Alejandro Gentry '01

When asked about his involvement with Hamilton sports, specifically men's diving and swimming, it is clear that community and mutual interest can aid in the facilitation of professional endeavors whether directly or indirectly and that the value of networks and identities is crucial in creating an atmosphere fresh for the cultivation of personhood and individual identity. 

Do you believe that sports provided you with a community that propelled you to academic/professional success? 
Sports provided an outlet in my overall experience at Hamilton and was a key attribute to my resilience in maintaining a balanced lifestyle. When I think of resilience, I think of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual resilience.

How do you think the culture within men's diving and swimming affected you at Hamilton within your education? 
The culture of the team fostered a family atmosphere and a togetherness that was second to none. Everyone worked together, studied together, and hung out together. I like to think that I would not have been as successful at Hamilton were it not for the swimming and diving team. 

Do you believe sports is a place where you can find leisure and also drive to carry into other facets of your life? 
Sports absolutely provided a leisure outlet and fostered a competitive culture that I still utilize to this day -- the drive to win through teamwork and dedication.

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