Educational psychologist KennethMaton will

be at Hamilton College to discuss "Enhancing the Success of African-AmericanStudents in the Sciences: Freshman Year Outcomes." His talk will take place onWednesday, Nov. 20, at 4 p.m. in Dwight Lounge of the Bristol Campus Center.The talk is free and open to the general public.

Maton is an associate professor in psychology at the University of MarylandBaltimore County. His talk will be based on research compiled on MeyerhoffFoundation Scholarship students at the University.

Meyerhoff scholarships are available to high-achieving high school seniors whohave an interest in pursuing doctoral study in the sciences or engineering, andwho are interested in the advancement of minorities in the sciences and relatedfields. The scholarships provide tuition, fees, room and board; semesterstipends; summer internships; and summer school tuition and fees.

The Meyerhoff Program is an intensive, multicomponent program focused onenhancing the success of talented African-American students in science andengineering in a predominantly white, medium-sized university setting. Theprogram components address four primary factors emphasized in research aslimiting minority student performance in science: knowledge and skills;motivation and support; monitoring and advising; and academic and socialintegration.

Data from Maton's study indicates that the Meyerhoff program components appearto be important contributors to enhancing student success. He will discussimplications of the findings and make recommendations for advancingparticipation of African-American and other underrepresented student groups inthe sciences.

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