AIDS Hike for Life Raises $36K

The AIDS Hike for Life Planning Committee would like to thank all the members of the Hamilton community who helped make the 6th Annual AIDS Hike for Life such a wonderful success. It was a record-breaking year in both participation and funds raised. More than 500 people walked, ran or hiked through the Kirkland Glen and across campus raising over $36,000! 

Residents from the Mohawk Valley area visiting Hamilton College for the first time were impressed with its beauty and community spirit.  Those returning residents and campus community members, once again, were left with a sense of what makes Hamilton College such a special place.

Hamilton College proudly demonstrated that it is a partner in the fight against HIV/AIDS.  Thank you to everyone who came out to support the 6th Annual AIDS Hike for Life!

The Planning Committee would especially like to thank:

Jessica Weaver, President, and the Class of 2004
Marla Nasser, Representative, and the Class of 2004
Lisa Magnarelli, Theresa Gallagher and Student Activities
Pat Ingalls, Wayne Gentile and Campus Safety
Patrick Raynard, David Urban and Bon Appetit Management Company
Danelle Parker and Administrative Services
Diann Lynch and Matt Pabis, and the Hamilton College EMTs
Liz Ransom, Lisi Krainer and Nate Stell, EMTs
Jeff McArn and the Community Church
John McGovern, Don Croft and the Physical Plant
Aliya Jalloh, Bobby Cole, and Amy Conroy, Photographers 
Erin Turcot and Marla Nasser, Face Painters
Rachel Geringer-Dunn and Sara Mald , Warm-Up Facilitators
Alpha Theta Chi Volunteers and Emily Barber, Team Captain
Justin Ginsberg, PSAs, Commercials and Voice
The Spectator


Sincerely Yours,
AIDS Hike for Life Planning Committee
Jessica Weaver, Marla Nasser, Emily Barber, Alexander "Sandy" Webb, Joanna DuFour, Wil Murtaugh, Christine DeSanctis, Roger Smith and Jeannine Murtaugh

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Clinton, NY 13323
315-859-4680 pr@hamilton.edu
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