Associate Professor of East Asian Languages and Literatures Kyoko Omori, shown here teaching, is one of two professors who worked with Codi Reynolds ’17 on her summer research project. The other (not pictured) is Professor of Comparative Literature Nancy Rabinowitz.

With a bit of vision, Codi Reynolds ’17, who majors in East Asian studies and comparative literature, found a way to weave sundry intellectual strands – her two majors, gender and sexuality, fiction analysis and Japanese culture, and a video game – into a cohesive summer research project. Reynolds looked at how the game “Persona 4” treats gender and sexuality.

“'Persona 4’ is a Japanese game that has been both criticized and praised for its representation of LGBT+ characters,” says Reynolds, who worked on the project with two professors, one from comp lit and the other from Asian studies. A grant from Hamilton paid for her work.

She wants to hang on to her varied interests in the long term. Reynolds intends eventually to go to graduate school and find a job that allows her to continue working with literature and the Japanese language.

“I really loved the classes that I have taken in those subjects since coming to Hamilton, and I wanted to continue studying them. The professors have made these subjects enjoyable because they are fully invested in the growth of their students,” she says.

(Note: Hamilton formerly had a comp lit major and separate departments for comparative literature and English and creative writing. Those courses are now all offered through the Literature and Creative Writing Department.)

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