Alyssa Bawden '12 and her first-graders at Success Academy Harlem 4

Teaching was not the career Alyssa Bawden ’12 anticipated, but after she took an education history course at Hamilton, her interest grew, and she made education studies her minor, majoring in English. Right out of Hamilton Bawden landed a teaching fellowship with Success Academy Charter Schools in New York City. It was a good match. Since then, she’s become a school leader.

Bawden’s initial interest in education was big picture – education reform as opposed to the classroom, but she also wanted at least to begin her career as a teacher. She knew the value of the first-hand experience. So she began in a classroom at Success Academy Harlem 4 as she earned a master’s degree.

As she Bawden gained experience, her perspective evolved on how to make the biggest impact in education. As as she spent more time working at Harlem 4, Bawden began to believe that she could make the most difference in a leadership position within a school. She started at Harlem Four as an assistant teacher and within the school: lead teacher, teaching and assistant principal, her current position. Bawden works with third- and fourth-grade teachers and all the school’s assistant teachers.

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