Nathaly François ’04

Nathaly François ’04 knew since childhood that she wanted to be a physician. At Hamilton she majored in neuroscience and planned to be a neurosurgeon, but in medical school she discovered her true passion – urology. She is a urology resident at the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.

Even before François wanted to be a physician, she wanted to be a teacher. When she entered the field of medicine she says, “I began to understand I could be both. Physicians work in a teaching and learning environment­– with medical students, with their patients and with their colleagues."

After her residency, François expects to pursue a fellowship to further specialize within urology, but she hasn’t yet decided exactly which direction she will take. Hamilton, she says, has been a big part of what she has achieved. The support and encouragement that students receive from professors “was actually very wonderful.”

“They made it very clear that they were available, and in the time that they spent with you, it was always a moment of edification. They were never cursory. You were never felt to be small. You always felt you were remarkable, that you could do anything,” François says.

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