Susan Bickford K’72

Susan Bickford K’72 just published her first novel, A Short Time to Die, which comes out this February but is available for pre-order.

Her novel tells the story of two women from opposite sides of the country who find themselves connected by a 13-year tale of murder and corruption. RT Book Reviews gave an advanced review of the novel, saying, “Riddled with twists and turns, A Short Time to Die features a family that is so evil that the reader will likely be looking over their own shoulder. The resolution is highly satisfying, more so because of Bickford’s writing talent.”

There will be a book launch party for A Short Time to Die on Wednesday, Feb. 22 at Books Inc., which is located on 301 Castro Street in Mountain View, California.

At Hamilton, Bickford majored in art before earning her Master of Fine Arts degree from the Pratt Institute in 1980. She is currently working on her next novel, Dread of Winter.

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