter 1:
Your Flight Is Now Boarding At Gate 23"

AS YOU can see from the table of contents, you and I are about to embark on a journey together. Where we end up is ultimately going to be your choice. However, to start you thinking about the endless possibilities, I will be sharing some special journal entries from my 600 days of backpacking around the world. From 1994-1996, between my 21st and 23rd birthdays, I had the pleasure of visiting more than 30 countries on five continents.

Yes, we are going to have a fantastic trip together, but this book is not simply an account of my travels to Malawi, Pakistan, Australia, Nepal, South Africa, Romania, New Zealand, Vietnam and many other magnificent places. Before you get your passport and board the plane to these distant lands, I want to give you your tickets to a personalized journey of your dreams and potential. As you read, take what you can from each page and please feel free to jot notes wherever you would like.

Although the words contained in this book are specifically written for a first-year college student, don't worry if you are not currently in your first year of college. The content and message are valuable for people of all ages. Just let the stories, examples and exercises speak to the particular time frame of your life. Whether you are a senior in college, a working parent, a sophomore in high school, or if you are currently 70 years old and enjoying your retirement, the literal and figurative journey in these pages will be priceless and exciting for you.

Without further adieu, let us begin on our journey of your success. I can't wait to see the smiles on your face when you find yourself sitting in the airport of your choice and you are crying for reasons you are not totally sure about. Don't worry, I'll explain.

We will begin by defining your "What."


"This book is wonderfully entertaining and it touches upon the basic principles that many of our leaders in Washington do not always keep in the forefront of their minds. If you go into politics, make sure you read this book before you start."
-Chester Atkins, Former United States Congressman

"The book "600 Days" became an integral part of my Orientation Leader training program this year. I gave out books to my Orientation Leaders and used the stories and exercises throughout the year to emphasize diversity, goal setting, and teamwork in our program. The results were fantastic! The students and professional staff thoroughly enjoyed it and reacted very positively. I look forward to expanding the use of this book for 2002-2003."
-Adam DeRosa, Director of Student Orientation at Florida Atlantic University

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