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Josh Glen '16

Josh Glen ’16 expected he would veer from a strictly traditional path, and so he did, creating a major for himself. Glen started out as a psychology major with an econ minor, then began to wonder if he could combine, econ, psychology and sociology gain an understanding of how economics works in the real world. With the help of Hamilton College faculty, Glen fashioned an interdisciplinary studies major that fit his interests. “This wouldn’t have been possible without the support of faculty, and the amount of time that they’ve spent with me just chatting with me in their offices is amazing. I really do feel fortunate,” says Glen, who studied in Prague and spent time in Israel his junior year.

Long-term, Glen may pursue a doctorate in psychology. “My end goal – what I really want to do – is use what I’ve learned to influence policy and start a career in social entrepreneurship,” he says. “Basically I want to use my education to better people’s lives, you know?”

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