Bridget Kayitesi '18 works with Brian Collett, Winslow Chair in Greek, Latin, or Modern Science (Physics).

Through a summer internship at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Bridget Kayitesi ’18 discovered her love of astronomy. The field holds endless wonders.

“It’s like you never know what you’re going to learn tomorrow: You never know what you’re going to discover out there in the sky,” says Kayitesi, a math major with a physics minor and one of 19 students nationally selected to take part in the internship program. (Astronomy is offered through the Physics Department at Hamilton College.)

Kayitesi’s high school in Uganda focused narrowly on science, and she was drawn to Hamiltion for the opportunity offered by its open curriculum. She also wanted to focus on writing. Even with two majors, Kayitesi finds time to take writing-intensive courses in subjects such as women’s studies.

“People should know that even if you come here as a science major you definitely have the opportunity to try all kinds of things,” she says.

Maybe it's some sort of law of nature, but Kayietsi says the physics and the math faculty always seem to be around when students need them. True, they are close by. Students gather to study in the common space near their professors’ offices. “The offices are always open so you can always walk in whenever and ask a question,” Kayietsi says.

Outside of class, Kayitesi is a resident advisor and a site coordinator for Study Buddies, a Hamilton tutoring program for middle- and high-school students.

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