A Clash of Scientific Cultures: The Relationship Between Basic and Applied Research

This book examines how the effectiveness of modern science can be enhanced by a successful collaboration of basic and applied research. Most of the specific examples offered here concerning the methodologies of science originate from psychology and anthropology. Nevertheless, we believe that the content of this book will remind colleagues from other disciplines of comparable problems in their disciplines. Basic researchers and applied researchers who read this book will encounter many ideas about how to interact more productively with each other. In essence, the discussion advanced in this monograph will be useful to scientists of all stripes.
Indiana State University Press


"A clash scientific cultures demonstrates the need for modern science to develop effective ways for basic and applied researchers to interact. This book advances new knowledge about the basic and applied research cultures. This knowledge can be applied to improving the collaboration between basic and applied researchers and their joint productivity. If you want to improve the scientific process in your work, read this book."
Dana Plude, University of Maryland

"Herrmann, Raybeck and Gruneberg hit the nail on the head: progress in the scientific profession is best achieved through a marriage of basic and applied research. One, without the other, is incomplete. Given their solid training, their track record in basic research and their strong commitment to the practical application of psychological principles, Hermann, Raybeck, and Gruneberg are well suited as matchmakers for the marriage. This book is an invitation to the wedding."
Jerome R Sehulster, University of Connecticut at Stamford

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