Elliot Nathan '17

Hosting a college radio show at 1 a.m., which is not exactly drive time, is fun for Elliot Nathan ’17 because he can play whatever he wants. Maybe there’s a parallel there with his American studies major.

Nathan first considered majoring in government, then English. When he discovered American studies, Nathan thought, “It seems like it would be great for me just through the combination of English, history – the ability to just take a variety of courses in a variety of departments and turn them into my own major and my own direction.” Turns out he was right about that. Nathan is still shaping the focus of his major but says it likely will involve identity and representation in American literature, cinema and television.

“As an American studies major, I would recommend it for anybody who wants to think critically about what America is, what it represents, how the identity of America has been shaped through historical forces,” he says. “It’s really forced me to examine myself and a lot of what I believed as an American.”

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