Advertising Exec to Speak at Hamilton

Douglas Moore, vice president and managementsupervisor for Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising, will speak at HamiltonCollege on Monday, April 8, at 8 p.m., in the Science Auditorium. The lectureis free and open to the general public.

Moore, a 1985 Hamilton graduate, previously worked at BBDO New York as anaccount manager on various accounts such as DuPont, Pepsi-Cola and HBO.Currently, he works primarily on laundry and household cleaning brands forProcter & Gamble.

His lecture will include a detailed presentation explaining the roleadvertising plays in today's society. On Tuesday, April 9, he will spend theday visiting classrooms to discuss advertising as it applies to particulardisciplines. He will also hold informal sessions with students and faculty toanswer questions about the advertising industry.

This lecture is sponsored by the Ambassador Program of The AdvertisingEducational Foundation. The Ambassador Program sends high-level, seasonedadvertising or marketing executives to colleges and universities across thecountry to discuss the advertising process, how it fits into the economic andsocial structure, and the issues surrounding advertising.

The Advertising Educational Foundation is a nonprofit organization supportedby agencies, media companies and advertisers and is dedicated to building abetter and greater appreciation of the socioeconomic role of advertising intoday's society.

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