Maraina Adams '17

After four years of Chinese in high school, Maraina Adams ’17 started Hamilton College figuring she would minor in the language –until faculty members spotted her for a potential concentrator.

Clearly, her professors were on to something: At the end of her first year, Adams won the College award for excellence in Chinese language and literature at the introductory level. She went on to major in Chinese and art. 

“The Chinese program is so strong because of the faculty. It’s really amazing that the introductory Chinese class has five professors who all get to know you and are all focused on helping you to improve. Even though the work can be intimidating at times, the faculty are extremely approachable and encouraging,” Adam says.

The College’s reputation for Chinese and its open curriculum were among the reasons Adams picked Hamilton. “But the main factor that drew me to the school was the atmosphere I found when I visited. I could feel the community was one where I would feel at home, and that I’ve come to love,” she says.

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