Bryan Ferguson '17 outside the Instituto Internacional in Madrid.

During high school Bryan Ferguson ’17 volunteered in a pediatric oncology unit at a local hospital, an experience that helped convince him he wanted a career as a physician. He also loves learning Spanish. His vision is to fuse the two interests his future career.

Ferguson majors in biochemistry and Hispanic studies and spent part of his junior year in Madrid. He would like  to use Spanish as a practicing physician.

“I know I would really love to do clinical work in Latin America. The dream is to establish my own clinic somewhere, but who knows if that will ever happen?” says Ferguson, who leads Hamilton’s Global Volunteers, which undertook a service project in Nicaragua and is planning another.

His dream has another component, discovered through summer research with Hamilton College Associate Professor Myriam Cotten and during his Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship at Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, N.Y. He loves doing drug-design research, too.

Ferguson is thinking that it may all add up to a graduate program that will allow him to pursue both a medical degree and a doctorate. 

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