Here is a timeline of Tanapat "Ice" Treyanurak '17's academic and career exploration.
2009-13 — High school in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Ice thinks he wants to be a doctor. He reads Brave New World by Aldous Huxley and loves it.

Early Fall 2013 — Premed bound at Hamilton

Ice loads up on science courses but squeezes in literature, art and religion, which becomes his favorite course of the semester. “Really, what I liked most was being in a class with people who actually liked reading or were willing to talk about reading, because that was not the case in high school. I was one of the few who actually liked English,” he says.

Late Fall 2013 ­­­­— Why premed? Good question.

Ice’s advisor asks him why he’s interested in medical school, and over time he ponders that question. “The answer really changed from, ‘Hey, I want to be a doctor,’ to ‘Hey, I don’t actually want to be a doctor,’” he says.

Spring 2014 — A surprising turn of events

Without a medical career as an end game, Ice starts to love science even more.

Spring and Summer 2014 — Turned on to tutoring

Ice starts tutoring students preparing to take the SAT and then spends the summer tutoring students in biology. He connects with the students and begins to think teaching may be the career for him.

Fall 2014 (Neuroscience) and Fall 2015 (Literature) — Officially embraces two passions

Ice decides to major in neuroscience and soon realizes he has enough credits to major in literature, too.

Summer 2015 — Tutoring as research

For a research project on how adults learn English, Ice tutors refugees and immigrants in English as a second language.

Summer 2016 — Further fieldwork

Ice gets an internship to teach English as a second language to high school students in Massachusetts.

Today — On track

As a Hamilton senior, Ice is working as a peer advisor at the Career Center. He is now aiming toward a career as a teacher, probably in a high school.

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