Asad Javed '16

His tentative psychology major hit the cutting room-floor when Asad Javed ’16 realized that his true calling at Hamilton was film. He crafted an interdisciplinary studies major, including cinema and media courses that precisely fit his interests. After employing his creativity in multiple projects at Hamilton, Javed graduated and now works as a colorist and editor in New York City for Off Ramp Films, which is led by Loch Phillipps ’83.

In addition to Off Ramp, Javed is doing projects another Hamilton alum, photographer and videographer John Rae ’82.

At Hamilton Javed produced a feature-length film, for which he wrote the screenplay, came up with a $4,000 budget, put together a crew, cast and directed the film and even recruited child actors and managed stage moms. The film is called “The Door in the Wall,” based on short story of the same name by H.G. Wells. He also produced the original film, “So Sang the Swan,” which was a musical.

Javed received a Hamilton grant to work with a professor to create a new interpretation of Moliere’s Tartuffe for a student production. The project was called “Unholy Vanities and Holy Prose: A Reimagination of Moliere's Tartuffe through Costume Design.” The summer before that, Javed received another College grant, this one to study the portrayal of homosexuality in French film with Professor of French Martine Guyot-Bender.

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