Acts of the Apostles

As American-led forces assemble in Saudi Arabia for the largest military operation since Normandy, computer designer Todd Griffith discovers a secret function burried within the Kali chip. That night he is shot. Five years later, burnt-out Silicon Valley software engineer Nick Aubrey boards a "red-eye" flight to Boston and winds up seated next to a very disturbed man who claims to know the secret of Gulf War Syndrome. Over Utah Nick's chance companion meets a dramatic demise, and the police accuse Nick of murder. Soon the police are the least of Nick's worries. On the run from the CIA and paranoid cybermilitias, tracked down by billionaire venture capitalists and exotic foreign beauties, Nick must solve the Gulf War enigma or spend the rest of his life on the lam. All clues lead to a pharmaceutical laboratory in Basel Switzerland, where scientists are working on submicrosopic machines to rearrange human DNA. But Nick can't find the solution without Todd's help, and Todd's been in a coma for nearly half a dozen years.

John F.X. Sundman '74, recipient of the STC Award of Distinguished Technical Communication, 2001 Writer's Digest National Self-Published Book Award winner and Brazil's Rei do Lixo medal, has been a truck driver, chair of Sun Microsytem's Software Development Architecture Team, and construction laborer on an internet billionaire's high-tech island Xanadu. He states for the record that this book was written by him, not an Artificial Intelligence construct. Nor was it purloined from the back seat of an illegally parked car. There is no truth to the rumor that he is a retired New York City Police detective.

This novel can be purchased at amazon.com or through Sundman's personal website. For more information on Sundman's amazing past and his astonishing cross-country promotional tour visit his website.


Please visit: http://www.wetmachine.com/acts/chapter1.shtml


Betcham Review Services, 10/99
An ontological thriller-sensuously technical, technically sensuous, Acts of the Apostles lyrically, hypnotically pretends to be an investigation of Gulf War Syndrome, but its real subject is Kaczynski's Postulate: that technology and freedom cannot be reconciled. God, two-pass compilers, SCUD warheads and the convergence of biological and digital technology are grist for Sundman's mill, and what a mechanical marvel his mill is.

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