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Africana Studies – For the Whole Picture

After taking two 100-level Africana studies courses his first year at Hamilton College, Henry Johnstone ’17 felt the need to learn more in the field. His high school hadn’t been diverse. The history books he’d been exposed to, he says, “only told the white-framed side of history” and he wanted the whole picture.

The courses were interesting and classes were small even by Hamilton’s standards, which made for great discussions, so Johnstone was sold. He majored in Africana studies, whichdovetails with his sociology minor and his plans to become a high school teacher. He’s aiming for Teach for America.

Johnstone hasn’t yet had a course with every professor in the Africana studies program, but he knows each of them.

Professor (Donald) Carter is my advisor but I feel like really any of the professors is my advisor because they’re all super willing to talk to me about whatever. And when it comes to class-related things, they are a huge resource because all of them have such a diverse education in different things,” says Johnstone, who is involved with the Hamilton chapter of Liberty in North Korea, the Voices of Color Lecture Series and the Juggling Club.

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